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Cruz Most Despised US Senator

by Stephen Lendman

Of the original 16 main Republican presidential contenders, Cruz remains the last one challenging Trump.

Party bosses support him by default - even though he's widely detested. He antagonizes friends and foes, called arrogant, abrasive, mean-spirited, insufferable and obnoxious.

A freshman senator since 2013, he's disliked for blasting fellow Republicans. He once call party members resigned to Obamacare as national law Nazi appeasers.

Former House Speaker John Boehner silently blasted him last spring by raising his middle finger. 

Many politicians anger peers. Cruz's combative style generates extreme antipathy. He calls fellow Republicans fake conservatives. 

He once threatened to shut down government over Planned Parenthood funding. Party members endorsing him do it reluctantly, anti-Trumpism their only reason.

He disparaged the military records of Chuck Hagel and John Kerry for self-serving reasons. Earlier, Republicans wanted anybody but Cruz as party standard bearer in November. They support him now by default.

Imagine how world leaders would react to him as US president, diplomatic relations painfully strained.

His public record is deplorable - militantly Islamophobic, pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, anti-Russia, anti-Iran, anti-Assad. He wants the Iran nuclear deal rescinded, new sanctions imposed, additional ones on Russia.

Some anti-Trump Republicans believe he's better than Cruz, a deplorable choice, they maintain. Former Republican Senate majority leader/1996 presidential aspirant Bob Dole said he prefers Trump to Cruz.

No senator in memory created more enemies in short order than the Texas incumbent. He's still a presidential contender despite Trump looking unstoppable.

America's deplorable electoral process shuts voters out entirely. Democracy is pure illusion. What powerful interests running things want, they get.

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