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Matthew Goldstein, the Reuters blogger who broke the Aleynikov story, is reporting: It looks like federal prosecutors may be trying to cut a deal with alleged Goldman Sachs high-frequency trading code stealer Sergey Aleynikov.Today was the day for prosecutors to indict Aleynikov, who was arrested on July 3 on the theft charges. But in a court filing, prosecutors told the presiding magistrate judge that they need another 14 days to continue discussions with Aleynikov’s lawyer about a “possible disposition.” In the legal world, a “possible disposition” means a deal. After exposing federal prosecutor Joseph Facciponti's fraud upon the court in his prosecution of Aleynikov, we wrote on July 23, 2009: Aleynikov will be given a super-sweet plea bargain. If his case proceeds towards trial, the world will learn about Goldman Sach's high frequency trading program. Sure, AUSA Joseph Facciponti will try to keep the case under seal. Too many people are paying attention. Reporters a

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