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Newsletter Date Major Headlines of the Day
2024-07-14 Trump Shooting UPDATES
2024-07-13 NEW: Elon Musk Donates "Sizable Amount" to Pro-Trump Super PAC
2024-07-13 BREAKING: Trump shot at Rally
2024-07-13 BREAKING: Trump shot at Rally
2024-07-12 Why Has The Chinese Military Suddenly Become So Aggressive? Is Something Up?
2024-07-11 NATO SUMMIT: Alliance's Endgame Appears to Be Nuclear War
2024-07-11 Good Ideas Don't Require Force: Lessons from a Non-Coercive Upbringing
2024-07-10 NewsGuard: Fact Checkers with Too Much Power | 5 Minute Videos
2024-07-10 It Begins… Gangs Start Arming Migrants in NYC
2024-07-10 Trump's Return: Get Ready For Chaos To Be Unleashed And Blamed On You
2024-07-09 What if you never needed that chemo?
2024-07-09 Food forest in the desert - how? Saturate the soil. Ernest's Non-Conformist Series full presentation
2024-07-08 Property Rights: The Foundation of Liberty
2024-07-08 Get off twitter, and go have babies!
2024-07-07 Mysterious US island where houses are just $5,000 and locals ignore looming threats
2024-07-06 Trump's RADICAL Agenda 47 Plan for America
2024-07-05 "Who Is THEY?" -- ALSO: Fri July 5 Ernest interviews Danny Sessom; Ken Schoolland
2024-07-05 Autopsies Link 73.9% of Post-Jab Deaths to the Shot
2024-07-04 The Declaration of Independence (as read by Max McLean)
2024-07-04 Suddenly There Aren't Enough Babies -- Karl Hess: Toward Liberty
2024-07-03 Youngest Children During Pandemic Now 'Struggling' in School
2024-07-03 From Big Cities To Small Town Main Streets, America To Celebrate July 4 In Record Style
2024-07-02 Las Vegas Police Host Mass Shooting Preparedness Training for Churches
2024-07-02 Preparing for the "Well-Baby" or "Well-Child" Visit if You Don't Plan to Vaccinate
2024-07-01 The Debate Should Be a Wake-Up Call For Americans
2024-07-01 President Biden Blasts Supreme Court's "Dangerous Precedent"
2024-06-30 Why homesteading is growing -- A System Run By Illiterate Imbeciles | Ep. 1396
2024-06-30 Autism Reversal in Twin Girls Through Lifestyle and Environmental Changes: New Study
2024-06-29 Top commodities trader warns world is headed for food wars
2024-06-28 "My Retribution Is Going To Be Success" - 'Presidential' Trump Dominates Biden...
2024-06-28 Hillary Clinton Attempting To Replace Biden Says Robert Barnes
2024-06-27 ENDLESS ESCALATION: Biden Regime To Allow American Private Military Contractors...
2024-06-26 U.N. has 'plan of action' to curtail free speech in every nation of the world
2024-06-26 2024-06-26 -- Ernest Hancock and James Corbett (Corbett Report) MP3&MP4
2024-06-25 2024-06-25 -- Ernest Hancock interviews David Webb (The Great Taking)
2024-06-25 What's The Government Hiding From The Public - Sources Inside The Government Reveal Secrets...
2024-06-24 Everything In Our Civilization Is Stacked To Keep Us Believing The Propaganda
2024-06-24 "Julian Is Free!" Assange Released After 'Time Served' Plea Deal With DOJ, Departs
2024-06-23 Resurfaced Video of Camille Paglia's Eerily Accurate Prediction from 1995p
2024-06-22 Parent Revolution: Rescuing Kids From Radicals
2024-06-21 Fri June 21: Ernest Hancock interviews Gary Franchi (Next News Network)
2024-06-21 The Covid "Vaccine" Had No Benefit. Zero. Zip. Nada
2024-06-21 2024-06-21 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Gary Franchi (Next News Network) MP3&MP4
2024-06-20 Home Prices Will Drop by 50% - Says Harry S. Dent, JR, Best Selling Author and HBS Baker Scholar
2024-06-20 "Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors" Biden's Lost 85,000 Migrant Children In America
2024-06-19 The Woke Movement Is Actually Corporate Enslavement - The Culture War Is A Fight To Stop It
2024-06-19 SNEAK PEEK: Dr. David Martin Exposes The Government COVID Lethal Injection Program
2024-06-18 Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Are Going "Off Grid" In Anticipation Of What Is Coming
2024-06-17 "Maladaptive Traits": AI Systems Are Learning To Lie And Deceive
2024-06-17 "Climate Change" Is a $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich
2024-06-16 Americans sick of the cultural revolution under Biden are setting up incredible off-grid city
2024-06-15 Global rush for farmland could trigger world war, documentary argues
2024-06-14 The US - Saudi Petro Dollar Agreement Has Official ENDED
2024-06-14 Silver Demand In The Solar Sector Could Squeeze Silver Supply In The Future
2024-06-13 Dr. McCullough on Bird Flu: "A Perfect Storm is Brewing"
2024-06-13 "Wealth In Your Wallet": New Prepper Bar Disrupts Gold and Silver Industry
2024-06-12 Wed June 12: Ernest Hancock interviews James Corbett; John Sneisen
2024-06-12 Rejecting the Status Quo Is the Only Way To Survive
2024-06-11 Hunter Convicted On Felony Gun Charges -- Technology That's Still Useful During A Collapse
2024-06-11 Hunter Convicted On Felony Gun Charges -- Technology That's Still Useful During A Collapse
2024-06-11 A food forest. In the desert. How? Saturate the soil. Ernest Hancock and #OccupyTheLand
2024-06-10 Macron dissolves the French parliament and calls a snap election after defeat in EU vote
2024-06-10 Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar Accurately Predicted Death of CNN Anchor Drew Griffin During Interview
2024-06-09 Tokyo Government Dating App Helps Residents Get Laid To Avoid Population Collapse
2024-06-09 The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: Before the Next Big Event, Stock Up on Survival Supplies
2024-06-08 Sand Dams: Transforming Lives and Land in Drylands
2024-06-07 Alex Jones' Infowars: We Will Not Be Silenced
2024-06-07 Dr. Fauci's Faustian Bargain Revealed
2024-06-06 President Nayib Bukele saved El Salvador. He may have the blueprint for saving the world
2024-06-06 President Trump said he will abolish payroll tax when he's elected!
2024-06-05 False Flag On The Horizon? The Strange Case Of The Destroyed Russian Nuclear Radar
2024-06-04 Epoch Times CFO charged over staggering $67M money laundering scheme using prepaid debit cards
2024-06-04 "Dr Kirk Elliott Warns: Financial Leaders Fleeing"
2024-06-03 Non Conformist Series by Anarchapulco - Ernest Hancock Speaker -- Occupy The Land
2024-06-03 Countering Agenda 2030 by Living a Holistic Exit & Build Lifestyle - Derrick Broze
2024-06-02 The REAL Reason They are After Trump - Biden Continues to Drain Oil Reserves and YOUR Wallet!
2024-06-01 Robert De Niro stripped of prestigious award for his anti-Trump rant outside court
2024-06-01 Watch Dave Smith Burn Chris Cuomo To The Ground In Epic Covid Debate
2024-05-31 Biden secretly gave Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia with US arms, Politico reports
2024-05-31 Is The Stage Being Set For The Global Food Crisis Prophecy Of Revelation 6:6?
2024-05-30 Neocon Nikki Signs Israeli Bombs Urging Israel To Kill Palestinian
2024-05-30 Trump Found Guilty On All Counts In 'Hush Money' Case
2024-05-30 Breaking: Trump Found Guilty On All Counts In 'Hush Money' Case
2024-05-29 Why Are Vast Numbers Of People Relocating To Small Towns All Over The Country?
2024-05-28 Libertarian Party Nominates Pres Candidate Who Supported Masks, Open Borders, Drag Story Time
2024-05-28 Rally In Geneva June 1 To Oppose WHO Pandemic Treaty
2024-05-27 Memorial Day - More than just a "memory"
2024-05-26 How Much of This So-Called AI Future Simply Isn't Real?
2024-05-25 LIVE: President Trump Addresses Libertarian National Convention in D.C. - 5/25/24 5 pm EDT
2024-05-25 An Unraveling, Secession, or WWIII?
2024-05-24 Walmart, Target Unleash Price-Cut Tsunami As Working-Poor Hit Brick-Wall
2024-05-24 Kids are the future. This gave me so much hope
2024-05-23 Kremlin TV - 'New' Tucker Carlson Show
2024-05-23 China Is Practicing For An Apocalyptic War Against Taiwan
2024-05-22 Can We Secure Property Rights Without the State?
2024-05-21 Klaus Schwab Steps Down As World Economic Forum Executive Chairman
2024-05-21 How The Stage Is Being Set For America's Next Financial Crisis
2024-05-20 Ernest Hancock on FREE TALK LIVE NETWORK Mon May 20 @ 6 pm CDT -- Aaron Day
2024-05-20 The Myth of Good and Bad Nations
2024-05-19 Situation Grim After Hours-Long Search & Rescue For Iran President's Downed Helicopter, Little Info
2024-05-18 Ep. 340 -- Smart People without Wisdom Are Fools
2024-05-18 Show called "Disjointed" was cancelled soon after this scene was broadcast
2024-05-17 Why Has The Vatican Chosen This Precise Moment To Drop Bombshells About UFOs, Aliens...
2024-05-17 WHO "Murdered" People In Ebola Clinical Trails!! Dr Dave Martin EXPOSES WHO Like Never Before
2024-05-16 "About to Get Pinched" - Homeowners In Trouble As More Mortgages Under Water Due To Intere
2024-05-16 Renowned Oncologist Drops Bombshell: Ivermectin Cures Cancer
2024-05-15 2024-05-14 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Aaron Day on Roger Ver... (MP3/MP4)
2024-05-15 Credit card delinquencies surge, almost 1 in 5 users maxed-out
2024-05-14 Here Come the Lying AI Robots: AI Systems Are Getting Adept at Deceiving Humans
2024-05-14 Prepare for clearing house failure -- Tucker Carlson interviews Aaron Rodgers
2024-05-13 Melinda Gates Abruptly Quits Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
2024-05-13 Whitney Webb: Bankers Use Climate Scam in Latin America to Introduce Digital Currency Globally
2024-05-12 Mass Starvation: Here's Why Most Of America Is Completely Unprepared
2024-05-11 The News is a Social Construct (2017) -- They Went Woke: Oscars Facing Liquidity Crisis
2024-05-10 This Is What Happened After Several Schools Banned Cellphones
2024-05-10 Google IS quietly recording your voice... here is how to switch the feature off -
2024-05-09 RFK Jr Challenges Trump To Debate At Libertarian Convention
2024-05-09 "The Polling Data Has Been Wrong All Along": Watch Biden Deny Economic Reality...
2024-05-08 The "Soft Landing" Lie: A Global Economic Slowdown Is Already Underway
2024-05-08 Expert Insight: The "Bitcoin Jesus" Tax Indictment | Roger Keith Ver's Covered Expatri
2024-05-07 Madkind-v-Mankind -- A Race Against Time
2024-05-07 Withdrawing from the Rat Race Is Going Global
2024-05-06 France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront
2024-05-06 >France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront
2024-05-05 This guy Jared Bernstein is literally the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers,...
2024-05-04 Pentagon considering SpaceX's Starship to provide a new speedy global logistics capability
2024-05-04 Documentary: How Rockefeller Destroyed US Healthcare
2024-05-03 BREAKING: Daily Wire SILENCES Candace Owens With GAG ORDER
2024-05-02 Crypto veterans call out DOJ for targeting Roger Ver a decade after he left US
2024-05-02 Huge: Donald Trump SPEAKING At Libertarian Party Convention - Biden, RFK JR NOT SHOWING UP
2024-05-01 Addresses Charges Against Early Investor and Founder Roger Ver
2024-05-01 President Trump to Address Libertarian Party Concerns at National Convention May 25th
2024-04-30 Unification Of CBDCs? Global Banks Are Telling Us The End Of The Dollar System Is Near
2024-04-30 DoJ Charges 'Bitcoin Jesus' With Tax Fraud
2024-04-29 Why I Stopped Being a Conspiracy Theorist ~ Benny Wills
2024-04-29 15 Minute Cities Speech at a City Council Meeting in Aurora, Ontario.
2024-04-28 "You'll NEVER MISS DINNER with your KIDS again after watching this"
2024-04-28 The Border Crisis is Being Used to Push Digital ID -- Whitney Webb Interview
2024-04-27 NATO starts deploying troops as Russia races to win
2024-04-26 Fri April 26: Ernest Hancock interviews Chace Barber (Edison Motors - Canada) MP3&4
2024-04-26 OMG Exclusive with James O'Keefe featuring Erik Prince
2024-04-25 Simple Problems Come With Simple Solutions
2024-04-25 First-ever autonomous motor race streams live this weekend
2024-04-24 How companies like BlackRock and State Street are taking over Wall Street
2024-04-24 USDA's $1.5 Billion Targets 180,000 Farms, 225 Million Acres for 30×30
2024-04-23 2024-04-23 -- Ernest interviews Mel K, James Corbett (Genesis Show for LRN.FM)
2024-04-23 Homebuyer Payment Hits Record High As Mortgage Rates Climb Back Above 7% For The First Time...
2024-04-22 Analyzing the WHO Pandemic Agreement
2024-04-21 After Halving Event, Bitcoin Transaction Fees Soar to Over $240
2024-04-21 Texas GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales RAGES over 'scumbags' in party who...
2024-04-20 Gold's "Catapult Has Been Built; Silver's is Next"
2024-04-20 It keeps getting worse & worse…
2024-04-19 Fri April 19; Ernest interviews Mel K (Journalist) MP3&4
2024-04-18 Doug Casey on the New American Dream: "You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy"
2024-04-18 Glenn Jacobs narrates Smedley Butler's 'War is a Racket'
2024-04-17 These Are The Top 10 States By Real GDP Growth
2024-04-17 Gen. Flynn Unveils the 6 Columns Controlling & Collapsing the American Empire
2024-04-16 David Webb: How to Stop 'The Great Taking' and Protect Your Property from Bankers
2024-04-15 Mon April 15: Mike Swatek (Midfest; PPM Silver); Morgan & Chew - Caravanarchy (MP3s)
2024-04-14 Biden Tells Bibi: US Will Not Support A Counterattack Against Iran After Hundreds Of Drones
2024-04-14 Maui Wildfire Update: Government Land Grab And Coverup Actively Happening According...
2024-04-13 The Real Book About the "White Working Class"
2024-04-13 As Missiles Fall On Israel, Iran Says Retaliation Is "Concluded" & Warns US To...
2024-04-12 A short review of the movie CIVIL WAR...
2024-04-12 National Suicide: 20 Days to Stop It
2024-04-11 What if it's all long-term conditioning?
2024-04-10 "No One Is Coming To SAVE US!" Steve Bannon On How The Next Revolution Will Happen...
2024-04-10 If Any Out There Want Freedom, You will Have to Take It!
2024-04-09 24/7 Media and No Valid Information
2024-04-09 Insurers Spy On Houses Via Aerial Imagery, Seeking Reasons To Cancel Coverage
2024-04-09 Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment
2024-04-08 The REAL Solution to the UN Madness
2024-04-06 Stop It! - Great Taking - Tennessee State Legislature
2024-04-06 Dr. Scott Atlas on Why We Were Forced to Jab & Mask
2024-04-05 The Death Of American Liberty, With Guest Jim Bovard
2024-04-04 THE SILVER BREAKOUT: Off To $48? Triple Digits? | Mike Maloney & Tavi Costa
2024-04-03 The Government Wants to Play God. What Does That Mean for Our Freedoms?
2024-04-03 The Great Escape from Government Schools?
2024-04-02 Why Are so Many Young People Getting Cancer?
2024-04-02 Mass Layoffs Begin At California Fast Food Chains As $20 Minimum Wage Law Takes Effect
2024-04-01 YouTube Says It Has a 'Responsibility' To Manipulate Algorithms Leading Up to 2024 Election
2024-04-01 Mother Teresa Poem - Do It Anyway
2024-03-31 May the risen Christ bring peace to your heart and joy to your soul
2024-03-30 CERN Particle Accelerator To Go Live During Solar Eclipse After Two Year Hiatus
2024-03-29 The Entertainment Empire of Blackmail, Sex & Pedophilia is COLLAPSING w/ Mel K
2024-03-28 Bill Banning Chemtrails Passes Tennessee Senate
2024-03-28 Trespassers Welcome: How the Law Protects Squatters
2024-03-27 Lara Logan on Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: "Everyone Knows…
2024-03-27 'Unconstitutional': FBI Demanded Identities of Users Who Watched Certain YouTube Videos
2024-03-26 'We want it now': Black clergy demand $15 billion from 'white' churches
2024-03-25 Liberal state declares war on small farmers/ homesteaders -- Ernest Hancock/Roger Ver Show MP3&4
2024-03-25 When Proxy Wars Come Home -- SEC Urges Supreme Court To Reject Elon Musk's First Amendment Appeal
2024-03-24 ***Mon March 25: Ernest Hancock to interview Roger Ver (***
2024-03-23 Reports: Crypto Is at the Forefront of the Side Job Economy for Argentines
2024-03-22 Friday March 22: Ernest Hancock & Roger Ver ( Tease show for Monday
2024-03-22 MASSIVE Terror Attack In Russia: Jack Posobiec Gives Key Intel
2024-03-21 Venezuelan Illegal Calls For 300,000 Followers to 'Invade' Unoccupied U.S. Homes
2024-03-21 ***Friday March 22: Ernest Hancock interviews Roger Ver (***
2024-03-20 For a man who correctly predicted most of the big disasters of the last twenty years,...
2024-03-20 RELENTLESS REVOLT: Polish Farmers Stage 600 Protests in a Day Against EU Crippling...
2024-03-19 Joe Rogan Experience #2115 - Riley Gaines (Publisher Recommended)
2024-03-19 Guerrilla Marketing - #SolutionsWatch
2024-03-18 "If they showed you what they showed me, you wouldn't have released it either"… Trump on JFK Files
2024-03-17 Riley Gaines, 15 Other Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over Transgender Madness
2024-03-16 Elon Musk's Re-Tweet of G. Edward Griffin's Interview with Yuri Bezmanov Gets over 20 Millio
2024-03-16 A Letter on Why We Made "The Minds of Men" as We Did
2024-03-15 Dr. Meryl Nass: WHO and the Great Reset - WE CAN DO SOMETHING
2024-03-14 SpaceX's Starship Achieves Space, Hits New Milestones, Despite Reentry Loss
2024-03-14 Former Time Magazine Reporter Says "the food giants have corrupted products...
2024-03-13 Whitney Webb: Globalists Plan to Impose CBDC on Unsuspecting Americans thru Stable Coins
2024-03-13 The Cunning Basis of the WHO Pandemic Treaty - Part 2 - Video #82
2024-03-13 The Cunning Basis of the WHO Pandemic Treaty - Part 3 - Video #83
2024-03-12 Leftist Consulting Firms Exposed As Hidden Hand Behind The Wokification Of Video Games
2024-03-11 Rand Paul Teases Senate GOP Leader Run - Musk Says "I Would Support"
2024-03-11 Over 140,000 Farms Lost In 5 Years
2024-03-10 How This Little Studio DEFEATED Disney & DESTROYED Woke Hollywood
2024-03-10 Can Americans Have Hope? -- DR. DAVID MARTIN Special: The Great Setup... WHO Did this to US?
2024-03-09 Ep. 331 -- Q&A: Life Advice for the Next Generation
2024-03-09 March 11th 2024 predictions. Beast system on the rise?
2024-03-08 WATCH: Jordan Peterson's Full Testimony Before Congress
2024-03-08 Ukraine War: We'd Follow the Money, if Only We Could
2024-03-06 Corbett on Qortal -- Economist Who Warned Of Regional Bank Runs Makes Chilling New Predictions
2024-03-06 Wed March 6: Rob Braxman MP3&4; Mike Swatek; Corbett on Qortal MP3&4; James Corbett 8pm EST
2024-03-05 Tues March 5: Curtis Stone (Off-Grid with Curtis Stone; Freedom Farmers) MP3&4 Hr2
2024-03-05 Kyrsten Sinema announces she is retiring from the Senate (Progressive Independent - AZ)
2024-03-04 In Unanimous Decision, Supreme Court Rules Trump To Remain On Presidential Ballots<
2024-03-04 Democrats announce bill to kick Trump OFF the ballot immediately after the Supreme Court ruled 9-0
2024-03-03 Mostly Unreported ?" Russia is Going ALL Out Now in Ukraine
2024-03-02 Ron Paul Lecture The Great Enabler The Rise of the Federal Reserve and the Growth of Government
2024-03-01 An ETF that tracks the stock trades of Democrats in Congress has been beating the S&P 500...
2024-03-01 "Maricopa Board of Supervisors RUN After Being Served!!!"
2024-02-29 Technocrats Claim AI Breakthrough to Generate 'Boundless' Clean Fusion Energy
2024-02-29 Joel Salatin on the EU Farmers REVOLT
2024-02-28 From Trucker Boycotts To Grid Down - There's Only One Way To Survive A Food Crisis
2024-02-28 I had a great visit with @TuckerCarlson today (~Ron Paul)
2024-02-27 Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz reveals the main driver of censorship (Publisher Recommended)
2024-02-27 NewsGuard: Fact-Checkers with Too Much Power
2024-02-27 Tucker Carlson: Putin, Navalny, Trump, CIA, NSA, War, Politics & Freedom | Lex Fridman Podcast #414
2024-02-26 Fifth Letter of Captain Marque - First Contact Protocol - AI and the Real Threat
2024-02-25 The Perils of Having a Smartphone as Your Main Means of Connection
2024-02-25 You always get the TYRANNY you TOLERATE!
2024-02-24 To Understand The Globalists We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion
2024-02-23 Milei Secures Argentina's First Budget Surplus Since 2012 After Only One Month In Office
2024-02-23 X takes on Google: Elon Musk claims he's creating a Gmail rival dubbed "XMail''
2024-02-22 COVID Vaxxed May Be Ineligible To Give Blood, Says Red Cross
2024-02-22 Is An X-Class Solar Flare Responsible For Nationwide Cell Outage?
2024-02-21 Those Forgotten and Ignored 13 Words: (Publisher Recommended)
2024-02-21 Housing Inventory Explosion Ahead - with Adam Taggart
2024-02-20 Four States Race To Stop 'Great Taking' of All Bank Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions...
2024-02-20 Tokenized, Inc: BlackRock's Plan To Own The Fractionalized World
2024-02-19 BREAKING: Americans Awaken to Judicial Dictatorship! Must-Watch Analysis
2024-02-18 "F**k Around & Find Out": Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday
2024-02-17 Will Americans Finally Realize It Doesn't Matter Who The President Is?
2024-02-16 Fri Feb 16: Ernest Hancock interviews Nick from RV Solar Concepts - MP3&4 - Trade Wars
2024-02-15 Why Hasn't Matt Taibbi Reported on these Documents Proving State Action Against Free Speech?
2024-02-15 Capitol Hill PANICS, claiming Russia just launched orbital NUKE platform
2024-02-14 Magical Thinking
2024-02-14 Wag the Dog - Original Theatrical Trailer -- I Hope National Security Threat isn't... B3 Bomber
2024-02-13 What Trusting WEF Really Means (Publisher Recommended)
2024-02-12 RFK Jr apologizes to his family after his super PAC pays $7M for Super Bowl ad echoing...
2024-02-12 Tucker Carlson Takes Part in World Government Summit... "Publisher Recommended"
2024-02-11 How to watch the 2024 Super Bowl free today (without cable)
2024-02-11 Michigan State Officials Call for Registry of Homeschooled Children
2024-02-10 Joel Salatin on Breaking Out of Conventionality, Community Building, Alternate Food Systems
2024-02-09 This is insane, the US State Dept forced all Ukrainians to tie their financial assets...
2024-02-08 The Commercial Real Estate Crisis Of 2024 Is Going To Be A Doozy…
2024-02-08 Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin
2024-02-07 Tucker Carlson's Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow - Full Transcript Released!
2024-02-07 Google Update Reveals AI Will Read All Your Private Messages
2024-02-06 First passages of Herculaneum scroll are DECIPHERED by AI:
2024-02-06 Gina Carano Sues Disney Over 'Mandalorian' Firing In Lawsuit Funded by Elon Musk
2024-02-05 Tucker DEFIES Federal Government, Spotted in MOSCOW to Interview Putin!?
2024-02-05 Amish: Test Case For COVID Policies
2024-02-04 Former Blackrock portfolio manager, Ed Dowd, explains why every last remnant of human freedom...
2024-02-03 How Many Animals to Raise for a Year's Worth of Meat
2024-02-02 Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls To Stop You From Growing Your Own Food
2024-02-02 U.S. strikes more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria in initial barrage of retaliatory attacks
2024-02-01 Iran Vows To Hit Back If US Strikes Target Its Soil; US Destroyer Comes Under Attack In Red Sea
2024-02-01 Chaos Erupts In Brussels As Rubber Bullets Fired At Farmers Protesting Outside EU Parliament
2024-01-31 AZGOP's new chair took $15k per month from the taxpayers to 'consult' the state senate...
2024-01-31 US to Deploy Nukes in the UK for the First Time in 15 Years
2024-01-30 Globalist Plan to Control U.S. Land & Resources Through NACs WITHDRAWN After Pushback
2024-01-30 James O'Keefe is Releasing a Bombshell Tomorrow on DC
2024-01-29 Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won't Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds
2024-01-29 Monster Pacific storm to 'firehose' California with rain, flooding and wind
2024-01-28 Mon Jan 29: Ernest Hancock News and Headlines; Maria Lobo Murga (Argentina)
2024-01-27 A convoy calling themselves 'God's army' plans to head to the Texas border..
2024-01-27 Warning A Military False Flag May Be The Only Thing To Save The Military Industrial Complex...
2024-01-26 Thomas Jefferson statue removed from New York City Hall after 187 years
2024-01-26 Watch: Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He's Not Backing Down, Expects Red States To Circle Wagons
2024-01-25 "My Party Is Completely Delusional"
2024-01-25 Food Forests and Freedom with Takota Coen
2024-01-25 Showdown: Texas Defies Supreme Court, Installs More Razor Wire Along Border
2024-01-24 Timcast IRL - Audio LEAKED Of GOP Trying To BRIBE Kari Lake...
2024-01-23 Tues Jan 23 -- Jeff Berwick (Anarchapulco 2024; The Dollar Vigilante) MP3&4
2024-01-23 Audio recording reveals the moment that senior Republican figure tried to bribe Kari Lake...
2024-01-23 As China Stocks Crash, Beijing Proposes Multi-Trillion Market Rescue Package
2024-01-22 Federal Government Uses Push Notifications to Track Apple, Google User Contacts
2024-01-22 Dark City 2: World Economic Forum Trailer (2024) Darkness Falls Soon...
2024-01-21 More and More Women Want to Be a "Tradwife" But Our Degenerate Culture and Failing...
2024-01-21 Sports Illustrated's Publisher Guts Staff. Future Unclear
2024-01-20 The Government Is Making the Economy Appear Better than It Is
2024-01-20 They're HIDING THIS About Epstein! | Whitney Webb EXPLOSIVE Interview - Stay Free #288
2024-01-18 Trump Promises Never To Allow CBDCs In US, Says He Will 'Protect Americans From Government Tyran
2024-01-18 The TSA Plans Big Digital ID Push in 2024
2024-01-17 China's Stock Market "Appears To Be In Free Fall Now" - Will The U.S. Stock Market Be
2024-01-17 "Long live freedom dammit!" Javier Milei's remarks to the World Economic Forum 2024
2024-01-16 Trump Gives Speech After Winning Iowa Caucus; Ramaswamy To End Campaign
2024-01-16 We Are No Longer Replacing Ourselves
2024-01-15 Australia Shows Why Americans Should Not Give Another Inch On Gun Rights
2024-01-15 Judge Rules Banning Guns in Post Offices Unconstitutional
2024-01-14 Mel K & Alex Krainer | Confronting the Grand Deception Head On
2024-01-13 Net Zero uproar in Germany -- mass Farmer protests spread to other workers and other countries…
2024-01-13 DYIwEH on FTL/Genesis Mon Jan 15 @ 6 pm CST w/ guests Doug Casey, James Corbett, Gerald Celente
2024-01-12 Elon Musk Takes on WEF/UN/EU Plan to Censor Free Speech Worldwide...
2024-01-12 As WEF Prepares for 54th Annual Meeting, Int'l Activist Movements Offer Alternative Vision of 20
2024-01-11 3 Extremely Alarming Developments Which Could Have Enormous Global Implications
2024-01-11 "We are tired of lies...
2024-01-10 Criminality in the White House: The Rise of the Political Psychopath
2024-01-10 Jan 10 - Ernest Hancock interviews James Corbett (Corbett Report) ++ Publisher Recommended
2024-01-09 Carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant: It's making the whole world GREENER...
2024-01-09 How To Be Happy - #SolutionsWatch
2024-01-08 A Nation of Non-Compliers
2024-01-08 It's Nearly Here -- The UN wants to decide what to inject you with
2024-01-07 Episode 353: 1986: THE UNTOLD STORY -- The Mark Epstein Interview
2024-01-07 "There's a Hunger for the Truth and We're Telling the Truth - THE TIDE IS TURNING"
2024-01-06 Obama's Weird New Movie And America's Extreme Vulnerability To Cyber Attack
2024-01-05 Miller Farm raided AGAIN (1-4-2024)
2024-01-05 Pushback to Tyranny & Control Increases in 2024 - Catherine Austin Fitts
2024-01-04 "They Want To WIPE OUT Farmers!" Vandana Shiva On Protests & Globalist Takeover
2024-01-04 Jan 4 - Ernest Hancock & Gerald Celente (Trends Journal) 2024 Predictions
2024-01-03 Epstein Bombshell: Forget the Client List, the FBI is Hiding Thousands of Video Tapes...
2024-01-02 This is the dangerous AI that got Sam Altman fired
2024-01-01 Can We Predict 2024?
2024-01-01 "The two big things that people really need to look at is trying to be off grid,
2023-12-31 What To Expect in 2024! Will Truth Vanquish The Lies of the Evil Doers?
2023-12-31 This New Year Calls for a Bold New Vision for Mankind
2023-12-30 The Electronic Takeover of Every Asset on Earth, "The Great Taking,''
2023-12-30 As CBDCs Roll-Out, Elite-Backed Digital Payment Systems Vie to Build the "Global Payment Standa
2023-12-29 TikTok is making users give their iPhone passwords for unclear reasons
2023-12-29 Leave the Predictive Programming Behind
2023-12-28 NJ Senate Committee Passes Bill that Takes Step Toward Treating Gold and Silver
2023-12-28 Can the McCloskeys Get Their Guns Back? Judges Pull Trigger on Ruling
2023-12-27 California House Price Halved in Just 9 Months as Market Suffers Shock Wave
2023-12-27 This is what actually happens when you tick the 'I'm not a robot' box
2023-12-26 I Was SCARED To Say This To NASA... (But I said it anyway) - Smarter Every Day 293
2023-12-26 Joe Rogan on Seth Rich. You know and I know they killed him
2023-12-24 The "Control System" Is Collapsing - 'The Great Taking' Looms As Globalism's...
2023-12-23 Christian Singers Flashmob
2023-12-22 Dec 20: James Corbett (Predictions) MP3&4; Dec 21: Phranq Tamburri, 'John'
2023-12-22 Dec 20: James Corbett (Predictions) MP3&4; Dec 21: Phranq Tamburri, 'John'
2023-12-22 Past Freedom's Phoenix Digital Magazine Issues dealing w/ Agriculture, Food Production...
2023-12-21 "He's Starting A Revolution": Does Milei's Win Signal A Global Anti-Communist Turn -
2023-12-20 Dec 19 Show: Kobus J (The Invisible Trust) MP3&4 (Publisher Recommended)
2023-12-19 House prices are in "freefall" in dozens of major US cities, with new buyers losing big $
2023-12-18 Costco gold bars were a hot holiday buy -- while they lasted
2023-12-18 Rocking The GOP: With Special Guest Vivek Ramaswamy! with Ron Paul & Daniel McAdams
2023-12-17 This is CREEPY -- AI Resurrection of The Dead
2023-12-16 Conspiracy Theorists Think A24's 'Civil War' Is Actually 'Programming' Americans
2023-12-16 Conspiracy Theorists Think A24's 'Civil War' Is Actually 'Programming' Americans
2023-12-16 Pharma Food -- Biotech on Your Plate
2023-12-15 The Plan to Usher in CBDCs in 2024 with Edward Dowd & Daniela Cambone
2023-12-15 Ep. 52 Kyle Rittenhouse & Tucker Carlson the right to self-defense
2023-12-14 "Libertarians" and those who are "anti-system" -- Klaus Schwabb (37 sec Video)
2023-12-14 Mike Adams presents Goldback founder Jeremy Cordon with LAB TEST RESULTS for gold content and purity
2023-12-13 Last Chance To Get Out Of Dodge?
2023-12-13 Corporate Media is Dead -- Tucker Carlson Network (TCN)
2023-12-12 Open Source Education - #SolutionsWatch
2023-12-12 He's BACK! Tucker's Next Move Will DESTROY The Establishment! - #265
2023-12-11 Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate in HEATED Debate!
2023-12-11 Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate in HEATED Debate!
2023-12-11 Enjoy this Christmas season-- it may be the last one we have to celebrate in 'normal' times
2023-12-10 Extortionist Jack Smith Being Extorted to Pursue Trump?
2023-12-10 Tune In! Alex Jones Returns to X for His First Interview After Reinstatement
2023-12-09 Permanent Neutrality in an Era of Biological Weapons-for-Hire
2023-12-08 WATCH NOW: Tucker Carlson Interviews Alex Jones
2023-12-07 2023-12-06 -- Ernest Hancock interviews David Webb (The Great Taking) MP3&4
2023-12-06 What is "DTC" (and "Cede & Co.")? -- Dec 6: Ernest Hancock interviews David Webb (The Great Taking
2023-12-06 "Particularly Risky" - BIS Reveals "Buy Now, Pay Later" Use Is Soaring...
2023-12-05 The American Dream Has Been Downsized into a Tiny Box - Truthstream Media
2023-12-04 M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)
2023-12-04 TOO HORRIBLE TO BELIEVE! DHS Whistleblower Exposes Biden Admin's Sex Trafficking...
2023-12-03 HE WENT THERE: Greg Gutfeld Drops Bomb on Fox News Over Tucker Carlson's Firing -
2023-12-02 Anwar first to have Digital ID in Malaysia
2023-12-01 Tucker Carlson Tonight E.P 43 11/30/23 | Tucker Carlson Tonight November 30, 2023
2023-11-30 Open Source Education.Online (a Corbett & Hancock Project)
2023-11-30 Americans Need Over $11K More To Keep 2021 Standard Of Living: Report
2023-11-29 This is what Michael Crow/ASU thinks of you if you don't want to give up your individual liberti
2023-11-29 Is It Really Happening? Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Evidence About the Hit on...
2023-11-28 Joy Returning to Maui: Walmart and Salvation Army Bring Holiday Cheer
2023-11-28 Nanoscale spinal implant helps restore mobility in paralyzed limbs
2023-11-27 Unelected globalists @ WHO rolling out "Global Digital Health Certification Netwoork''
2023-11-27 China is Testing Comex Legitimacy
2023-11-26 This kid gets it.
2023-11-25 Episode 347: VACCINE EXPERTS UNDER OATH
2023-11-24 Gratitude: No Matter How Humble, We Have More Than We Know
2023-11-24 How Long Can They Keep A Lid On Public Anger?
2023-11-23 Ordinary Americans Are The Nation's Unshakeable Greatness
2023-11-22 Poll: Gun ownership reaches record high with American electorate
2023-11-22 'No terrorist activity' in Rainbow Bridge car explosion, Hochul says,...
2023-11-21 2023-11-20 -- Kyle Gundelach (Promise Farm; Geodesic Dome Home Builder) MP3&4
2023-11-21 The Great (Freedom) Reset Has Begun
2023-11-20 Argentina's Javier Milei WINS -- OpenAI Battle IS Over Artificial Super Intelligence ?
2023-11-20 WATCH LIVE: Arizona's Mohave County Board of Supervisors to Vote to HAND COUNT Ballots in 2024
2023-11-19 Robotic Hand with Bones, Ligaments and Tendons Created for First Time Using 3D Printing
2023-11-19 Central Bank Nemesis Javier Milei Wins Argentina's Presidential Election
2023-11-18 OpenAI Board Removes CEO Sam Altman and Board Chairman Brockman
2023-11-17 Despite Internal Opposition, FCC Votes 3-2 in Favor of Taking Control of the Internet
2023-11-17 Holton Township, Michigan establishes its own MILITIA to protect second amendment...
2023-11-16 CHRIS WRAY GETS CAUGHT! Rep. Higgins Releases PHOTO of the Secret J6 Ghost Buses (Video)
2023-11-15 A Government of Cowards -- We the Exploited: The U.S. Govt Buys/Sells Its Citizens for Profit/Power
2023-11-15 Musk Confirms License: Starship To Launch Friday!
2023-11-14 Hold Off The Big Christmas Splurge, Bargains Will Be Better Later
2023-11-14 Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO? -- Freedom's the Answer! (What's the Question?)
2023-11-13 Why Is Volcanic Activity Starting To Go Crazy All Over The Planet?
2023-11-13 The Movement They Fear: The Silent Revolt -- Demonstration of the "Ai Pin''
2023-11-12 The Globalist Vision: "15 Minute" Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property
2023-11-11 The Whale director to helm Elon Musk biopic: Tech mogul's life made into a movie
2023-11-10 Give Peace a Chance
2023-11-10 UNESCO Seeks To Regulate All Internet Content
2023-11-09 US DoE funds project turning nuclear power into green hydrogen
2023-11-09 No, Humanity Doesn't Have to Zombie Walk Into a Dystopic Nightmare Future
2023-11-08 Brain Implants for Elon Musk's Neuralink: Thousands Are Reportedly Lining Up
2023-11-08 Energy Industry Insider Details How the Govt. has No Plan to Prevent Collapse from EMPs
2023-11-07 Why 'Rings of Power' Is So Terrible, and Why It Doesn't Matter
2023-11-07 "This Is MUCH Worse Than They're Telling You" Tucker EXPOSES Iran War Plan
2023-11-06 Whitney Webb | AI-Powered Tyranny
2023-11-06 ANARCHY IN ACTION: Crisis, Recovery and Miracles In Acapulco
2023-11-05 Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza
2023-11-05 Trump To Testify At Civil Trial Targeting His New York Empire
2023-11-04 Americans respond to Maine shooting, Hamas terror … by buying guns!
2023-11-04 RISING FROM THE ASHES - REBORN: First Hurricane On The Ground Footage From Acapulco...
2023-11-03 The Apocalypse Is Here… Whether It Is Heaven Or Hell Is Up To You
2023-11-03 Shipping Braces for Impact as Panama Canal Slashes Capacity | DETOUR - GO AROUND!
2023-11-02 Americans Panic Search "Give Car Back" As Subprime Auto Loan Delinquency Erupts
2023-11-02 Sam Bankman-Fried Found Guilty On All Counts, Faces Over 100 Years In Prison
2023-11-01 Supercritical CO2 pilot aims to make steam turbines obsolete
2023-11-01 Supercritical CO2 pilot aims to make steam turbines obsolete
2023-11-01 The Movie Disney Doesn't Want You to See --
2023-10-31 More Researchers Issue "a dire warning of security, privacy concerns lurking w/in smart homes
2023-10-31 "The Bellwether Has Sounded": Musk Says "Great Wakening From Woke Has Happened"
2023-10-30 Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates,
2023-10-30 How Primary Water Can Solve the Global Water Crisis
2023-10-29 Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America
2023-10-29 Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 28, 2023, #429
2023-10-28 Hurricane Otis Recovery Fund
2023-10-27 US Warplanes Conduct Major Strikes On 'Iranian Proxies' In Syria
2023-10-27 Don't Worry! The Border Problem is About to be Solved!
2023-10-26 Flashback 1988: Ron Paul on The Proper Role of Government
2023-10-26 Proven ADULTERATION of COVID jabs means Americans can now SUE vaccine manufacturers...
2023-10-25 Flashback: Julian Assange Joins Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017
2023-10-25 Grief Enough for All
2023-10-24 NewsGuard & US Govt. Sued By Consortium News; Musk Slams 'Scam'
2023-10-24 When Crisis Is Knocking at Your Door - It's Best to Stay Prepared
2023-10-23 Argentina presidential election: Javier Milei and Sergio Massa head for run-off vote
2023-10-23 Global "Holodomor" Ahead: The Intentional Destruction Of Agriculture
2023-10-22 This is the potential president of Argentina tomorrow...
2023-10-21 Peace Train | Song Around The World (feat. Yusuf & Cat Stevens)
2023-10-21 Middle Easterners Have Words For The Western Press Who've Been Lying About Them
2023-10-20 No More War. - TruthStreamMedia
2023-10-20 The End of LBRY Inc.
2023-10-19 Wild-Haired Former Rocker Promises to Remake Argentina if Elected President
2023-10-19 Judge Orders Nuremberg Public Hearing on Nov 9, For Illegality Of Covid-19 Vaccines!
2023-10-18 Understanding the Enormity of Matt Gaetz's Speakership Rebellion
2023-10-18 Brighteon Broadcast News, Oct 18, 2023 - Horrific BOMBING of HOSPITAL in Gaza...
2023-10-18 The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft
2023-10-17 The Forgotten Middle: Americans Struggling Paycheck to Paycheck...
2023-10-16 SELCO: What We Ate and How We Got Food When the SHTF
2023-10-16 He Called the Pope a 'Filthy Leftist.' Now He Wants to Be President
2023-10-15 Ex-Walmart CEO Says US Consumers Reaching 'Breaking Point'
2023-10-15 Ex-Walmart CEO Says US Consumers Reaching 'Breaking Point'
2023-10-14 The Coming 100-Year Bear Market with Robert Prechter - Doug Casey's Take [ep.#283]
2023-10-13 The Stock Market Sits On The Edge Of The End Of The World
2023-10-13 Here's the most provocative take you'll read on the war in Israel...
2023-10-12 Martin Armstrong warns: Terror attack on Israel a joint intelligence operation to draw RUSSIA...
2023-10-12 The Entire Israeli-Palestine Conflict Explained (Publisher Recommended)
2023-10-11 FLASHBACK: Ron Paul 'Hamas Was Started by Israel'? (Publisher Recommended)
2023-10-11 FLASHBACK: Ron Paul 'Hamas Was Started by Israel'? (Publisher Recommended)
2023-10-11 I don't care anymore, WranglerStar -/- My First Campaign Ad, RFK Jr
2023-10-10 ISRAEL vs Hamas: A Manufactured War To Cover Corruption
2023-10-10 War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields
2023-10-09 Tom Jenney on the future of Arizona -/- WEF: Somebody has to be in charge of rationing freedom
2023-10-09 RFK Jr - Join Me For A Historic Announcement - TODAY
2023-10-09 Israel's military might that is about to obliterate Hamas: -/- Chaos on Capitol Hill (Speaker)
2023-10-08 The BBC Exposed (2013) -/- Jim Jordan sounds off on speaker's race
2023-10-07 Double Dispatch -> War - Famine - Pestilence - Death - ''No Fear" & Get Ready (for whatever)
2023-10-06 Be a Subversive with Linux! We are under Attack!
2023-10-06 WRONGTHINK: Their Goal Isn't Election Interference, It's MAGA Extermination (Publisher Rec')
2023-10-05 'Speaker Jordan' And The Ukraine Money Pit -- FBI Creates 'MAGA' Extremist Category
2023-10-04 Trump Nominated for Speaker of The House
2023-10-04 Oct 5: Ernest Hancock interviews Jacob Hornberger; Dr Phranq Tamburri
2023-10-03 Oct 3: Jim Gale (Food Forest Abundance) MP3&4 LOADED - Publisher Recommended
2023-10-03 US FIRST US speaker Kevin McCarthy sensationally ousted from job after Rep revolt over 'secret...
2023-10-02 Oct 2: Ernest Hancock interviews Karen Kwiatkowski (Retired U.S.A.F. Lieutenant Colonel) MP3&4
2023-10-02 Ian Freeman was taken into federal custody by US Marshals today, sentenced 8 years and $40,700 fine
2023-10-01 Tyrese calls out Devil Worshiping (With Examples)
2023-09-30 End of Dollar's Hegemony: Russian Oil Giant Now Using Yuan and Rubles for Export Settlements
2023-09-29 "Here's What's Really Going On": Elon Musk Livestreams Southern Border Chaos
2023-09-29 OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Most Destructive and Naked Act of Treason in U.S History…
2023-09-28 The Newspaper Revolution - #SolutionsWatch -- James Corbett
2023-09-28 Andy Schectman warns of "TIDAL WAVE OF INFLATION" that will devastate the US economy...
2023-09-28 Former Major City Police Detective Reveals 50% of SIDS Cases Happened Within 48 Hours Post Vaccine
2023-09-27 Propaganda Fail: More Americans Are Supporting Bigger Families
2023-09-26 Episode 450 - Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!! - James Corbett
2023-09-26 Court Win: Biden Used Lies to Illegally Deplatform Mercola
2023-09-25 (POLL) 33% of Democrats might vote for RFK Jr. as third-party candidate
2023-09-24 State says we CAN'T live here...a STOP to our homestead tiny cabin
2023-09-24 Hunger Isn't Coming, It's Already Here: Real Hunger When You Have Not Eaten Food For 3+days
2023-09-23 VP Kamala Harris Becomes Biden's 'Gun Czar' As War On Second Amendment Goes In Overdrive
2023-09-23 Zelensky asks Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine
2023-09-22 VIP Elite Panic After NEW Epstein List Exposes Powerful Pedophiles
2023-09-22 We Need To Talk About Russell Brand, YouTube, Rumble, Patreon & The Cancel Culture Mob!!!
2023-09-21 George Who??' 'Woke' NYC Set To 'Cancel' George Washington Statues!
2023-09-21 How To Defeat BlackRock - #SolutionsWatch
2023-09-20 The rental market is softening so fast in some pockets of the country that
2023-09-20 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated
2023-09-19 Homebuilders Finally Face Reality, Confidence Plunges In September
2023-09-19 How BlackRock Conquered the World -- Dr. David Martin: WHO Is a 'Criminal Cartel' and It's Provable
2023-09-18 5G REMOTE KILL VECTOR: Science paper reveals cell phone signals can activate the release...
2023-09-18 New Mexico Governor Folds, Removes Firearm Carry Ban from Emergency Order
2023-09-17 WW3 Alert! Elon Musk Hands Control of Starlink to the Pentagon, Experts Warned of Massive Escalation
2023-09-17 Episode 337: LET FREEDOM SING
2023-09-16 NM Governor's 2nd Amendment Ban by Health Emergency Declaration Is Logically Insane
2023-09-15 2023-09-14 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Ian Freeman (Free Talk Live; Crypto 6) (MP3&4)
2023-09-15 Three man tied to botched plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are found NOT GUILTY by jury
2023-09-14 Repaired Email Dispatch from Sept 14th - It's a big one so you don't miss anything
2023-09-14 Why are we here?
2023-09-14 Ep. 24 Argentina's next president could be Javier Milei - Tucker Carlson
2023-09-13 Whistleblower: CIA Offered COVID Origins Investigators Money to Change Their Views
2023-09-13 $7.6 trillion of US government debt will mature in the next year, adding pressure on rates
2023-09-12 Hawaii governor starts to give the game away, then struggles to unsay it
2023-09-11 New Mexico Gov Who Banned Firearms in Albuquerque Says Her Oath Is Not 'Absolute'
2023-09-10 J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions
2023-09-10 Remember What Happened Right Before 9/11? It's Happening Again
2023-09-09 Oliver Anthony with Jordan Peterson: Art, Commerce, and the Religious | EP 382 -
2023-09-08 THIS IS EXACTLY WHY ERNIE DID WHAT HE DID: DOJ seeks 120-day prison term for J6 journalist...
2023-09-08 California Exodus Getting Worse: How Politicians Destroyed a Once Great State
2023-09-07 Big pharma & megacorps bought/acquired pretty much the entire vitamin & supplements aisle
2023-09-07 To The Last Ukrainian
2023-09-06 NY Times Wakes Up to Corruption in Ukraine as Officials Admit Military Contract Money...
2023-09-06 Dr. Shiva UNLEASHES on the whole charade
2023-09-05 The Next Crisis Is Anyone's Guess, But the Government Is Ready to Lockdown the Nation
2023-09-05 Stakeholder Capitalism is global authoritarianism - 60 Seconds from RFK jr
2023-09-04 Oliver Anthony drops new song for Labor Day
2023-09-04 #AskRonPaul - Banking Crisis, Lockdowns, Trump 2024, Lies from the Left - special Labor Day edition
2023-09-03 PHONE HOME Inside the town that banned kids from having mobile phones - the results were astounding
2023-09-02 Solutions Are Scary: Part 1 It's Time To Bring Back Citizen Militias
2023-09-02 Thomas Jefferson: "We Failed"
2023-09-01 New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend, spurring privacy concerns
2023-09-01 Ep. 20 Hungary shares a border with Ukraine. We traveled to Budapest... - Tucker Carlson
2023-08-31 Joe Rogan hosts country star Oliver Anthony at his Austin club for surprise performance
2023-08-31 Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal's Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics
2023-08-30 Top Law Schools Promote Ditching The Constitution
2023-08-30 Judge Rules Kari Lake Lawsuit Seeking Mail-In Ballot Signatures Will Go To Trial
2023-08-29 Judge Rules Against Parental Right to Opt-Out of LGBTQ Material
2023-08-29 Americans Abandon Home Insurance: An Ominous Sign In Era Of 'Bidenomics'
2023-08-28 Leftist Heads Explode: Tucker Carlson Is in Negotiations to Interview Vladimir Putin
2023-08-28 Mike Rowe on How Much Welding and Other SkillsUSA Trades Can Make YOU | Somebody's Gotta Do It
2023-08-27 From Covid To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism
2023-08-27 EPISODE 334: PANDEMIC 2.0 - J6 political prisoners: the Supreme Court could overturn this nightmare…
2023-08-26 Operation Restore the Republics! [PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED]
2023-08-25 Americans No Longer Have Faith In Our Major Institutions...
2023-08-25 Large-Scale Attack On Crimea: Ukraine Sends 73 Drones In 24-Hour
2023-08-24 Donald Trump-Tucker Carlson - Ep 19 Debate Night w/ Donald Trump (204+ million views)
2023-08-24 LIVE NOW: Donald Trump Expected to Surrender at Georgia Jail
2023-08-23 Avoiding the Future Plague [Feb 29, 1956]
2023-08-23 Oliver Anthony releases new song. "Brink of War"
2023-08-22 GBI Strategies story blowing up
2023-08-21 Milei Is Not Argentina's Problem, Socialism Is...
2023-08-21 The Best Time to Be Alive
2023-08-20 The Lockdowns Are Coming Back
2023-08-19 Report: 'Big Short' Investor Michael Burry Bets $1.6 Billion on Stock Market Crash
2023-08-18 Brace Yourselves, Because What They Have Planned Is Going To Absolutely Devastate The U.S. Economy
2023-08-18 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Artist Turns Down $8 Million From Stunned Music Execs
2023-08-17 Argentina's Leading Presidential Candidate Vows To Shut Down "Thieving" Central Bank
2023-08-17 Argentinian Pres Candidate Javier Milei tells TRUTH about 'The Left' (PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED)
2023-08-16 On Hearing President Trump In Person -- And Not Hating It - by Naomi Wolf
2023-08-16 Lockheed Scaling Army Combat Laser to Cruise Missile Destroying 500 Kilowatts
2023-08-15 How we handle HEALTH CARE off grid and Homesteading...
2023-08-15 Ep. 16 Tucker Carlson - RFK Jr. explains Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle
2023-08-14 As Maui Burns, Biden Demands Another $24 Billion…For Ukraine!
2023-08-14 Government Central Planning Fails--Free People Create Order On Our Own
2023-08-13 Here Are a Couple of Things That Make You Go "Hmmm" About the Maui Fires
2023-08-13 Were Directed Energy Weapons Used In Maui? Let's Look At What We Can Prove...
2023-08-12 545 vs 300 Million --- Neil Oliver: '…beware, beware, beware!'
2023-08-11 FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell --- 'Looks Like Bomb Went Off' (Maui Wildfires)
2023-08-11 How AI Will DISRUPT The Entire World In 3 Years (Prepare Now While Others Panic)
2023-08-10 We are being played...When will we wake up and take action. YOUR TAX MONEY GOING TO THE TALIBAN
2023-08-10 As Anti-Farming Climate Activism Builds, 27% Of Global Workforce Employed In Ag
2023-08-09 Federal Judge Makes Big Trump Decision - She Derails the Prosecution With 1 Bold Move
2023-08-08 COVID Vaccines Contain Cow Protein That Triggers Deadly Meat Allergies
2023-08-08 I'd rather build my house with my own earth than go into debt, Green Architecture, Africa
2023-08-07 Costco Reports 250% Price Hikes on Food Items as Supplies Run out at Stores
2023-08-07 Pfizer Employees Were Given "Special" Batch of Vaccine
2023-08-06 "They will FAIL and we will WIN!" - Ultra MAGA Clip of clips
2023-08-05 The Next Generation Is Being Groomed For Destruction – Here's Why They Are Vulnerable
2023-08-05 Tucker Carlson 8/4/23 Part 2 Devon Archer | BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 4, 2023
2023-08-04 California 7-Eleven workers take matters into their own hands as they stop brazen thief...
2023-08-04 CIA Moderating Wikipedia - Former editor
2023-08-03 For those with pensions. Listen
2023-08-03 US Banks Are Freezing Accounts and Withdrawals in New Scandal
2023-08-02 The Coming Financial Reset with John Sneisen
2023-08-02 Sabotage: Chinese code hidden in US military systems; China can cut off military power...
2023-08-01 Capt. James Tiberius Kirk
2023-08-01 13 Nations Agree to Abolish Farming in order to 'Save the Planet'
2023-07-31 Russia's Gold-for-Food Plan Nails It: Analysis
2023-07-30 Biden's DOJ Illegally Bribing States To Pass Gun Confiscation Laws: Lawmakers
2023-07-28 ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR PT 1&2 - Publisher Recommended (The Real Threat to the Deep State)
2023-07-28 Interview 1821 - Kissinger and Xi Keep Great Reset on Track - #NewWorldNextWeek
2023-07-27 JPMorgan Chase debanks Dr. Mercola's business, including employees and their family members
2023-07-27 NY Times admits Oswald was a CIA Asset. Deep State killed Kennedy, and then RFK's Dad, WOW…
2023-07-26 Technocrat Says Digital 'World ID' Will Soon Be Mandatory to Take Part in Society
2023-07-26 Whether You Live in a Small Town or a Big City, the Government Is Still Out to Get You
2023-07-25 Biden's Gun Control Backfires After Fifth Circuit Ruling: Ghost Guns Legal Once More
2023-07-25 July 26 Ernest Hancock Interviews: Anthony Olson; Alma Sommer -- China clones three 'Super Cows'
2023-07-24 The Road to Asbury..."there was something very real and very powerful in the room with us"
2023-07-24 2023-07-19 -- Ernest Hancock & James Corbett (The Corbett Report) MP3
2023-07-23 How To Prepare For Grid Down. Be EMP Proof -- MEET THE DOCTORS CURING THE INCURABLE
2023-07-22 ChatGPT Has an Evil Twin, WormGPT, that Enters Emails and Raids Banks
2023-07-22 WATCH LIVE: RFK Jr. testifies at House hearing on social media and alleged censorship - WOW!
2023-07-21 He quit all to build off-grid village, mountain-long Earthship
2023-07-21 Sam Altman's Worldcoin Is A Precursor To Global Universal Basic Income
2023-07-20 The Real Reason The Left Hates Jason Aldean's New Song Has Nothing To Do With 'Racism'
2023-07-20 Is Climate Engineering Real? -- The first people whose jobs should be entirely replaced by machines
2023-07-19 Russia Launches Its Own CBDC, The Digital Ruble
2023-07-19 "Most Of The World Is Tired Of War" - PM Orbán Touts Hungary/Latin America's pro-peace
2023-07-18 Americans are building natural-disaster-proof homes shaped like domes that cost roughly the same...
2023-07-18 Biden is Calling Up Military Reserves…Are Your Kids Next?
2023-07-17 Declaration of North America (DNA)
2023-07-17 Son of Canadian pastor gets standing ovation in EU Parliament as he slams PM Justin Trudeau
2023-07-16 Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Warning! Cancer Virus Found in Covid Shots
2023-07-15 The Fed Launches Phase One of Their CBDC This Month - Truth Comes to Light
2023-07-14 Futuristic Handheld 3D Bioprinter Could Revolutionize Healthcare, Regenerate Organs
2023-07-14 DOJ Quietly Removes Child Sex Trafficking Information From Its Website
2023-07-12 SPLC Condemns 'Moms for Liberty' on Its Hate List as They Gain Political Power...
2023-07-12 Apple Will Permanently Delete iPhone Photos In July: Here's How To Keep Yours Safe
2023-07-12 The HighWire live from FreedomFest in Memphis July 13 @ 2pm ET; Mike Rowe, Aaron Siri, Jeffrey Jaxen
2023-07-11 More Than 15 States Should Be Able To See the Northern Lights on Wednesday or Thursday
2023-07-10 BIS: CBDC Roll-Outs May Require Changing The Constitution
2023-07-10 Technocracy Rising with Patrick Wood : Unlimited Hangout w/ Whitney Webb
2023-07-09 NWO First Domino Falls! MARK RUTTE FORCED OUT In Netherlands Political Shocker
2023-07-08 Why Gold and Silver in the Safe Is Becoming BETTER Than Money in the Bank
2023-07-07 The Devil is in the Details about Vaccines! Video Proof...
2023-07-07 The War we are Finally Allowed to See
2023-07-06 Western Media Prepping Nuclear False Flag… and Thermonuclear War
2023-07-06 Four Precious Metals Megatrends Are Rapidly Unfolding
2023-07-05 DOCUFILM : Julian Assange
2023-07-05 Von Greyerz: Major Revaluation Of Gold & Precious Metals Is Imminent
2023-07-04 Chuck Norris: 7 Little-Known Facts About the Declaration of Independence
2023-07-03 How to Survive CBDCs -- Mosquitoes Vaccines & Bill Gates
2023-07-03 Macron Demands Platforms Delete Riot Content; Blames Social Media & Video Games For Protest...
2023-07-02 We Have Just Seen The Biggest Silver Buy Signal In The World
2023-07-02 What Will You Use As Money If The Dollar Dies?
2023-07-01 Government Agents Routinely Entering Private Land Without Warrants
2023-06-30 Alex Jones And RFK Jr. Agree: SSRI Drugs Are The Real Cause Of Mass Shootings
2023-06-30 Now They Are Actually Working On A Plan To Block Out The Sun
2023-06-29 Despite the green revolution, record energy use, the world still runs on 82% fossil fuels
2023-06-29 Divided Supreme Court outlaws affirmative action in college admissions, says race can't be used
2023-06-28 Larry Fink | BlackRock | CEO ESG CEI | Force Change
2023-06-27 'Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden!'
2023-06-27 Gold's Steady Migration From West To East
2023-06-26 Russian Coup: On the Ground in Moscow "Rogue General" w/ Political Analyst Tim Kirby
2023-06-25 EXCLUSIVE: DAVID ICKE EXPOSES TRANSHUMANISM! - The 15 Minute City Agenda (Part 1)
2023-06-24 People Need To Understand They're 'Being Used Against Each Other': Filmmaker
2023-06-24 Questions continue to swirl...
2023-06-23 The Endless Lies Democrats Tell In Defense Of Their Failed Californian Utopia
2023-06-23 One Half of a Manifesto: The Rise of Artificial Stupidity?
2023-06-22 Tucker Carlson - Ep. 6 Bobby Kennedy is winning
2023-06-22 End game in the Ukraine war approaches with lightning speed
2023-06-21 Are We Going to Win? - Questions For Corbett -- Kremlin warns US and Britain
2023-06-21 If You Work for the FBI, Quit Your Job
2023-06-20 Tucker Carlson Savages Bidens Over Hunter's 'Slap On The Wrist' For Tax, Gun Crimes Ep 5
2023-06-19 We Need a Peace President -
2023-06-19 June 20 - SHOWS LIVE FROM PORCFEST --RFK Jr Just Gave Dems the Middle Finger
2023-06-18 These 5 eVTOLs Let You Take to the Skies Without a Pilot's License
2023-06-18 Now you know why they raided Mar a Lago...
2023-06-17 DEFIANCE in the Kingdom of Fake News -- The World & Everything in it, Commentary by G Edward Griffin
2023-06-17 WEF Orders Govt's To BAN The Bible and Issue 'Fact-Checked' Version Without God
2023-06-16 Several US Agencies Hit In Global Cyberattack Alongside Universities, Hospitals
2023-06-16 Massive Cyber Attack Predicted by Steve Quayle has been Launched
2023-06-15 *Evergrande's Shocking $127 Billion Liabilities Expose Sends Ripples Through Financial Landscape
2023-06-13 Desperate Army, Air Force Recruit Immigrants With Promise Of Rapid Citizenship
2023-06-13 Tucker Reacts to Trump Indictment in New Episode -- How to remove Graphene Nanobots
2023-06-12 Neil Oliver: The Govt practice of lying about why they're doing something is forever exposed
2023-06-12 Interview 1808 - Derrick Broze Interviews James Corbett in England
2023-06-10 #AskRonPaul - Gold, Religion, Recession, Liberty in Crisis
2023-06-09 Satellite Imagery Shows Over a Dozen Fires in Quebec Start Up at Almost the Exact Same Time
2023-06-08 Mike Rowe Is On A Mission To Reverse The "Unspeakable Stupidity" Of Devaluing Work
2023-06-08 SDG16: Part 1 -- Building the Global Police State -- Trump: "I Have Been Indicted"
2023-06-07 ChatGPT Can't Think--Consciousness Is Something Entirely Different to Today's AI
2023-06-06 Rekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | EP 363
2023-06-06 And I said hey! What's going on? -- Tucker Carlson's first Twitter Show - Video
2023-06-05 What Happens When The Competent Opt Out?
2023-06-05 Apple's new savings bank refusing to let customers withdraw cash
2023-06-04 FHA Floats New Program To Use Taxpayer Cash To Pay Mortgages Of Delinquent Homeowners
2023-06-03 G. Edward Griffin Warns Against a Cashless System and Says Our Lives Are at Stake
2023-06-02 Two Oath Keepers Sentenced in Jan. 6 trial - Edward Vallejo three years; Roberto Minuta 4.5 years
2023-06-02 MIT Researcher Explains How Chlorine Dioxide/ MMS Destroys the Toxicity of Glyphosate Poison
2023-06-01 Matt Raymer & Ernest Hancock on Solutions to Internet Censorship for Content Providers
2023-06-01 Learn the Truth About Jamie Foxx's Stroke After He Took the COVID Jab
2023-05-31 SATAN | How Common Is Satanism In America Today? "Publisher Recommended - If You Seek Understanding
2023-05-31 How The Big Banks FORCE Big Corporations To Go Woke - A Rense Video
2023-05-30 Some Facts For Consideration -- Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and You
2023-05-30 Blackrock's Ai Aladdin - (Publisher Recommended)
2023-05-29 A Memorial Day Message From a Former US Marine
2023-05-29 Does Your Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras? Here's How to Check
2023-05-28 NO is the Only Vote That Matters
2023-05-28 From Planned Obsolescence to the Plan to Own Nothing
2023-05-27 Viral Influencer Gloria Alvarez Fights Socialism (Publisher Recommended)
2023-05-27 What Does The Velocity of Money Have To Do With High Inflation?
2023-05-26 May 26 Podcast - Ernest Hancock and Brian Becker -- Insouciant Americans Doomed America to Tyranny
2023-05-26 Director of Plandemic Movie Warns of Next Crisis Globalists Plotting and How to Respond
2023-05-25 John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov't Farm Confiscations 'Not Off The Table'
2023-05-25 Antidotes to The Great Reset - Richard Grove | (Publisher Recommended)
2023-05-24 Mel K | Can Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies & Digital Dictatorships Be Stopped?
2023-05-24 Can You Name >5 Unvaxxed Amish Who Died from Covid?
2023-05-23 Ban It? Neuroscience of TikTok Brain Damage
2023-05-22 Kennedy Presidential Campaign Announces Dennis Kucinich is Campaign Manager
2023-05-21 In loving memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a champion and warrior for humanity
2023-05-20 Theft Is Now Costing Retailers In The United States About 100 BILLION Dollars A Year
2023-05-19 Next Issue Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch: The Most Effective Weapons Legally...
2023-05-19 Election Rigging CAUGHT ON CAMERA in Maricopa County, Arizona
2023-05-18 VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find
2023-05-17 New York to Track Residents' Food Purchases and Place "Caps on Meat" Served by Public
2023-05-16 They are Lying to You! Dr. McCullough Sounds the Alarms on mRNA in Your Food
2023-05-15 The Only Vision You Can Control Is Your Own - PODCASTS TODAY: Tim Picciott; 'Silver Dave' Breger
2023-05-14 You Don't Have To Choose Between Happiness And Being Informed
2023-05-13 Is Your RV Entering California? Get Ready to be Searched!
2023-05-12 Deep State Technocrats Convene In D.C. Spy Museum, Collude To Rig 2024 Election -
2023-05-11 Frankenpork! FDA Approves Gene-Edited Pigs for Human Consumption
2023-05-11 Trump Triumph And The Great CNN Smackdown!
2023-05-10 May 10 Podcasts: Carlos Gomez (Sunvik/Solar), John Sneisen (Economy), James Corbett (World News)
2023-05-10 Badlands Media Special Coverage: Town Hall With Donald Trump
2023-05-09 May 9 - Ernest Hancock interviews Peter Schiff (Schiff Gold) Noon EDT
2023-05-08 California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense
2023-05-08 California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense
2023-05-07 India joins Russia's SPFS banking payments system
2023-05-06 Take Care Of America First! We're Sending Mountains Of Money Overseas But Our Own...
2023-05-06 Creating Our Own "Biodome" In The Desert
2023-05-05 Establishment Economists Are Finally Realizing It's Time To Pay The Piper
2023-05-04 Pfizer, FDA & CDC Knew Dire Harm to Babies: Dr. Walensky Urged Vaccination for Pregnant Women Anyway
2023-05-03 Warning - DON'T TRUST THE MEAT, Do THIS Instead.. | shtf news | Beef
2023-05-03 US Navy hires active-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive
2023-05-02 Economic Storms are Gathering | Peter Schiff | EP 353 | Jordan Peterson
2023-05-02 Where are all the Heroes? -- Almost Half of US States Push For Gold & Silver As Legal Tender
2023-05-01 CV19 Bioweapon Vax is Not Genocide, It's Extinction - Karen Kingston
2023-05-01 Tucker Carlson: The Truth Needs to Come Out | REDACTED
2023-04-30 King Charles' coronation to include invitation to public to swear allegiance
2023-04-29 MUST: 'The Greatest Crime Against Humanity' in History: Naomi Wolf's 11 Revelations...
2023-04-28 Arizona restricts farming to protect groundwater supply
2023-04-28 This video is an outstanding example of a Lesser Magistrate (PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED)
2023-04-27 David DuByne: US gov't accelerated collapse of financial institutions to introduce CBDCs...
2023-04-26 St. Lukes Sues Gem County Sheriff While Judge Issues Warrant for Ammon Bundy's Arrest
2023-04-25 We're done with "gradually". We've now reached the "suddenly" part
2023-04-24 It's Inevitable: American Patriots Need Guns Because A War Is Coming
2023-04-23 April 23 - Ernest Hancock interviews Mike Swatek (MP3&4); AMA/Q&A with James Corbett
2023-04-22 TOP 10 MEMES -- When Seeing and Hearing Is No Longer Believing -- The Illusion of Choice
2023-04-22 Bombshell: Ex-CIA Chief Confessed He Got 50 Colleagues To Co-sign False Hunter Biden Laptop
2023-04-21 It's Too Late To Sound the Alarm -- There Is "No Physical Gold And Silver Available In Any Quantity"
2023-04-20 SpaceX's 1st Starship launches on EPIC test flight...
2023-04-20 Jennifer Bilek | Who is Behind the TRANS AGENDA?
2023-04-19 How Can Force Entail Compassion?
2023-04-19 Biden to hike payments for good-credit homebuyers to subsidize high-risk mortgages
2023-04-18 A Huge Temperature Crash Is Coming
2023-04-17 A Handful of Companies Control Global Propaganda
2023-04-17 Commercial Real Estate Is The "Boa Constrictor" That Will Crush The Economy
2023-04-16 SpaceX Starship Super Heavy April 17 Launch Date -- IMF Unveiled A New Global Currency
2023-04-15 SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: April 16, 2023 Edition
2023-04-15 This Housing Bubble Is Different: It's Much More Precarious
2023-04-14 April 14 - Sarah Grace Manski - Professor, George Mason University) Metaverse (Rcommended)
2023-04-13 April 13-Ernest Hancock interviews Phranq Tamburri; Josh Barnett; Liz Harris (MP3/4 uploaded shortly
2023-04-13 Several news organizations go silent on Twitter after Elon Musk adds 'government-funded media'
2023-04-12 When Does the Narrative Replace Reality? - Truth Stream Media - Aaron and Melissa Dykes
2023-04-11 Fiscal Insanity: The Government Borrows $6 Billion a Day, and We're Stuck with the Bill
2023-04-10 JP Morgan CEO Recommends Taking Private Land From Americans To Accelerate Green Energy Policies
2023-04-10 CDC Partners With 'Social And Behavior Change' Initiative To Silence Vaccine Hesitancy
2023-04-08 TX Bill to Create State-Issued Gold-Backed Digital Curr -- Launch Ready SpaceX Super Heavy Starship
2023-04-08 Get Out of The City & Grow Food!
2023-04-07 'President Kennedy'? --- April 7 - Jordan Page (New Song: Son of Man
2023-04-06 While Everyone's Distracted, the Dollar Is Dying
2023-04-05 Cancer Lives on Sugar AND...Something Else!!
2023-04-04 Worldcoin Launches World ID, an AI Resistant, Iris Dependant ID Protocol
2023-04-04 Will They Take Trump Down...Or Just Make Him Stronger? ~ Ron Paul
2023-04-03 End of the Dollar: India Uses Rupees Rather Than US Dollars for International Trade
2023-04-02 Where Do You See Yourself???
2023-04-01 A Letter to WEF
2023-03-31 China And Brazil Strike Deal To Ditch The US Dollar
2023-03-30 5 major banks raided by French authorities in €100 billion fraud probe
2023-03-29 A State of Never-Ending Crisis: The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria
2023-03-27 Informants Everywhere
2023-03-26 Global Happiness Has Been 'Remarkably Resilient' Over the Past Three Years: World Happiness
2023-03-25 Ep. 281 -- Who Are You Until You're Tested? - Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager
2023-03-24 March 24 - Tim Picciott (The Liberty Advisor) Economic & Market Conditions - MP3&4
2023-03-23 With Economic collapse right around the corner...What to do with your money?
2023-03-22 Why Homesteading? A Candid Chat About the Homestead Tsunami | Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms
2023-03-21 Circus Politics Are Intended to Distract Us. Don't Be Distracted
2023-03-20 Son of Man - Jordan Page
2023-03-19 Elon Musk says Trump will win by a LANDSLIDE in 2024 if Manhattan DA arrests him Tuesday
2023-03-18 Why Tucker's Footage Was Stopped
2023-03-17 March 17 - Ernest Hancock interviews Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) MP3&4
2023-03-16 Fifth Letter of Captain Marque - First Contact Protocol (ChatGPT predicted 2018)
2023-03-15 BREAKING: James O'Keefe Launches Brand New Venture After Getting Ousted From Project Veritas
2023-03-14 Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?
2023-03-14 Peacemaker China Makes History In Middle East
2023-03-13 FINANCIAL CONTAGION: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and USDC Drop Just The Beginning of the Financial
2023-03-12 For the sake of America, Ukraine, Russia, and the world... (Publisher Recommended)
2023-03-11 Tucker Carlson: This is the largest bank failure since 2008
2023-03-11 Dear Conservatives, I Apologize - by Naomi Wolf
2023-03-10 Explaining the Unexplainable
2023-03-09 I ask ChatGPT its Plans for World Domination. LOL
2023-03-08 The Right to Be Let Alone: When the Government Wants to Know All Your Business
2023-03-07 Blackstone to acquire for $4.7 billion
2023-03-06 Did You Consent to be Governed?
2023-03-05 461: ARIZONA CORRUPTION EXPOSED - Attorney John Thaler, Jacqueline Breger, Christine Reagan!
2023-03-05 Proposed legislation in Montana would ban vaccinated people from donating blood
2023-03-04 Warren Buffet Buys Pilot Truck Stops and Will Electrify Them
2023-03-03 US Cattle Inventory Sinks To Lowest Level Since 1962
2023-03-03 Why the First Amendment Is First
2023-03-02 Blackstone Defaults On $562MM CMBS As It Keeps Blocking Investor Withdrawals From $71BN REIT
2023-03-01 Zelensky: "The U.S. Will Have To Send Their Sons And Daughters" And "They Will Be Dyi
2023-02-28 Finding Your Lifestyle of Liberty - #SolutionsWatch
2023-02-27 Ernest Hancock/Bob Anderson - Corruption in AZ Explained - LIVE STREAM Mon Feb 27; 2:30 pm EST
2023-02-26 We Will All Be Trapped; Something Big Lurking Beneath the Surface Warns Mike Maloney
2023-02-25 Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at AZ Committee | 02-23-23 (Publisher RECOMMENDED!)
2023-02-24 Bill Introduced To Ban Fed From Issuing CBDC
2023-02-23 STUDY: Green vegetables block dioxin uptake
2023-02-22 Students Against Mandates - #SolutionsWatch
2023-02-22 Emergency services respond to uranium fire at Nat'l Nuclear Security Admin complex in Tennessee
2023-02-21 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of New Hampshire: An NBC10 Boston Original
2023-02-20 The REAL Dangers of the Chatbot Takeover
2023-02-19 War Certainly Is A Racket
2023-02-17 Interview 1787 - "Ohio Chernobyl" - #NewWorldNextWeek
2023-02-16 Generation Next isn't 'amassing' anywhere... (thoughts from 2012)
2023-02-15 Vaxxed YouTuber Who Complained of Pain After 1st Jab Now Suffering Chronic Fatigue...
2023-02-14 Whatever They Decide These UFOs Are, The Answer Will Be More US Militarism -
2023-02-13 Don't Let Balloons Distract You from the Global Economic Collapse
2023-02-12 EGG-RAGEOUS Costco shopper shares shockingly long line for eggs and tensions
2023-02-11 Interview 1785 - James Corbett on Deep State Health Control
2023-02-10 Fierce Backlash As Project Veritas Sidelines James O'Keefe After Pfizer Bombshells
2023-02-09 The challenge of uniting independent minds to shared goals
2023-02-08 Microsoft announces AI-powered Bing search and Edge browser
2023-02-06 Trench Warfare as Precursor to Peace, or a US Regime Change?
2023-02-05 44-year-old Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha in Coma After Pfizer COVID Shots... --
2023-02-04 Communist Doomsday Balloon Nonsense
2023-02-03 Wyoming Senate Votes to Hold, Invest, and Receive Tax Payments in Gold and Silver
2023-02-02 Canadian Government Forces Dairy Farmer to Dump 30,000 Liters of Milk... Exceeded Quota
2023-02-01 Feb 1: Ernest Hancock interviews Ron Paul (MP3&4); James Corbett tonight live @8pm EST
2023-02-01 Fundamentals of Voluntaryism -- The Philosophy of Liberty
2023-01-31 Jan 31: Ernest Hancock interviews Max Igan (The Crowhouse; Host of Surviving the Matrix)
2023-01-30 "BE CAREFUL! This Is Serious..." - Robert Kiyosaki's Last WARNING
2023-01-29 Certificate of Achievement for the Unvaccinated...
2023-01-28 A Wonderful "Dirty" Rock… Here's Why There Will be Increased Demand For Coal
2023-01-27 Jan 27: Ernest Hancock interviews Chris Horlacher ('Fighting the Five Eyes')
2023-01-26 Glenn Jacobs narrates Smedley Butler's 'War is a Racket'
2023-01-25 A Bit of Good News (Then more Fear Porn... buuut Freedom be'a Phoenix'n here soonest. FYI)
2023-01-24 Build your own Portable Poultry Coop!
2023-01-23 Retired Top FBI Counterintelligence Agent Who Led Trump-Russia Probe Is Arrested
2023-01-22 Don't Ask 'Who Will Build the Roads?' Ask 'Do We Even Want Roads?'
2023-01-21 Mike Rowe: Why do we take these billionaire elites seriously?
2023-01-21 Global South: Gold-backed currencies to replace the US dollar
2023-01-20 Tucker Carlson: Biden is done (Publisher Recommended)
2023-01-19 FAA admits pilot EKGs are no longer normal in the era of mandatory covid vaccines
2023-01-19 WEF On Disinformation: Top "Global Risk", "Most Existential Problem" Facing The
2023-01-18 Biden signs onto 'Declaration of North America (DNA)' with Canada and Mexico
2023-01-18 Jarvis vs Alexa/Siri
2023-01-17 First Schwab, then Soros, Now "50'' of Invitees to WEF Davos, CANCELED!!!!
2023-01-16 The Best Video On Climate Change That You Will Ever See
2023-01-16 Prediction Consensus: What The Experts See Coming In 2023
2023-01-15 British Protest 15-Minute Cities Where They Will Become Prisoners of the State
2023-01-14 Things That Will Absolutely, Definitely, No Doubt Happen in 2023
2023-01-13 Yielding to Your Time of Preparation
2023-01-12 Unvaccinated pilots wanted for WEF attendees
2023-01-11 House vote to deny IRS hiring 87K new agents causes internet uproar: 'Which side are you on?'
2023-01-10 The WEF's War on Rurality
2023-01-09 This 45-Minute Video Sums Up the Major Federal Crimes that Have Allowed...
2023-01-09 A 'Cover-Up of Evidence of Mass Murder': The CDC Appears to be Removing VAERS Records
2023-01-08 The PARALLEL ECONOMY is set to EXPLODE in 2023
2023-01-07 SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: January 8, 2023 Edition
2023-01-07 USDA Grants License for First-ever Vaccine for Bees...
2023-01-06 Here are the states with the longest life expectancy
2023-01-05 size="2">Los Angeles Cancels Rent and Will Create Foreclosures. Govt Will Buy Up the Houses
2023-01-04 Is There A Way To Stop Inflation Without Crushing The Economy And Killing The Dollar?
2023-01-03 Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, 24, 'has pulse but is not breathing on his own' after...
2023-01-03 Leading Anti-Covid Vaccine Lawyer Responds To NFL Players Cardiac Arrest Event During MNF
2023-01-01 The Veil Over Society Got Removed for a Moment - TruthStreamMedia
2022-12-31 Hohmann: New Lessons For Today In Mel Gibson's Iconic Portrayal Of 'The Patriot'
2022-12-30 Video: Massive overflow audience descends upon Kirk Cameron's reading...
2022-12-29 Doug Casey's #1 Speculation for 2023
2022-12-29 Doug Casey's #1 Speculation for 2023
2022-12-29 The Second Housing Bubble Of The 21st Century Is Over
2022-12-29 The Second Housing Bubble Of The 21st Century Is Over
2022-12-28 Christmas Grid Chaos And Blackouts Could Bring Light To Transportable Nuke Plants
2022-12-28 The FBI's Exposed Propaganda Partnership with Big Tech
2022-12-27 BBC News Predicted in 1968 Government Control All Information (Publisher Recommended)
2022-12-26 QR Code Required to Enter DC Whole Foods and May Be Used to Implement Social Credit System
2022-12-24 Amish Farmer Amos Miller Wins Battle in War for Food Freedom in US Appeals Court
2022-12-24 Merry Christmas & A New Year update
2022-12-22 Peter Schiff: The Private Sector Can Lead Us Back To A Gold Standard
2022-12-21 "There Is No Left & Right" - Austin Fitts Warns Corruption Out Of Control In "Spendin
2022-12-20 CBDCs | "Right After FTX's Collapse Every Major Bank In This Country Announced-
2022-12-20 Forget Oil. Now They Are Coming For The Cows
2022-12-19 BREAKING: Elon Musk to be replaced by Edward Snowden as Twitter CEO with a salary in Bitcoin
2022-12-18 Bob Marley biopic FIRST LOOK:
2022-12-17 XFILES and Tfiles and and
2022-12-16 'Ow This is gonna need stitches'...
2022-12-15 The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors
2022-12-14 Was Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested...To Shut Him Up?
2022-12-13 'Catastrophic Contagion': Bill Gates' New Pandemic Simulation...
2022-12-12 January 6th Trial UPDATE... or Ernest Goes to Washington
2022-12-11 You are being LIED to about inflation (here's the REAL cause)
2022-12-10 "There Is No Soft Landing" - RH CEO Warns Housing "Looks More Like A Crash-Landing
2022-12-09 Major Economic Contraction Coming In 2023... Followed By Even More Inflation
2022-12-08 Doug Casey on the Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization
2022-12-07 Nigeria Limits Cash Withdrawals to $45 per Day in CBDC, Digital Banking Push
2022-12-06 Big Tech and Government Censorship has Manuals... and Dr Shiva discovered them (OVER A YEAR AGO)
2022-12-06 Gold To $3000, UnBrexit, & National Meat Bans: Saxo Unveils 2023's 10 'Outrageous Prediction
2022-12-05 Top Hollywood stars say Hollywood executives are a den of parasites
2022-12-04 Winter in Central Europe and for the Dollar
2022-12-03 How to Save Your Skin, According to Bankman-Fried and Fauci
2022-12-02 I remember when Silver.... (Chart)
2022-12-01 Voting never brought freedom to anyone
2022-11-30 Nov 30: Ernest Hancock interviews James Corbett (The Corbett Report) MP3&4
2022-11-29 Disney Pushes 'We Love Satan' In New Family Christmas Movie
2022-11-29 Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy in 1/6 case
2022-11-29 Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy in 1/6 case
2022-11-28 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 'Suggest' Drugging Unvaccinated People
2022-11-27 The Great Gold Robbery Of 1933
2022-11-27 The Great Gold Robbery Of 1933
2022-11-27 The Great Gold Robbery Of 1933
2022-11-26 How a Sovereign State Bank and Bullion Depository Can Push Back against CBDC
2022-11-26 No Bank Account is Safe in 2023 (Traditional or Otherwise)
2022-11-25 he biggest threat to our financial freedom - CBDC
2022-11-23 Tucker Just Exposed The Pedo-Elite Live On The Air... (Publisher Recommended)
2022-11-22 Is The American Pendulum Swinging Back To Reason?
2022-11-21 Nov 22: Ernest Hancock interviews Derrick Broze (The Conscious Resistance; Freedom Cells)
2022-11-20 Nov 21: Ernest Hancock interviews Patrick Byrne (; The America Project)
2022-11-19 The "Great Reset" Must Fail --- The Sooner, The Better
2022-11-19 Elon Musk says Trump will be reinstated to Twitter after more than 15 million users voted in poll
2022-11-18 Interview 1766 - The Underpopulation Bomb - #NewWorldNextWeek
2022-11-18 Interview 1766 - The Underpopulation Bomb - #NewWorldNextWeek
2022-11-18 American Bar Association SCRAPS LSAT and standardized admissions tests...
2022-11-17 Stew Peters: Blackmailed Biden - Former CIA Officer BLOWS OPEN The TRUTH...
2022-11-17 G20 Declares Vaccine Passports Will Be Adopted For International Travel
2022-11-16 U.S. Consumers Are Doing EXACTLY What They Did Just Prior To The Crash Of 2008
2022-11-16 Reality of Love and it's Impact on Manifestation (PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED)
2022-11-15 Gas Car Bans May Impact Mom-And-Pop Gas Shops The Most
2022-11-15 Humans could face reproductive crisis as sperm count declines, study finds
2022-11-14 Exchange outflows hit historic highs as Bitcoin investors self-custody
2022-11-14 "FTX Isn't The Canary In The Coal-Mine, FTX Is The Coal-Mine... & It Just Collapsed"
2022-11-13 Love Your Servitude - Aldous Huxley & George Orwell (Publisher Recommended)
2022-11-13 In Maricopa, Reporters Denied Media Credentials Moved To 'Free Speech' Zone
2022-11-12 If Americans Have Lost Faith in the Election Process, Does the Outcome Really Mean Anything?
2022-11-11 Why the economy really sucks (blame Goldman Sachs)
2022-11-11 The Truth is Winning
2022-11-10 Where To Now, America?
2022-11-10 Is Katie Hobbs involved in the Arizona steal to make herself governor?
2022-11-09 Doug Casey on the World Economic Forum's Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next
2022-11-08 Tabulators down in Maricopa County Arizona
2022-11-08 ATTENTION POLL WORKERS - Are you witnessing fraud?
2022-11-07 Alex Jones and vindicated Dr. Peter McCullough - gloves off; exposes who's really behind Covid-19
2022-11-07 "The Last Hurrah of Patrick Byrne" at ReAwaken, Branson Missouri
2022-11-06 National Guard to Activate Cybersecurity Teams to Help with Midterm Elections in 14 States
2022-11-05 YOU NEED to grow MORE food next year...(DO THIS RIGHT NOW!)
2022-11-04 Lawsuit to Stop Retaliation by Medical Specialty Boards Filed by AAPS Educational Foundation
2022-11-04 Dollar General and Family Dollar Are Closing Stores, Starting Dec. 3
2022-11-04 What Is Left of My Country?
2022-11-03 If You Want Forgiveness, Emily, Here's Your Program
2022-11-02 Kari Lake: Why I Quit My Job as a News Anchor
2022-11-02 US Company Secretly Gave You A Covid Lockdown Violation Score
2022-11-01 Tues Nov 1 - Ernest Hancock & Marc Victor Interview 7 pm EST
2022-11-01 Nov 1 Interviews with Ernest Hancock - Marc Victor (Live and Let Live) MP3
2022-10-31 CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People-Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
2022-10-31 Dr. Peter McCullough Is Being Progressively Stripped of His Medical Credentials
2022-10-30 Top 10 Beginner Mistakes When Building a DIY Solar System
2022-10-30 Died Suddenly (Trailer) -- What Is Elon Musk's X App?
2022-10-28 What Do We Do When the Government is Lawless?
2022-10-28 The Big Blackrock Bubble Will Burst
2022-10-27 CRISPR Gone Wild: Fake Meat To Designer Babies
2022-10-27 We are officially in an oil war (USA vs OPEC)
2022-10-26 Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm On 'Devastating' Consequences Of Pentagon's Vaccine
2022-10-26 As Physical Silver Demand Soars, Bullion Dealers Offer Huge Buy-Back Premiums
2022-10-25 Here are the states rejecting mandatory COVID shots for kids
2022-10-25 "Progressive" Democrats Formally Retract Call For Diplomacy As Ukraine War Hawks Steamroll
2022-10-24 Oct 24 Interviews with Ernest Hancock - Karen Kwiatkowski (MP3&4)
2022-10-23 Former China President Abruptly Escorted From Party Congress
2022-10-22 The US Government Sees Silicon Valley As Part Of Its Propaganda Machine
2022-10-21 Biden Admin Reportedly Unaware Of "National Security Review" Of Musk Ventures
2022-10-21 A great financial reset is happening NOW (new gold standard)
2022-10-20 CDC Votes To Add COVID-19 Vaccines To Childhood Immunization Schedule
2022-10-20 OFF THE RECORD: Here's what intel sources tell me is actually about to happen
2022-10-19 Synagogue of Satan: Why It's Time to Leave the Corporate Christian Church
2022-10-19 Weeks Away from Whole Sh#!house Coming Down - Bill Holter
2022-10-18 FREE DOCUMENTARY SCREENING: The Real Anthony Fauci
2022-10-18 Comcast wanted $210,000 for Internet--so this man helped expand a co-op fiber ISP
2022-10-17 The Economic Truth Report Episode 18: Are We Facing a Global Currency Reset?
2022-10-17 Marc Victor (L) Already Won Arizona US Senate Election
2022-10-16 Macron and "most MPs are not vaccinated," reveals former French presidential candidate
2022-10-15 IT WAS ALL STAGED!
2022-10-14 Best Places To Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse In The US
2022-10-14 The new world reserve currency (will KILL the US dollar) - BRICS
2022-10-13 Aussies outraged after bank outage: 'Please explain
2022-10-13 Tucker Carlson Fox Nation special 'The End of Men' explores science behind testosterone...
2022-10-12 Do Not Help The Govt Steal From You! Preppers, Remember The U.S. Government...
2022-10-12 Congress eyeing 'NOPEC' bill to take on Saudi Arabia
2022-10-11 U.S. Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill as Inflation Spirals Out of Control
2022-10-10 The Solution Series: Equip Yourself with Grid-Down Comms with John Jacob Schmidt
2022-10-10 Peter Schiff: You'll Need Gold When the Fed Loses This Inflation Fight
2022-10-10 Tuesday October 11 Interviews with Ernest Hancock: Alessandro Fusillo; Doug Casey -
2022-10-09 Three Ways to Fix America
2022-10-08 Large Explosion Destroys Part Of Key Bridge Linking Russia To Crimea
2022-10-07 It's HERE: the financial crash of a generation (has already begun)
2022-10-07 The 'Bail-In' - How The Banks Are Plotting To Steal Your Money
2022-10-06 2022-10-05 -- Dr Judy Mikovits (MP3&4) -- October 6: Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report)
2022-10-06 'The Government Has Destroyed Medicine' - With Special Guest Del Bigtree
2022-10-05 Full Press Conference! Alex Jones To Boycott Sandy Hook Show Trail
2022-10-05 Above Phone Partners with Presearch on Secure, Private Phone
2022-10-04 Mercola Website Shutdown -- Why You May Be Next
2022-10-04 Ukraine Tells EU Delays in Delivering Billions in Aid 'Not Acceptable'
2022-10-03 Americans Suffer from Natural and Government-Created Disasters -
2022-10-01 What If They Threw a Pandemic & Nobody Came?
2022-09-30 Globalist Deep State Behind Nordstream 2 Pipeline Attack: Geopolitical Expert Joel Skousen
2022-09-30 Why are Chinese police operating in Canada, while our own government and security services
2022-09-29 Sit Update, Sep 28 - All signs of Nord Stream pipeline SABOTAGE lead back to ruthless Biden regime
2022-09-29 September 29: Ernest Hancock interviews Dr Phranq Tamburri (The Trump Report) MP3&4
2022-09-28 Giorgia Meloni, Italy: "without roots and an identity you are a slave …. The perfect consumer''
2022-09-28 Ernest Hancock & James Corbett (The Corbett Report)
2022-09-27 New Jersey Transit Buses Carrying NUCLEAR ATTACK Instructions!
2022-09-27 Baltic Pipeline Starting to Flow Gas this Month... Nord Stream Pipelines Are Competition.
2022-09-26 This Thanksgiving, Supplies Of Turkey, Eggs And Butter Will Be Extremely Tight In The United States
2022-09-26 Will Italy's Election Foreshadow US Midterms?
2022-09-25 World's Silver Stockpile GONE IN 5 MONTHS! | Economic Update
2022-09-24 Australia's central bank has equity wiped out by billions in bond losses
2022-09-23 Spawn Of DARPA: ARPA-H Is Fast Track To Digital Dictatorship
2022-09-23 Want to Make It Through Hard Times in One Piece? Focus on Your Family
2022-09-23 September 23: Ernest Hancock interviews G Edward Griffin (Red Pill Expo) (MP3/MP4)
2022-09-22 WEF claims that "billions" who obeyed lockdowns/mask mandates will also comply
2022-09-21 Biden Signs "Death Warrant" for US Dollar
2022-09-21 Biden Transhumanist Exec Order: 'We Need to Program Biology' Like We 'Program Computers'
2022-09-20 Ernest Hancock's Subpoena from FBI regarding January 6th...
2022-09-20 China Files Formal Complaint After Biden THREATENS To Defend Taiwan With Military Force
2022-09-19 Why Are Walmart And Other Major U.S. Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars...
2022-09-19 Hang On, Covid Came From WHAT?
2022-09-18 How the Royal Family secretly owns the world
2022-09-17 London Silver Inventories Continue To Plummet As Metal Exits LBMA Vaults
2022-09-16 We're Going Into Worldwide Recession, FedEx CEO Warns "Numbers Don't Portend Very Well
2022-09-16 Overthrow the Government: All the Ways in Which Our Rights Have Been Usurped
2022-09-15 Maricopa Voter Roll Analysis Surfaces Irrefutable Proof of Criminal Activity
2022-09-15 April's Arizona Bucket List: Desert Domes
2022-09-14 Fauci's direct line to Zuck proves Facebook COVID censorship was all about power, not public hea
2022-09-14 Durham: The FBI Had Danchenko on Payroll as An Informant During the Russian Collusion Investigation
2022-09-13 USDA Opens People's Garden Initiative to Gardens Nationwide
2022-09-13 FDA Refuses To Provide Key COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Analyses
2022-09-12 Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2021 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined
2022-09-12 Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation...
2022-09-10 The Monetary System Will Be Reformed, And Gold Will Be Called Upon
2022-09-10 And Just Like That, POOF! COVID-19 Is No Longer A Threat, Says CDC - Making Iron From Creek Sand
2022-09-09 American Education Is the Most Powerful Anti-American Force in the World
2022-09-09 Putin's 12,000 Tonne Gold Hoard Sets The Stage For Asian Bretton Woods...
2022-09-08 Queen Elizabeth II, Longest Reigning Monarch, Dead at 96
2022-09-07 The US Economy Is Still Being Artificially Supported By Trillions In COVID Stimulus
2022-09-07 'Goodnight Moon': 75 years in the great green room
2022-09-07 Explanation of the 'Great Reset' and Strategies to How to Survive It
2022-09-06 The Federal Reserve Wants You Fired
2022-09-05 YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it's WAY Worse Than You Think
2022-09-04 It'll Be A New Market After Labor Day
2022-09-03 EPISODE 283: A NEW HOPE --- Trump speaks at rally for Dr Oz in Pennsylvania
2022-09-02 The Anger Games, Tucker Carlson Outlines the Hatred of Biden Toward a Nation He Divides
2022-09-02 The Internet's Best Response To Biden's Insane Speech
2022-09-01 Shock finding: past climate change helps forests cope with present climate change
2022-09-01 Support for a fellow Freedom's Phoenix patriot (Dr Tamburri)
2022-08-31 Studies attest to Quercetin's ability to kill cancer cells
2022-08-31 Digital Dollars (CBDC). Brace Yourself! It's Coming!
2022-08-30 The American Kleptocracy: A Government of Liars, Thieves and Lawbreakers
2022-08-30 #258: Where Did All The People Go?
2022-08-29 The Solution Series: Mental and Physical Preparedness with John Cain Carter
2022-08-29 Brian Stelter Arrested --- Moderna Sues BioNTech/Pfizer
2022-08-28 'Zero hour' for Artemis 1: NASA's most powerful rocket to launch risky moon mission test
2022-08-27 Who Are The Power Elite? | Grand Theft World Extras 093
2022-08-26 U.S. Now Pulling Guns/Ammo from ACTIVE DUTY Units to Send to Ukraine!
2022-08-26 Past time for half measures -- SpaceX + T-Mobile Update
2022-08-25 The Solution - Martin Armstrong outlines his solution to the madness going on in Washington
2022-08-25 China's ghost cities are killing its economy (total housing collapse)
2022-08-24 Corbett Pirate Streams - #SolutionsWatch
2022-08-24 "Tsunami Of Shutoffs": 20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills
2022-08-23 "No Man Left Behind" - US Team of Veterans Rescued 17,000 US Legal Permanent...
2022-08-23 Grand Theft World Podcast 094 | The Fauci Effect - #OccupyTheLand Geodisic Domes project...
2022-08-22 Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars
2022-08-22 Getting ready for a economic collapse...The fun and enjoyable part of getting ready for it
2022-08-21 Fully Vaccinated Mike Tyson, says he was beaten into submission taking covid vaccine...
2022-08-20 The Epstein Network, the Mafia, & One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb
2022-08-19 The System Is Causing Food Crisis, Not the War
2022-08-19 How To Tame a Bureaucracy? Get Rid of It
2022-08-18 You can now trade in your GUNS for FOOD;
2022-08-18 Here Is Why 37 Percent Of U.S. Farmers In The Western Half Of The Country...
2022-08-17 White House silent on when 'Inflation Reduction' will reduce inflation
2022-08-17 New White Paper Addresses "potential harm that AI can do"
2022-08-17 New White Paper Addresses "potential harm that AI can do"
2022-08-16 "Cash Free" Central Bank Digital Currency Roll Out Coming In December?
2022-08-16 The Return of The Adults
2022-08-15 WEF's "Global Intelligence Collecting AI" to Erase Ideas from the Internet
2022-08-15 The Hancock's (and others) pay tribute to Michael Badnarik
2022-08-14 Government Itself is Immoral
2022-08-13 A Test For Seeing If You Will Give Up Your Guns
2022-08-13 We are divided and racing to a conflict that we can't solve ourselves. Politicians are clueless
2022-08-12 "Beyond Chilling" -- Homeland Security Seeks to Share Biometric Databanks w/ foreign countries
2022-08-12 Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist
2022-08-11 The IRS Goes Away Under NESARA Law -- Trump fundraising shatters records after FBI raid
2022-08-11 Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS...
2022-08-10 Yes. Big Tech is Building SKYNET. AI Machine Learning -
2022-08-10 'Sever all ties': Lawmaker urges state to arrest FBI agents 'upon sight'
2022-08-09 "Before You Inject Your Child" - Dr. Malone Warns All Parents to Steer Their Kids Away...
2022-08-09 Cannibals and Cabals. Different Strokes For Different Folks
2022-08-08 NASA admits climate change occurs because of changes in Earth's solar orbit...
2022-08-08 The End Game for Silver Shenanigans…
2022-08-07 Why Are No Conservatives Talking About This?! (Operation Mockingbird)
2022-08-06 August 6th: Ernest Hancock LIVE from Jackalope Freedom Festival (MP3&4)
2022-08-05 The Loneliness of Ron Paul: By the Numbers, 1975-1985
2022-08-05 World Council For Health Calls for Immediate Recall of All COVID-19 Vaccines
2022-08-04 The Trap - And How To Escape - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast
2022-08-04 Biden Regime Frustrated as Parents Refuse to Sacrifice Their Children to Covid Vaccine Industry
2022-08-03 Ammo Companies Say Packages Shipped With UPS Mysteriously Go "Missing"
2022-08-03 BBC Documentary: Unvaccinated
2022-08-03 Davos Elite to "Fundamentally Change the Way Food Is Produced and Consumed"
2022-08-02 Lying About The Economy Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse
2022-08-01 The Wholesale Silver Market Was Just Cleared Out By One Single Buyer
2022-08-01 Mexicans FURIOUS That Americans Are Invading Their Country...
2022-08-01 Cartoon Man of Future George Jetson Is Born Today
2022-07-30 How We Destroy the Colorado River
2022-07-29 Pelosi Taiwan visit: region 'tense' as Chinese navy watches US warships...
2022-07-29 Joe Reviews TikTok's Crazy Terms of Service
2022-07-28 Guess Who Bought-Up Ukraine Farmland Since 2014 Coup?
2022-07-28 China Issuing The Same "Red Line" Warnings About Taiwan That Russia Issued About Ukraine
2022-07-27 "I have decided. . ."
2022-07-27 A Storm Of Indicators Show The US Consumer Is Tapped Out
2022-07-26 Is Eating Bugs Really About Saving the Planet?
2022-07-26 Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 23, 2022, #363
2022-07-25 Putin Drops 2 Minutes Of Truth About America & Ukraine
2022-07-25 Interview with Gideon - Oculum Labs
2022-07-24 We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now by James Corbett -- NEW BRICS WORLD ORDER!
2022-07-23 U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next?
2022-07-23 Canadian Pastor Gets "Total" Win In Court
2022-07-22 Blackstone Prepares A Record $50 Billion To Snap Up Real Estate During The Coming Crash
2022-07-21 When Venezuela Starved, Fruit Helped Keep Us Alive
2022-07-21 Watch: Dems Openly Admit Gun Control Bill Will Confiscate Firearms In "Common Use"
2022-07-20 Ivana Double-Vaxxed Days Before Death
2022-07-20 Why Global Warming Is Good for us
2022-07-19 FIERY BLAST Hoover Dam explosion captured in terrifying video in Nevada...
2022-07-18 Nations that embrace green energy delusion will COLLAPSE and DIE
2022-07-18 '90 percent bots': Billionaire Elon Musk puts his purchase of Twitter on hold...
2022-07-17 We're All Dutch Farmers Now by James Corbett (Publisher Recommended)
2022-07-16 The Day the Silver Market Broke
2022-07-16 "We Are Not Slaves": Farmers In Italy, Spain, & Poland Join Dutch Protests
2022-07-15 The Hidden Agenda Behind the New York Times' Desperate Puff Piece on Ray Epps
2022-07-15 SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: July 17, 2022 Edition
2022-07-14 Amazon Admits It Handed Ring Doorbell Videos to Police Without Owners' Consent
2022-07-13 Psychedelics - Did You Know THIS?!
2022-07-13 Dismantling the Constitution: Police No Longer Have to Honor the Right to Remain Silent
2022-07-12 Apple AirTags are being used by predators to track people at Disney parks
2022-07-12 Episode 420 - Mass Media: A History 07-12-2022
2022-07-12 Episode 420 - Mass Media: A History - James Corbett
2022-07-11 Hunter Biden's iCloud and iPhone Allegedly Hacked by 4Chan, Videos and Photos Go Viral
2022-07-11 Home Schooling WILL WIN The Culture War For Conservatives
2022-07-10 01-21-20 -- Ron Gibson LIVE PODCAST = Land Patents (Publisher Recommended)
2022-07-09 World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework
2022-07-09 Railroad force majeure declarations were about halting animal feed shipments...
2022-07-08 Shinzo Abe, 67, Japan's former PM has been shot dead while campaigning
2022-07-07 Land Rush - FREE land to Vetted Liberty Community People [PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED]
2022-07-07 THIS is what was so amazing about Porcfest… (video)
2022-07-06 Scott Ritter: 'Two-Front War: Biden's Mouth is Writing Checks the US Military Can't Cash
2022-07-06 Scott Ritter: 'Two-Front War: Biden's Mouth is Writing Checks the US Military Can't Cash
2022-07-06 Yikes! Nancy Pelosi Flashes Major Cleavage at Italian Beach Resort Owned by Andrea Bocelli
2022-07-05 Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars Like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of Their Fans?
2022-07-05 'We Have Entered The Last Stage of Tyranny' - Dr. Naomi Wolf -
2022-07-04 REAL MEN REAL SACRIFICE ---- Is Saudi Arabia In Discussion To Join BRICS?
2022-07-03 PETER HITCHENS: Is there no way to stop the secret brainwashing of the next generation?
2022-07-02 On-site Hydrogen Production with Integrated Membrane Reactor...
2022-07-02 On-site Hydrogen Production with Integrated Membrane Reactor...
2022-07-01 Jordan Peterson Signs With The Daily Wire, Major Victory For Conservative Media
2022-06-30 Freedom's Only Chance Is to Eliminate Constitution Worship...
2022-06-30 Declare Your Independence from Tyranny, America
2022-06-30 Churches Across US Build Tiny-Home Villages Amid Worsening Affordability Crisis
2022-06-29 Democrats demand "abortion tents" in national parks to mass murder American babies...
2022-06-28 Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have Right To Water, Should Be Privatized
2022-06-27 GOP Congresswoman Livid After Pelosi Elbow-Checks Daughter At Ceremony
2022-06-27 George Soros Stooge Announces Plan For Them To Shut Down Fox News Forever
2022-06-26 The Pentagon Announces It Will Refuse to Follow Any State Laws Restricting Abortion Access
2022-06-25 Pfizer And Moderna Ask FDA To NOT TEST All Future Covid Jabs!
2022-06-24 Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade; Capitol Police Don Riot Gear -
2022-06-24 EPISODE 273: SACRIFICING SCIENCE - Del Bigtree - The Highwire
2022-06-23 A Warning About The Coming Shortages Of Diesel Fuel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid And Diesel Engine Oil
2022-06-23 Which Carmakers go Bankrupt First with the Death of ICE Cars?
2022-06-22 Libertarian PBS
2022-06-22 Situation Update, June 22, 2022 - Diesel engine oil OUTAGE ALERT...
2022-06-21 "Night Of Rage" Flyers Spotted In DC Ahead Of Roe v. Wade Decision
2022-06-21 REPORT: Video Shows Uvalde Police Never Tried To Open Classroom Door Where Shooter Was
2022-06-20 Filmmaker Mikki Willis interviews Psychiatrist Dr Mark McDonald: Take your children out of school
2022-06-20 This is Not a "Recession" - This is a Total Collapse of the Financial System to Bail Out
2022-06-20 June 21: Ernest interviews Crosby Peck, Carla Gericke, LIVE from Porcfest 2022 (Lancaster, NH)
2022-06-18 U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Looming Food Shortages-
2022-06-17 President Andrew Jackson and an Outrageous Crime Inflicted on the Next Generation
2022-06-17 Is it wrong to hope for a collapse? A collapse might be the only way to fix it, but it is risky
2022-06-16 Start of my expanded off grid water system....Have to finish it before SHTF
2022-06-15 WATCH: Microscopic Video Proves COVID Vax Contains Nanoparticles That
2022-06-15 Red Flagged Nation: Gun Confiscation Laws Put a Target on the Back of Every American
2022-06-15 FOC Show: Smart Cities. Evil People. With Mel K | Flyover Conservatives
2022-06-13 Bitcoin, crypto coins plummet in intensifying selloff
2022-06-13 EXCLUSIVE: From His Prison Cell Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Tells REAL...
2022-06-12 Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed
2022-06-12 Visualizing The Global Decline Of Fertility Rates
2022-06-11 BOMBSHELL: Pfizer's own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines...
2022-06-10 June 10: Ernest interviews Benny Wills (Actor, Poet, Presenter) on Meme Monday (MP3&4)
2022-06-10 US Farmer Sentiment Dives As Ag Input-Costs Skyrocket
2022-06-09 What Are the Prospects for Peace?
2022-06-09 Naomi Wolf: "A Pfizer document reveals between 82-97% of pregnant women lost their babies.
2022-06-09 Rethinking the Second Amendment by Dr Naomi Wolf
2022-06-09 Rethinking the Second Amendment - Dr Naomi Wolf
2022-06-08 Everything Is a Weapon: The U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare on the Nation
2022-06-07 The Last Stage Of Tyrannical Technocrat Takeover
2022-06-06 June 6: Ernest interviews Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast)
2022-06-06 Rapid Cultural Decline and What Comes Next -- by Doug Casey
2022-06-05 Breaking: Vaccine Side Effect Victims Flooding Hospitals at Alarming Rates!
2022-06-05 BOMBSHELL: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Plan to Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses
2022-06-05 Austrian Monetary Gold Transfer From London To Switzerland, Planned In 2015, Still Hasn't Arrived
2022-06-03 Recent Events Only Reinforce Our Need For Gun Rights And Community Militias
2022-06-03 EPISODE 270: ACTS OF MALICE
2022-06-02 June 2: Ernest interviews Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report) MP3&4
2022-06-02 Putin to Trump: "Save Your Country Now, Before It's Too Late"
2022-06-01 America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President's Secret, Unchecked Powers
2022-06-01 Case-Shiller Home Prices Reach New Record High, But This is Rear View Mirror Look
2022-05-31 2022-05-13 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Tone Vays on Bitcoin (MP3&4)
2022-05-31 "Accidental Fires" Continue To Happen At Food Processing Facilities All Over USA
2022-05-30 Pro-Freedom NH Family Under Attack By DCYF
2022-05-30 "Only Criminals Are Gonna Have Guns": Joe Rogan Warns Against Confiscation
2022-05-29 Mark My Words...THIS is Coming in 2022 - It's Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare
2022-05-28 All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said They Were Vaccinated
2022-05-27 If Real Freedom Is Sought, the Government and Banking System Must Be Abolished?
2022-05-27 Pay With Face: Mastercard Rolls Out Global Biometric Payment System
2022-05-26 Gun Rights Are More Important Than False Security And Appeasing Leftists
2022-05-26 Peter Schiff: It's Not Putin, Or The Pandemic...It's The Fed!
2022-05-25 IKEA Will Start Selling Solar Panels in Some U.S. Stores This Fall
2022-05-24 CDC Now Recommends COVID Testing For All Domestic Air Travel, Including The Vaccinated
2022-05-24 Monkeypox: 'Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me'
2022-05-23 "Freedom of Speech" Award from TALKERS Magazine for 2022 Goes to FTL's Ian Freeman
2022-05-22 America's Appetite For Guns Has Soared Since Dot-Com Bubble
2022-05-21 Doug Casey's Take [ep.#189] Sri Lanka - An economic collapse that will spread
2022-05-20 Connecticut teen, 18, and his grandfather, 64, are arrested for 'running ghost gun operation...
2022-05-20 WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting As MonkeyPox Virus Goes Global
2022-05-20 Biden-Backed W.H.O. Treaty Amendment Would Yield United States Public Health Powers to U.N.
2022-05-19 May 19: Ernest interviews John Brakey; Dr Phranq Tamburri and Etienne de la Boetie2
2022-05-18 Prophetic Bill Gates Invests In Lab-Produced Breast Milk as Vaxxed Mothers' Babies Fail to thrive
2022-05-18 May 18: Ernest interviews James Corbett for the #solutions podcast (MP3&4)
2022-05-17 Twitter Senior Engineer Talks Elon Musk Takeover in NEW Undercover Video:
2022-05-17 Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time & Losing His Sustainable Farm For Processing His Own Meat
2022-05-16 Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos and Branson Funding Company Creating Lab-Grown Breast Milk
2022-05-15 The WHO Treaty... What It Really Means
2022-05-15 House Panel To Hold First Public Hearing On UFOs In Decades
2022-05-14 Did Joe Rogan FINALLY say what we're all thinking about January 6th and the FBI?
2022-05-13 'We Are At War': Naomi Wolf Breaks Down The WHO's Plan To Seize Power
2022-05-13 2000 MULES - FULL DOCUMENTARY
2022-05-12 What Is DARPA Planning With The WEF?
2022-05-12 We Found All the Baby Formula . . . Biden Admin Sent it all to Southern Border...
2022-05-12 Active Feeds: Feeds with episodes hosted on the IPFS network
2022-05-11 GoFundMe Shuts Down Fundraiser for 8-Year-Old Suspected Vaccine Injury Victim
2022-05-10 All of the 'Secret Handshake' People/Groups are to Blame.
2022-05-09 How to Control Your Soul's Desire for Freedom
2022-05-09 George Soros Operative Appointed As Biden's Ministry of Truth Co-Chair
2022-05-08 Mike Rowe Says Truckers "Aren't Buying Putin Price Hike" Spin As Diesel Hits New High
2022-05-08 Hyundai is actually building those wild unstoppable 4x4s on robot legs
2022-05-06 Video: UN, WEF to Accelerate Agenda 2030 As Great Awakening Threatens Globalism
2022-05-06 Nomura: "I'm Talking Full-Blown, Game Of Thrones 'Red Wedding'-Style Liquidation
2022-05-05 AZ man released while he awaits trial on charges of seditious conspiracy in the U.S. Capitol riot
2022-05-05 May 5: Ernest interviews Dr Phranq Tamburri for the Trump Report
2022-05-04 Author of "Unintended Consequences" - John Ross Died
2022-05-03 Hundreds of US Cities Composting Their Food Waste Gives Farmers A+ Soil and Cuts Tons of Emissions
2022-05-03 Adding Bees to the Homestead with Sam of Scrubland Farmz
2022-05-02 Mike Rowe: The reality is starting to sink in
2022-05-01 The Insanity of Stupid People in Power Pushing for War ?" Rejecting Peace
2022-05-01 May 1: Ernest interviews Patrick Smith, Derrick Broze, John Bush LIVE from FloteFest 2022 - MP3&4
2022-04-29 After Backlash, Google Turns Off 'Newspeak' Correction Tool (For Now)
2022-04-28 Fort Worth is the first city in the U.S. to mine bitcoin, and will run mining rigs out of city hall
2022-04-27 Four European Buyers Fold To Russian Demands, Pay For Gas In Rubles...
2022-04-26 How Much Land Do You Need To Be Self-Sustaining?
2022-04-26 Christianity And Religion Are Becoming More Popular Among Former Liberals
2022-04-25 A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities...
2022-04-25 Glenn Jacobs narrates Smedley Butler's 'War is a Racket'
2022-04-24 April 24: Ernest interviews Mike Swatek on Aircrete Dome Construction (MP3&4)
2022-04-23 #558: Pirates Without Borders With Ernest Hancock Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli
2022-04-22 More young people saying NO to 'toxic' and 'obsessive' social networks
2022-04-22 Israel Dumps The Dollar For China's Renminbi
2022-04-21 On the Digital Wall, Part II
2022-04-20 Oil From Biden's Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe
2022-04-20 Elon Musk's Threat to the "Current Thing" Monoculture
2022-04-19 Cannabis And Pancreatic Cancer: Botanical Drug Kills 100% Of Cancer Cells
2022-04-19 Fire destroys Azure Standard Headquarters Facility
2022-04-18 Associated Press: Homeschooling Rate Remains High, Despite School Reopenings
2022-04-18 Letters of support for Ed Vallejo
2022-04-17 Make Water Safe Again: Master Prepper Weighs In On Water Purification
2022-04-16 The World Health Organization is Building a Global Vaccine Passport
2022-04-16 Financial Rebellion with Catherine Austin Fitts, Corey Lynn, Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommey
2022-04-15 Basic Solutions To Our Economic Problems That Establishment Elites Won't Allow
2022-04-14 Google WhistleBlower: Zach Vorhies - Video News Aggregator ''Blast.Video"
2022-04-13 The West Needs WWIII - Martin Armstrong
2022-04-13 Americans Are "In Charge" Of The War Says French Journalist Who Returned From Ukraine
2022-04-12 The Trust Game - Episode 8: "Gambling with Other People's Money"
2022-04-12 Episode 332 - The Weaponization of Social Media - James Corbett
2022-04-12 The Pandemic-Driven Second-Home Boom Is Coming To An End
2022-04-11 VIDEO: "First Strike" Demonstrates How the United States LOSES if the Ukraine War erupts
2022-04-10 Kamala Harris Said WHAT????! (Publisher Recommended)
2022-04-09 PIRATE BOX - DeCentralized Communication
2022-04-09 REVEALED: Disney Was Sending Kids To Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' For 'Snorkeling
2022-04-08 Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit - #NewWorldNextWeek
2022-04-08 SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: April 10, 2022 Edition
2022-04-07 You Can Grow Food: the Solution to Upcoming Food Shortages
2022-04-06 Tucker: Democrats have decided to replace Biden
2022-04-05 Dollar is collapsing you better know how to barter...I traded eggs for clothes
2022-04-05 Elon Musk Appointed To Twitter Board Of Directors; Vows To Make "Significant Improvements"
2022-04-04 EV Charging Answer: Quantum Technology Will Cut Time it Takes to Charge Electric Cars
2022-04-04 20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core
2022-04-03 2+2=5 | Two & Two - [MUST SEE] Nominated as Best Short Film, Bafta Film Awards, 2012
2022-04-02 Keep Them Docile With Drugs & Video Games
2022-04-01 Global Chaos, Soaring Commodity Prices, and What Happens Next
2022-04-01 What Is The "Great Reset" And What Do The Globalists Actually Want?
2022-03-31 FBI Cyber Chief SPEECHLESS - Rep. Matt Gaetz enters Hunter's Laptop Data - Congressional Record
2022-03-31 China building Communist Party training school in Metaverse - says other VR is boring
2022-03-30 The Exodus From US Cities Is Gaining Speed, New Census Data Show
2022-03-30 FEC Fines Hillary Clinton, DNC Over Steele Dossier Hoax
2022-03-30 Feds Prepare To Make 'Disclosure' About Ray Epps, Court Docs Say
2022-03-29 What Did People Feed Their Chickens Before Commercial Chicken Feed?
2022-03-28 Will Smith SLAPS Chris Rock at Oscars 2022
2022-03-28 Sending Your Family to Safety or Fleeing: When Is It Time to Leave?
2022-03-27 First Mars, now free speech! Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints he might launch his own social media
2022-03-27 Blackstone Gives Up On One Of Its Midtown Manhattan Office Buildings, Hands Keys To Lender
2022-03-25 Trump Sues Hillary Clinton
2022-03-25 Welcome to the Free Private Cities Foundation
2022-03-24 We've Officially Run Out of Silver
2022-03-24 Will Russia Backstop The Ruble With Gold?
2022-03-23 US To Bring Back Pirates To Seize Russian Yachts
2022-03-23 Jeremy's Razors: The Greatest Commercial Ever
2022-03-23 March 23: Ernest Hancock and James Corbett - The Liquidation of Government Debt - via IMF
2022-03-22 Military Doctor Testifies in Court
2022-03-21 Dirt Cheap 24V Preassembled LiFePO4 Battery: Beginner Friendly Tutorial!
2022-03-20 Former BlackRock advisor says Pfizer colluded with FDA
2022-03-20 Former BlackRock advisor says Pfizer colluded with FDA
2022-03-19 It's Not Okay For Grown Adults To Think This Way About Ukraine1
2022-03-18 Escobar: Say Hello To Russian-Gold And Chinese-Petroyuan
2022-03-17 With New EO, Biden Is Probing How To Terminate Fiat Currency, Implement Digital Money
2022-03-16 Energy Traders Ask For Central Bank Bailouts To Save Them From "Margin Call Doom Loop''
2022-03-16 March 16: Ernest Hancock interviews James Corbett (Corbett Report)
2022-03-15 Petrodollar Cracks: Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan For Chinese Oil Sales
2022-03-15 10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset
2022-03-14 Ukraine, Russian Negotiators Say "Significant Progress" Made In Ceasefire Talks,
2022-03-14 Fed's QE Is Over (Until It Comes Back...)
2022-03-14 Meanwhile In China, All Hell Is Breaking Loose
2022-03-13 Jim Rogers Issues Warning: U.S. Dollar Being Used as "Instrument of War," It's the End
2022-03-12 Jim Rogers Issues Warning: U.S. Dollar Being Used as "Instrument of War," It's the End
2022-03-11 They bought a Caribbean island to start their own country
2022-03-11 The Trust Game: Episode 4 - "Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed''
2022-03-10 'These People Are Trying to Destroy Our Country' - UFC Fighter Blasts -- THE LONELY REVOLUTIONARY
2022-03-10 'These People Are Trying to Destroy Our Country' - UFC Fighter Blasts... -- THE LONELY REVOLUTIONARY
2022-03-09 2022-02-24 -- Ernest Hancock and Bob Anderson (MP3&4)
2022-03-08 Something We Can All Agree On
2022-03-08 Instead of Admitting Mask Mandates Harm Kids, CDC Lowers Expectations for Speech Development
2022-03-07 Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World? (Publisher Recommended)
2022-03-07 Peoples Convoy 3/7/22 live stream -- Americans have no obligation to sacrifice for Ukraine
2022-03-07 Tucker: We are at war with Russia (PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED)
2022-03-06 How Political Protesters Can Defeat LRAD Energy Beam Weapons - Microwave & Accoustic
2022-03-05 I'm not "Brave";You're Just a P---y.
2022-03-05 Couple Who Live In Self-Built 'Clay' Home Haven't Had To Pay Any Bills For Over 10 Years
2022-03-04 Spotify Purges Dissident Voices In Latest Censorship Escalation
2022-03-04 The Overton Window Is Being Shoved Toward Warmongering Extremism
2022-03-03 T-Mobile Just Admitted They Are Openly Censoring Conservative's Text Messages!
2022-03-02 March 2: Ernest Hancock and Rob Braxman (De-Googled Phones) MP3 & MP4
2022-03-02 March 2: Ernest Hancock and James Corbett on Protesting - Rob Braxman is DeGoogled (MP3 & MP4)
2022-03-01 Ukrainian MP -- "We Are Fighting for the New World Order"
2022-03-01 State of the Union address: Biden
2022-02-28 A Naturalized Canadian Woman from Romania Gives a Speech for the Ages
2022-02-28 'Question All Of It' - The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale
2022-02-27 US Govt Just Admitted This Is A War That Will Determine Who Will Rule The New World Order
2022-02-27 Here Is the Full Text of Putin's Speech This Morning, Feb 24, 2022
2022-02-26 They Didn't Hear What We Told Them. They Had Better Hear This Time." -- Putin
2022-02-25 +++ EMERGENCY ALERT +++ - Max Igan
2022-02-25 The War in Ukraine - Glenn Greenwald
2022-02-24 Perpetual Tyranny: Endless Wars Are the Enemy of Freedom - John & Nisha Whitehead
2022-02-23 Why Is Russia Doing Naval Training Over the Undersea Cables Connecting the US and Europe?
2022-02-22 A question for the truckers - Why are you waving that flag?
2022-02-22 Creating a World Independent of Tyranny with Richard Grove
2022-02-21 What Is Putin Planning?
2022-02-21 CDC Admits To Collecting COVID Nasal Swab PCR Tests For Genomic Sequencing Analysis
2022-02-20 Dr. SHIVA: Pfizer Jab Analysis: What's in It? Part 1. CytoSolve Open Science
2022-02-19 The Trust Game: Episode 1 - "Crowns and Sovereigns"
2022-02-18 Edward Dowd Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Trial Fraud
2022-02-17 Canadian police block over 30 crypto wallets associated with the 'Freedom Convoy' truckers
2022-02-17 The total collapse in confidence of Government on every level
2022-02-16 Happy 'Russian Invasion' Day
2022-02-16 FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies
2022-02-15 Virgin Galactic stock jumps 28% as spaceflight ticket sales open with $150,000 deposit
2022-02-15 Ernest Hancock in Acapulco where he is the Emcee of Anarchapulco 2022 - Welcome to the Jungle!
2022-02-14 Zelensky Invites Biden To Visit Ukraine In "Coming Days"
2022-02-14 Moderna's pres: if you can hack the rules of mRNA, "the entire kingdom of life is available
2022-02-13 Russia Is Learning the Price of Relying on Diplomacy with the West
2022-02-12 ATF Tries To Ban Forced Reset Triggers As People Begin To 3D Print At Home
2022-02-11 A Black Hawk helicopter flew for the first time without pilots
2022-02-11 Separation Or Purge? Sharing A Society With The Political Left Is Impossible
2022-02-10 Dystopia Disguised as Democracy: All the Ways in Which Freedom Is an Illusion
2022-02-09 Nikola Motor Company - Driving Change
2022-02-08 13 States And Washington DC Back Mexican Govt's Lawsuit Against US Gun Manufacturers
2022-02-08 The Truckers, GoFundMe, and the CIA; Connecting Dots
2022-02-07 Feb 7 -- Ernest Hancock w/ James Bovard (Ernest Rant & News Update) - Jeff Hippauf (MP3s&4s)
2022-02-06 Leftists Use Mass Censorship Because They Don't Have The Guts To Engage In Fair Debate
2022-02-05 Boston Fed, MIT unveil model for electronic cash as policymakers mull whether to launch it
2022-02-05 Interview 1694 - Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis -- via CorbettReport
2022-02-04 Teaching Self-Sufficiency to Our Kids Via Gardening
2022-02-04 I woke up on a Covid vent after a car accident (My testimony) Ben Gordon on DYIwEH 3pm MST
2022-02-02 Jeff Bezos pays $200million to get name on the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum..
2022-02-01 Acceptance of and Commitment To Freedom - #SolutionsWatch
2022-02-01 6G The New (D)Evolution - Max Igan -- Ernest w/ Michael Heise (Libertarian Mises Caucus)
2022-01-31 John Sneisen & Ian - Trucker Convoy live from Ottawa (and economics discussed) (MP3&4)
2022-01-31 Biden Admin Has Records on Nearly One Billion Gun Sales
2022-01-30 We Have Had a Narrow Escape from Tyranny But the War on Freedom Is Not Over
2022-01-29 On the Subtlety of Monsters - by Dr Naomi Wolf
2022-01-28 Jan 28 -- Ernest Hancock w/ Julie Wentz, Dr Alan Palmer, Dr Judy Mikovits - Freedom Healthcare AZ
2022-01-27 RN Nicole Sirotek Testimony To Senator Ron Johnson - The Horrors and Abuse of Covid Patients
2022-01-27 For God's Sake Boys, Stop This War S**t!!! -- The Worldwide Revolution Livestreamed from Acapulco
2022-01-26 DYI w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 25: Allison Bricker (Liberty Talk FM) - Publisher Recommended!
2022-01-26 2021-01-26 -- Julie Wentz on Freedom Healthcare in AZ (MP3) - Can't STOP the Signal!
2022-01-25 AT&T Claims It Has the Fastest Internet and Can Hit Speeds of Up to 5Gbps
2022-01-24 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 24: Scott Horton Live Stream 10 am EST
2022-01-24 Two Nikola TRE FCEV's convoy from PHX to LA to be delivered to 1st customer - hydrogen/battery power
2022-01-23 Famine, War and Pestilence... (time to start sharing FreedomsPhoenix with others you care about)
2022-01-22 There's Actually a Lot of Good News
2022-01-21 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 21: Tim Picciott (Fed Reserve Dig Currency)
2022-01-20 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Dr Phranq Tamburri - The Trump Report (FBI Calls)
2022-01-19 Bond hearing for Ed Vallejo - Thurs Jan 20th, 2022; 2:30 pm @ Sandra Day O'Connor Courthouse
2022-01-18 Media Claims Joe Rogan Will Attend Massive Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest In DC
2022-01-17 WTF: USA Today Column Calls For California to "Abolish Parenthood"
2022-01-17 Cody Wilson Thwarts Another Attempt To Stop Ghost Guns
2022-01-16 The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why
2022-01-16 Poll Finds Only 10% Of Americans Trust Media On COVID, 30% Trust Fauci
2022-01-16 Poll Finds Only 10% Of Americans Trust Media On COVID, 30% Trust Fauci
2022-01-14 Leader of Oath Keepers and 10 Other Individuals Indicted in Federal Court for...
2022-01-14 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 14: Brandon Smith (
2022-01-13 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 13: Steve Turley, Dr Phranq Tamburri (MP3&4)
2022-01-12 MAN ALIVE! My penis SHRANK more than an inch 'due to damage from Covid'...
2022-01-12 The Greater Reset 3: Integration (Jan. 26-30, 2022)
2022-01-11 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 11: Glenn Cripe, Jacek Spendel & students
2022-01-11 A MESSAGE FOR EVERY PARENT From Dr. Robert Malone
2022-01-10 We Need a Revolution by Ron Paul -- Letters of Captain Marque and Reprisal
2022-01-09 Rickards Exposes Globalism's Achilles' Heel
2022-01-08 Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power?
2022-01-08 22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must!
2022-01-07 Commercial pilot says his colleagues are "dropping like flies with crushing chest pains"
2022-01-06 Declare Your Ind w/ Ernest Hancock - Jan 6: Phranq Tamburri, Etienne de la Boetie2 Jan 7: John Lott
2022-01-05 Declare Your Independence-Ernest Hancock;Bob Anderson-Live Stream Wed Jan 5 @ 8:30 am EST - NO FEAR
2022-01-05 Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - Everything We DIDN'T Learn
2022-01-05 Hundreds of Salvadorians say Bitcoin has vanished...
2022-01-04 The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life...All Thanks To Joe Rogan
2022-01-03 What If The Largest Experiment On Human Beings In History Is A Failure?
2022-01-02 The Apologia of Patrick Byrne
2022-01-01 COVID, Ivermectin, And 'Mass Formation Psychosis':... (Publisher Recommended)
2021-12-31 If you can't beat 'em... NASCAR driver who unwittingly inspired 'Let's go Brandon'
2021-12-30 Doug Casey On How Marxists Captured The Universities And Will Soon Capture The Nation
2021-12-29 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - PODCASTS: Peter Schiff; Gerald Celente
2021-12-29 Globalist corporations begin seizing farmland in America under eminent domain
2021-12-28 2021 Year in Review: Madness, Mayhem and Tyranny
2021-12-28 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - PODCASTS: Peter Schiff; Gerald Celente
2021-12-27 Regulatory Capture is Killing Us, and We Are Two Steps Away from the Totalitarian Fascist...
2021-12-27 Nebraska retiree uses earths's heat to grow oranges in snow
2021-12-26 The Christmas Baby Born in a Police State
2021-12-24 Ernest interviews Mikki Willis, Producer of the Plandemic Series (MP3&4)
2021-12-24 Ernest interviews Mikki Willis, Producer of the Plandemic Series (MP3&4)
2021-12-23 Elon Musk Positioning Himself to Stop The Great Reset, Takedown New World Order
2021-12-23 Children Must Be Told: This Is Not Normal
2021-12-22 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - New Podcast - Mikki Willis (Plandemic)
2021-12-21 Joe Rogan Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough (Publisher Recommended)
2021-12-20 "WOAH!!!" The Media Don't Want You To Know THESE PROTESTORS WON!!!"
2021-12-20 The U.S. government has a massive, secret stockpile of bitcoin -- Here's what happens to it
2021-12-19 Central Banks launch Digital Currencies - Perfect Technocratic Control
2021-12-18 SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: December 19, 2021 Edition
2021-12-17 Judge Holds Hospital In Contempt: Give Ivermectin To Dying Woman Or Pay $10,000-A-Day Fine
2021-12-17 "Skynet" microchip breakthrough will ENSLAVE humanity with AI cyberlords…
2021-12-16 Could hydrogen airships return as fast, cheap, green cargo transports?
2021-12-16 There Are 2 More Statues At UN Headquarters In New York Which Appear To Have A Link To
2021-12-15 Wikileaks makes final data vault dump in reaction to treatment of Assange
2021-12-15 There Comes a Time when there Is No Alternative to Fighting for Your Life and Liberty
2021-12-15 US Mega-Corporations Abandon Vaccine Mandates
2021-12-14 Colossal Financial Pyramid: BlackRock and The WEF "Great Reset"
2021-12-13 'Tesla as the World's Biggest Robot Company:' Elon Musk on AI and U.S. Innovation | WSJ
2021-12-13 The COVID Shots Are Killing People
2021-12-12 It's a bird... and a plane? Africa's own bizarre "NVTOL" birdoplane
2021-12-11 Ross Ulbricht NFT Collection Raises Over $6 Million in Ethereum
2021-12-11 What's Facts? What's Truth? What's Perspective? What's Speculation??
2021-12-10 Libertarian Patriot is Beyond Active in Protecting Himself and Others
2021-12-10 U.S. wins appeal to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from the UK
2021-12-09 Freedom's Phoenix Newspaper Edition 3 Rural America Solutions Dispatch is finally finished!
2021-12-08 Central Banks launch Digital Currencies - Perfect Technocratic Control
2021-12-07 Burned Out Teachers Are Launching Their Own Schools Instead of Abandoning Their Passion...
2021-12-06 The Future Of Food Is Now An ETF
2021-12-05 What A Homeschooling Surge Means For Our Future
2021-12-05 Just 18% of US households are 'nuclear families' with a married couple and children...
2021-12-03 2FA is a Big Tech Scam! You Must Resist!
2021-12-02 They need your children vaccinated to install a global social credit system. (Publisher Recommended)
2021-12-02 80 House Republicans Vote w/ Dems to Establish Orwellian Vax Database
2021-11-30 The Biden Crackdown on Thought Crimes
2021-11-30 Millions Of Americans Are Scrambling To Become Independent Of The System
2021-11-29 Ernest Hancock - New Podcast - Alessandro Fusillo News from the Streets of Italy
2021-11-28 When Resistance Becomes Duty
2021-11-27 Another Win - Virginia Shipbuilder With Federal Contracts Reverses Position on Vaccine Mandate
2021-11-27 Dr. David Martin - No More Mister Nice Guy "BackUp Videos'' (Publisher Recommended)
2021-11-26 New podcasts with Ernest Hancock - Dr. David Martin - No More Mister Nice Guy
2021-11-26 Black Market Fridays and Agorist.Market
2021-11-24 Check out the world's first FLOATING CITY! Flood-proof Oceanix - backed by the UN
2021-11-23 Don't Give Up on the Blessings of Freedom
2021-11-23 COVID hoax fast becoming the Hindenburg of the joined-at-the-hip - by Vin Suprynowicz
2021-11-22 At Least 5 Dead, More Than 40 Injured In Waukesha Holiday Parade...
2021-11-21 The Coming Black Swan
2021-11-20 FDA Approves Smallpox Drug to Prepare for Potential Bioweapon Use of Virus
2021-11-19 Reconciliation Bill: Taxpayer's fund Media $1.67 BILLION - Bill Gates gives $319 Million to Media
2021-11-19 WATCH VERDICT READ: In trial of Kyle Rittenhouse for Kenosha shooting - Day 14
2021-11-18 FDA Wants Until 2076 To Fully Release Pfizer Vaccine Data: Lawsuit
2021-11-17 Risk reduction math is fun! (PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED)
2021-11-17 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - New Podcast - James Corbett - MP3&4
2021-11-16 U.S. Economy Is "Irreversibly Broken" And "Staggeringly Corrupt"
2021-11-15 Biden's Banking Nominee Demands All 'Private Bank Accounts' Be Eliminated
2021-11-14 Oklahoma Guard goes rogue, rejects COVID vaccine mandate after sudden change of command
2021-11-13 Bill Gates Warns of Smallpox Terror Attacks as He Seeks Tens of Billions for Research
2021-11-12 Pfizer modifies COVID vaccine formulation for children, secretly adding heart attack drug...
2021-11-11 Texas: 2 Young Children Vaccinated Without Authorization While Trick-Or-Treating
2021-11-11 The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise: Freedom Meted Out by Technological Tyrants
2021-11-10 Who is Dr. Anthony Fauci's wife Christine Grady? (WHAT THE SHIT!)
2021-11-09 Regeneration Nation -- Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems
2021-11-09 Biden admin amassing millions of records on US gun owners amid new crackdown on firearms
2021-11-08 The Pawn Advance is Working - DO NOT GO VIOLENT!
2021-11-08 Patriot Purge - Tucker Carlson -- Predators with Badges
2021-11-07 Social Engineering in TV Commercials
2021-11-06 Aaron Rodgers Addresses Vaccine Fiasco, Says He's In 'The Crosshairs Of The Woke Mob'
2021-11-06 China is Coming: Observations from an Expert | In Depth (Publisher Recommended)
2021-11-05 Time to watch "V for Vendetta" - Remember Remember *The Plot*
2021-11-04 Noam Chomsky Goes Off The Deep End - Proving That All Socialism Leads To Tyranny
2021-11-03 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - New Show - Dr Judy Mikovits (Cures)
2021-11-03 THE VACCINE-CANCER ATROCITY - Liberal media meltdown over Glenn Youngkin's win
2021-11-02 Something Is Seriously Wrong With This President
2021-11-02 New Shows: Doug Casey, Chris Waid - Kyle Rittenhouse Trial - Musk Wants Proof $6B Solve World Hunger
2021-11-02 Zillow Seeks to Sell 7,000 Homes - FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting
2021-11-01 SHOCKING: Secret Military Takeover Happening NOW!
2021-11-01 I Am John Galt... (and so are YOU)
2021-10-31 Even the police dogs know what the officers are doing is wrong, enforcing COVID tyranny
2021-10-31 The Fed's Inflation Is Behind The Supply Chain Mess
2021-10-30 Louisiana High School Caught Injecting Children with COVID-19 Shots Without Parental Knowledge
2021-10-29 Ernest Hancock & Brian Sovryn (VPN's, Mesh Network) -- Australia Is Seizing Homes, Bank Accounts
2021-10-29 How Much Gold Is There In The World?
2021-10-28 White House signals flexibility over Dec. 8 vaccine deadline - Ernest Hancock 2 new shows today
2021-10-27 THREE Maryland Counties Consider Breaking With The State To Join West Virginia, The US Is Crumbling
2021-10-27 Pierre Omidyar's Financing of the Facebook "Whistleblower" (Publisher Recommended)
2021-10-26 Ernest Hancock and James Corbett Solutions Podcast - Max Igan in Mexico
2021-10-25 In-N-Out Burger's Great Freedom-centered Explanation for Its Refusal to Enforce Vaccine Passport
2021-10-24 Why Should American Soldiers Die For Taiwan?
2021-10-23 Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs
2021-10-23 White House delays release of JFK assassination files "to protect against identifiable harm''
2021-10-22 Shipping Containers ABANDONED On Sides Of Roads As Trucker Shortage Worsens Catastrophically
2021-10-22 Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn Discuss Vaccine ID Passports and Global Control
2021-10-21 Is Someone Remote Controlling Your Computer?
2021-10-21 No vaccine, no problem: Indiana recruits Chicago cops upset by COVID mandates
2021-10-21 No vaccine, no problem: Indiana recruits Chicago cops upset by COVID mandates
2021-10-20 Pennsylvania joins 10 other states in withdrawing from National School Boards Association...
2021-10-20 China Home Prices Drop For The First Time Since 2015 As Existing Home Sales Crash 63%
2021-10-20 Nationwide General Strike scheduled for Nov. 3rd - A step closer to flying cars?
2021-10-19 "The Trust Game": New 10-Hr Limited Series by Truthstream Media
2021-10-18 Unhappy with prices, ranchers look to build own meat plants
2021-10-18 NBA player who suffered blood clots from COVID-19 vaccine says league told him to keep quiet
2021-10-17 Carol Kerr Follows the Money! (Publisher Recommended) Bribed to Mask Children
2021-10-17 Carol Kerr Follows the Money! (Publisher Recommended) Schools Bribed to Mask Children
2021-10-16 This Is What Energy Freedom Looks Like!
2021-10-16 Container Shipping Backlog - Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help (Publisher Recommended) VIDEO
2021-10-16 Container Shipping Backlog - Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help (Publisher Recommended) VIDEO
2021-10-15 Passengers couldn't fly after NHS vaccine passport went offline
2021-10-14 Two New Studies Test Quercetin And COVID Outcomes
2021-10-14 Natural Immunity and Covid-19: Thirty Scientific Studies to Share with Employers...
2021-10-14 Foreclosures are surging now that Covid mortgage bailouts are ending
2021-10-13 Blue Origin will launch William Shatner into space today! Here's how to watch it live
2021-10-13 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock - Dr Judy Mikovits (Vaccines) (MP3 & MP4 LOADED)
2021-10-12 Senator Paul Addresses National Debt Crisis During Senate Floor Speech Part 1 - October 7, 2021
2021-10-12 Rabo: Just Wait Until We See The Impact Of Forced Vaccine Mandate Layoffs On The Labor Force
2021-10-11 The Complete Guide to Forming Communities Online Course
2021-10-11 As Southwest Cancels 100s More Flights On Monday, Ron Paul Opines On The 'Great Rebellion'..
2021-10-10 Is The Small Business Sector Being Deliberately Targeted For Destruction?
2021-10-09 (Too Much Bad News... Time for some Pole Dancing) BEST Pole Dance Ever by Jenyne Butterfly
2021-10-08 Episode 236: W.H.O. IS TO BLAME? -- COVIDLAND: The Lockdown - Full Documentary
2021-10-08 Food supply 101: Minimum calories needed for survival
2021-10-07 Slowly But Surely Their Covid Ship is Sinking
2021-10-07 Energy Shortage Will Go Global as Winter is Coming
2021-10-06 Join The FREE Exit And Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit On Saturday, Nov 6th
2021-10-05 Pfizer Scientist: 'Your Antibodies are Probably Better than the Vaccination'
2021-10-05 Trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted at the last minute
2021-10-04 Dr. Shiva Responds To Maricopa County Envelope Explanation...
2021-10-04 Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Remain Down in Major Outage
2021-10-02 What if the media was just the lobbying agency for...
2021-10-01 Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed -
2021-10-01 Apartheid Australia: Hell On Earth
2021-09-30 Supreme Court ruling vaccinated subjects not classified as human but trans human
2021-09-30 Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock/Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) (MP3/MP4 Loaded)
2021-09-29 Version 2 Starlink with Lasers and Gen 2 SpaceX Starlink Bigger and Faster
2021-09-29 YouTube is banning prominent anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content
2021-09-28 Dr. Simone Gold Goes Nuclear to Protect our Military Against Mandatory Vaccinations
2021-09-27 Frontline Doctors on Overcoming the Pharmacy Blockade of Ivermectin
2021-09-27 Hello, My name is Spartacus, and I've had enough.
2021-09-26 She's Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore! (Video)
2021-09-24 Organizer of Spokane gathering receives threats of extortion from city
2021-09-24 Kyle Rittenhouse's Trial Reveals Govt's Plan To Unleash "Thought Crimes" In Our Courts
2021-09-23 What's the FED Hiding? Preparing For GREAT RESET?
2021-09-23 Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines
2021-09-22 Shadowdragon: Deep Social Media Dragnet For Total Surveillance
2021-09-22 Freedom from Fear: Stop Playing the Government's Mind Games
2021-09-21 the vaccinated superspread hypothesis
2021-09-20 Angered by feds' heavy hand, lawmaker wants New Hampshire to vote on seceding from U.S.
2021-09-20 'Gov't Doesn't Want to Show COVID Vaccine is Full of Sh*t'; Shove Adverse Effect Reporti
2021-09-19 Rabobank: What Is Coming Is A Bigger Economic, Market, And Geopolitical Earthquake Than ...
2021-09-18 Powerful Icke Interview: Trailblazer David Icke Lays Out the Road to Victory Against Globalist...
2021-09-18 Doug Casey On The Next "Crisis" The Global Elite Have 'Planned'
2021-09-17 Triple-Vaxed Israel Is Breaking COVID Case Records
2021-09-16 LOVE Bus Liberty Tour - Prescott, Arizona - 200 signs made with local activists
2021-09-16 Graphene Concrete 30% Stronger in Commercial Project
2021-09-15 Brit tells Americans - 'NEVER give up your Arms!'
2021-09-15 SpaceX launches four civilians into orbit on historic Inspiration4 flight
2021-09-14 Hyperinflation In Europe's Power Markets Is Disastrous For Working-Poor Ahead Of Winter
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2021-09-09 Jesus Repeatedly Broke the Law and Told Others to do the Same Thing
2021-09-09 Biden announces new COVID vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans
2021-09-08 American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom
2021-09-08 American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom
2021-09-08 200+ Seattle cops face being fired over vaccine mandate as 20% refuse to get jab
2021-09-07 India charges WHO Scientist Soumya