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The American Campfire Freedom Tour

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Yesterday, we launched the Indiegogo campaign to get the ball rolling for the American Campfire Freedom Tour. It's an honor to know that we can pull this off because we can count on the support of people like you. The part I'm most excited about is the individual deliveries - for just $100, I will personally deliver to your door a signed book, a tshirt, and some other FREEDOM! goodies. Please check it out and contribute today! Early momentum is very important to reaching our goal, and being able to plan with a budget.

This is a major undertaking, but I know that you can appreciate it being a very efficient way to grow the movement. If we want to achieve a free society, we have to change how people think. In this effort, we are also building a brand around FREEDOM! and hope you'll help us expand our product line by getting some gear from We are shipping out all of our pre-order packages this week, but we are still offering some great deals on packages and just dropped tshirts to $20 including shipping.

As I'll be packing up the studio (into a mobile studio) to live in a trailer, tonight will be the last live podcast, at least for a year. I hope you'll join us and call in! Tune in here from 6-9pmPT.

Thanks for making FREEDOM! possible!



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