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When the IRS comes knocking...Ron Paul

Written by Subject: Ron Paul Says...

Dear Patriot,

Any moment now, I expect a knock on my door from black-suited IRS brutes armed with stacks of legal papers, court orders, and a bad attitude.

I know what they'll want...

Their demands will be for the names, addresses, and other confidential personal information on select Campaign for Liberty contributors.

Patriot, for more than two years now -- with the support of good folks like you -- I've fought the IRS's attempts to cripple Campaign for Liberty with everything from legal threats to $10,000-a-day fines.

But now, after coming so close to passing Audit the Fed in the U.S. Senate -- and our efforts to INCREASE Senate pressure by passing the bill through the House -- the situation with the IRS is getting more serious by the day.

I'm not sure I can hold them off much longer -- even with everything you and I have on the line in 2016.

After putting a majority of the Senate on record in support of Audit the Fed, the banksters, corporate lobbyists, social welfare bureaucrats, and big spending statists in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. now understand we can't be ignored. We're just too "dangerous" to the survival of the racket they've created.

And I'm afraid they're counting on the IRS to do their dirty work for them by targeting Campaign for Liberty for DESTRUCTION.

That's why I need your IMMEDIATE advice.

I'm counting on you to please fill out your special three question EMERGENCY C4L SUPPORTER SURVEY.

I'll give you the link in just a moment.

But first, let me explain the stakes.

You see, just recently, Campaign for Liberty's accountants and senior staff prepared our annual financial statements for submission to the IRS, as required by law.

Once again, I instructed our staff to REFUSE to comply with IRS demands and leave off any identifying donor information.

As a 501(c)(4) organization, Campaign for Liberty contributor information is supposed to be confidential.

This is a critical protection I wholeheartedly support. Privacy and liberty go hand-in-hand. When Thomas Paine published his pamphlet Common Sense in 1776, he did so anonymously.

Forcing organizations like Campaign for liberty to publicize donor information would have an incredibly chilling effect on political free speech.

Many liberty-loving Americans would silence themselves for fear of becoming targets of political retribution.

So there's no way I would ever just hand this kind of information over to these government bureaucrats.

That's just not an option.

After a case where the National Organization for Marriage complied with IRS demands and promptly saw their donor information publicized, the IRS has only occasionally attempted to "enforce" this rule...

... EXCEPT with Campaign for Liberty.

Twice now, after filing with the IRS and leaving off confidential donor information, we've received threatening letters from the IRS imposing outrageous daily fines that could have forced us to shut our doors within weeks.

In those cases, it took a firestorm of public opposition, led by good folks like you -- and the threat of our attorneys filing a federal case that could have ended up at the Supreme Court -- to force the IRS to finally back down.

But even in backing down, they refused to admit they were wrong, showing they fully intend to come after us again when the heat dies down.

Now, after C4L members and supporters forced the recent Senate vote on Audit the Fed -- proving how effective we can be -- I fear the pressure is on the IRS from ALL corners of the federal government, and its cronies, to come after us with everything they have.

Make no mistake; the IRS is as corrupt as ever. Lois Lerner is STILL walking free -- even after revelations she used a fake email address under the name "Toby Miles" to hide how she was using her power to target pro-liberty groups.

Half-hearted attempts by Congress to force the IRS to stop targeting political enemies haven't changed anything.

In fact, a recent audit by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office showed how internal IRS controls are skewed to justify targeting religious and political organizations.

It's no accident!

Our government today views anyone who dares to stand up to them as an enemy.

With virtually unlimited government resources and slick Obama administrations' lawyers, the power the IRS wields is staggering.

Sure, their attacks on Campaign for Liberty and others are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Sure, I have no doubt we could face them down in court.

But at what cost?

Campaign for Liberty is run on a shoestring budget. We don't have millions lying around in the bank.

This fight is about draining our funds.

This is about forcing me to take resources off of other critical programs -- like Audit the Fed and our 2016 election year efforts -- just to keep our doors open.

When the IRS responds to our annual filing, either with an angry letter or a sneering agent at my door, I can't wait around -- not without risking potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

So I need to know which of the following options you'd have me pursue NOW:


Just hand over confidential information on Campaign for Liberty's top donors?

I can't even imagine doing this. But I'm afraid this is the ONLY way I can avoid both daily fines and/or expensive legal fees that could force C4L to shut down critical legislative programs like Audit the Fed and our election year efforts.


Drop Audit the Fed and our election year efforts and focus solely on fighting the IRS?

I know this is exactly what the IRS wants us to do. They'd love nothing more than for Campaign for Liberty to let the Fed skate and stop informing the American people about where their politicians stand!


Stand up to the IRS AND continue all other Campaign for Liberty programs?

Frankly, the third option will only be possible with an immediate influx of funds. Choosing to take on the IRS without the proper level of support would be suicide.

That's why I'm counting on you to click here to fill out your EMERGENCY C4L SUPPORTER SURVEY and tell me how to proceed. The decision is in your hands.

Patriot, please respond quickly. As I mentioned, I need to be prepared the moment I hear back from the IRS.

Please note that if you would have Campaign for Liberty pursue "OPTION #3,"please at least consider going above and beyond what you've given in the past with a contribution of $50.

I know that's a lot. But this is the IRS we're talking about. This is not a game.

But if $50 is just too much, please agree to $25 or at least $10.

With the stakes getting higher every year, I have to ensure you have my back on this every year and every step of the way.

Without it, I could be sealing a horrific fate for Campaign for Liberty if I make the wrong call.

So please respond right away. Please click here to fill out your EMERGENCY C4L SUPPORTER SURVEY, and then make your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 right away.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Any day now, I could hear back from the IRS in regards to Campaign for Liberty's annual filing, where we REFUSED to comply with ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL demands for confidential personal information on some select supporters.

I have to be prepared to respond the moment I hear back.

Patriot, will you please click here to fill out your EMERGENCY C4L SUPPORTER SURVEY, and then make your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or at least $10 IMMEDIATELY.



Because of Campaign For Liberty's tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)).

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