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Charles Goyette 

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Charles Goyette
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Website: The Dollar Meltdown
New York Times bestselling author Charles Goyette spent many years as an award-winning and popular Phoenix radio personality. Admired for his "Fearless Talk Radio," Charles was named Best Phoenix Talk Show Host by the New Times. Because of his insistence on holding all poiticians - regardless of party - accountable to the same strict standards, Charles was widely known as “America’s Most Independent Talk Show Host.” His years of experience as a financial professional have served his listeners well as he sounded the alarm about the mortgage bubble well in advance of the calamity and described the consequences of the governments reckless economic behavior in his clear, easy to understand manner. Charles is no newcomer to the national economic debate. In fact, more than 25 years ago Charles arranged for a then little-known Texas Congressman named Ron Paul to be the keynote speaker at a series of monetary conferences he hosted. Goyette has often been called on to share his views with television audiences nationally on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, CNBC and Fox Business Channel, including on the Glenn Beck Show and The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News; NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS; and on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, where he repeatedly warned before the current turmoil the "economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats" were creating. He has written for a number of magazines including The American Conservative and Gannett magazines, and for,,, and Now Charles has an important new book on the current economic crisis and the bumpy road ahead. In THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments, Goyette says: "America's debt is a powder keg about to blow... lit by the rush of bailouts and stimulus spending." Charles is an inaugural member of the Board of D 

Current Columns and Articles

Feature Article
You're Going to Miss Western Civilization 
   That's the title of my talk at this year's Freedom Summit in Phoenix. It's February 3 - 4 at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.
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Feature Article
Marco Rubio - Foreign Policy Expert 
   Rubio is so oblivious to the failures of the policies he champions that his campaign website actually invites visitors to "join Marco's fight for A New American Century," echoing the name of the infamous neocon group whose members were so instr
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Magazine Article  •  Economy - Economics USA
Bernanke’s Helicopter
by Charles Goyette
You won’t believe the idea that America’s quintessential foreign policy establishment organ is floating now....Or maybe you will.
Feature Article
U.S Government gives Facebook $429 million of your money! 
   While Facebook raked in $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations last year ... Washington told them not to worry about paying taxes on it.
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Magazine Article  •  Inspiration
by Charles Goyette
Monetary policy remains in the hands of money-printing Keynesians like Ben Bernanke, while Americans were forced to choose between the two Keynesian presidential candidates " Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Yet in China, policy-makers have begun welcom
The Dollar Meltdown 
An Urgent Warning As Gold Nears One Year High ... 
   This is a clear example of how gold remains the only way to really protect yourself from Washington’s destruction of the greenback.
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Magazine Article  •  Inventions
Behind the Curtain
by Charles Goyette
The Republicans and Democrats of modern America"the red and blue faces of the state"have led us all down their yellow brick road of the welfare and warfare state. And now the curtain has been pulled back on the Great and Powerful Oz of Washington and
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Now What? Where Do We Go From Here...
Trampled Underfoot
by Charles Goyette
Like Alien vs. Predator, it’s an epic battle of powerful forces locked in combat. Only this is a battle of economic forces. As we see on the old black and white movies, when Godzilla and other monsters battle, ordinary human beings count for nothin
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Economy - International
The Depression Goes Global
by Charles Goyette
While the attention of the financial world and the business press have been focused so completely on the daily developments in Europe " though there's not a game changer among them - other economic news from around the world has been largely crowded
The Dollar Meltdown 
Et Tu, Rand Paul? 
   Twice I was asked to host a Rand Paul Moneybomb, one time on his father's birthday. Out of respect for Ron Paul, I agreed. Once. But by the time the next opportunity came around a few weeks later, I declined.
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Magazine Article  •  r3VOLution Continues
Oil Speculators: A Force for Peace?
by Charles Goyette
White House polling must show how badly gas prices are hurting Obama’s approval numbers. Badly enough that he’s even trying to ease up on attacking Iran.
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Gold and Silver
Gold, Money, and the Parable of the Three Little Pigs
by Charles Goyette
The end of America's current monetary system is certain, and it is approaching fast. The only question is what will replace it?
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Economy - Economics USA
Red and Blue and Broke All Over- Restoring America's Free Economy, by Charles Goyette, available now
by Charles Goyette
Goyette explains how the growth of federal power and its costly warfare and welfare spending are bankrupting America and strangling our prosperity. The incredible $1.2 trillion a year we spend on state security is leading us straight down the road t
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Cyberspace and the New Economy
That Was Quick
by Charles Goyette
It was just the other day that I noted the massive money printing that has been going on by central banks around the globe: The Federal Reserve, of course, but also the Bank of Japan, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of England, the European Cent
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  WAR: About that War
The Three Biggest Lies the Government is Telling You
by Charles Goyette
So many are its lies, that narrowing them down to three of the most important is a demanding task. But our current crisis has been chiefly enabled by monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the global military empire.
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Future Predictions
5 Predictions for 2012
by Charles Goyette
So here are 5 safe predictions for 2012 that can help you protect yourself and your family in 2012 in the event Americans don’t wake up in time and elect Congressman Paul.
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Books
Charles Goyette's New Book: Red And Blue And Broke All Over
by Charles Goyette
From Charles Goyette, the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown! comes his new book, Red And Blue And Broke All Over. The book is available for pre-order now at Amazon, and will be available on March 15th, 2012
Feature Article
Gold Up 5,000 Percent! 
   Watch Charles Goyette with Judge Napolitano on FREEDOM WATCH! The 40th Anniversary of the End of the Dollar/Gold Linkage!
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Magazine Article  •  Economy - Economics USA
The Command Economy
by Charles Goyette
America is transforming itself, without forethought, debate, or pause, into a command economy.
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Obama Administration
Obama Gets It Half Right
by Charles Goyette
Expecting insight about the economy from Barack Obama is like hoping to learn about Paul Revere from Sarah Palin.
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Books
by Charles Goyette
THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN is a book about the financial future and what you can do about it. And you can do something! You don’t have to be a financial professional, expose yourself to risky leverage, or worry about every tick of the markets…
                                                 Subscribers Only
Magazine Article  •  Books
Restoring American Prosperity!
by Charles Goyette
From Charles Goyette, the New York Times Bestselling Author of "The Dollar Meltdown!" A new book on "Restoring American Prosperity!"
Feature Article
Wednesday Night THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN Goes Coast to Coast! 
   Doubling down with QEII
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Feature Article
Gold Markets on U.S. Election: "So What?" 
   Gold keeps setting new all-time highs! Hasn't anybody heard that the Republicans re-take the House? Yes... and get ready for the currency crisis. Here’s Charles Goyette on
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Feature Article
GOLD and OIL: As the Dollar Gets Sucker Punched! 
   1-2 Punch: Bernanke and the Debt Ceiling - Watch What Gold and Oil Do Next!
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The Dollar Meltdown 
Commodity Expert Michael Martin and Charles Goyette 
   A short Skype conversation between commodity pro Mike Martin and Charles Goyette... The Dollar, Gold, Geithner, Bernanke,and more! The Martin Kronicle now posted at KronicleTV
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Feature Article
Charles Goyette on CNBC with the outlook for the US Dollar! 
   The author of The Dollar Meltdown tells why the dollar will lose purchasing power in the new year. Policies will be pursued by the same irresponsible Republicans and Democrats, the same wreckless fiscal authorities, and the same money-printing Feder
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Feature Article
MYTHS ABOUT MONEY by The Dollar Meltdown author Charles Goyette 
   Myths About Money: For generations America's governing classes have perpetuated myths about the nature of money, credit ans wealth; myths that have enabled them to bring America to the brink of financial collapse! More from Charles Goyette, autho
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Feature Article
Parallel Universes: A Winter's Tale 
   "Shut up," Jack screamed at the crows, waving his arms wildly. "Shut up, shut up!" Only he really didn’t utter a sound. And he didn’t dare flail about either. But gawd, he hated crows. And he hated hearing their grating "caww, caw" sound twice a w
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Feature Article
   Gold Hits All Time Highs While Dollar Continues to Slide! For the ancient Greeks it was the three fates that spun the destiny of life, measuring and finally cutting it short. Now, highlighted by events of the past few days, the unmistakable hands
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The Dollar Meltdown 
One Day at the Bank Branch  
   A Short Story by Charles Goyette, author of The Dollar Meltdown
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Feature Article
   MISH WRITES; Congressman Ron Paul offers an opinion on the front cover to which I certainly concur: "Goyette does a great job explaining why America faces a looming financial crisis and outlines commonsense strategies for individuals to protect them
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Feature Article
Charles Goyette on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory Monday Night! THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN! 
   Join Charles Goyette for a number of important interviews about the coming currency crisis! The market price of both gold and oil confirm the dollar crisis. Now learn how a monetary crisis unfolds and how to protect yourself and your family from it
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