Israel Terrorizes Palestinian Al-Haq Human Rights Group

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Israel Terrorizes Palestinian Al-Haq Human Rights Group

by Stephen Lendman

Established in 1979, Al-Haq forthrightly promotes and aims to protect fundamental human rights and rule of law principles in Occupied Palestine - a thankless, hazardous commitment.

On March 3, it released a statement, saying it's "under attack," its director and one of its "staff member's life threatened."

It explained Israeli authorities attacked, pressured and smeared its efforts throughout its history, including "arbitrary detention of staff members…imposition of travel bans…having its offices raided, as well as Israeli newspaper(s) targeting" its operations and director.

Al-Haq uses international law as "its weapon" of choice, challenging longstanding Israeli  occupation harshness and brazen brutality.

Since September last year, "attacks against (its human rights campaign) intensified."

Illegitimate questions were raised about its finances "in an attempt to undermine (its) funding base and sow discontent and confusion within (its) staff members, with (false) accusations of fraudulent activities and lack of transparency."

Israeli PA collaborators originated the attacks, serving Israeli interests, illegitimate president Mahmoud Abbas a longtime Judas, notoriously corrupt, an enemy of the Palestinian people, profiting hugely from special benefits he derives.

Efforts to intimidate and silence Ah-Haq, its staff and partners failed, the group explained. Attacks relentlessly continue.

"Anonymous emails to donors, followed up by ones to staff, citing non-existent fraud investigations and financial difficulties, all failed to generate any response or damage," Al-Haq explained. 

"This was then followed-up by almost daily direct calls from blocked numbers to partners and staff members in an effort to intimidate, confuse and frighten; all to no avail." 

"These calls claimed to be from Al-Haq staff members, journalists and staff of partner organisations. All came from false domains or persons. Throughout these vicious attacks, Al-Haq, supported by its staff and partners, chose not to respond."

Days earlier, Israeli tactics turned dangerous and potentially deadly. An anonymous caller from a blocked number threatened the lives of Al-Haq's general director Shawan Jabarin and one of its staff members.

Israeli authorities were notified. Al-Haq said it's "confident that the source of these threats will be identified and brought to justice…"

It's convinced Israel is responsible, like many times before. "This is an institutionalized, planned and very well-resourced campaign," it explained.

Earlier attacks came from "Israel's minister of (in)justice, Israeli newspapers…Israeli organisations, and institutions both at the local level and abroad."

"These same entities (target) Israeli human rights organisations," attempting to undermine their work.

Al-Haq "remain(s) steadfast," it said, "not to be distracted or deterred from continuing its work in the pursuit of justice."

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