Biden Regime Pursuing Regime Change in Iran: An Exercise in Futility

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Biden Regime Pursuing Regime Change in Iran: An Exercise in Futility

by Stephen Lendman

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies never met a nation free from its control that it didn't want transformed into a subservient vassal state.

In the case of Iran, hegemon USA seeks control over its world's 4th largest oil and 2nd largest natural gas reserves.

It wants them plundered for profit — along with aiming to weaken, undermine and eliminate the power and prominence of apartheid Israel's main regional rival.

Despite promising return to JCPOA compliance, dominant Biden regime hardliners have gone all out to kill the landmark agreement once and for all.

Since mid-September, its dark forces orchestrated and incited violence and sabotage in Tehran and elsewhere across Iran in pursuit of regime change.

And make no mistake.

What's ongoing was planned well in advance of a pretext to launch it.

Days earlier, prominent Iranian Sunni cleric, Mamousta Fayeq-Rostami, said the following:

"Democracy and freedom are important principles in Islam, but the interpretation of freedom and democracy is not anarchy."

"Burning people's property is not democracy."

"These actions are against the religion and are the opposite of democracy" and freedom.

Since the death of Mahsa Amini — a 22-year-old Kurdish woman who collapsed into a coma and died of natural causes in police custody on Sept. 16 — despite undergoing intensive care treatment to save her — US-orchestrated street violence, vandalism, sabotage and cold-blooded murder followed, including by hegemon-USA-enlisted jihadist thugs. 

Dozens of civilians and security personnel perished, others brutalized by these and other US-enlisted elements.

Public property was set ablaze. The Shah Cheragh shrine was attacked.

And this fake news from the NYT's longstanding pro-war, imperial tool propagandist, David Sanger, saying on Thursday:

"Iranian forces shot or locked up antigovernment protesters (sic), provided Russia with drones for its war in Ukraine (sic) and…may be produc(ing) missiles (sic) for Russia's depleted arsenal (sic)."

Iranian security forces are doing their job, protecting civilians from Biden regime-enlisted thugs who've been responsible for violence, vandalism and sabotage since mid-Sept.

And this Sanger fake news:

Falsely claiming that the Biden regime engaged with Iran diplomatically to save the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal ignored how its dominant hardliners sabotaged the prospect straightaway after usurping power by election-rigging.

On Wednesday, Iran's Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, slammed the Biden regime, saying:

The plot by its dominant Iranophobes failed.

US/Western regimes "have a long history of violating human rights and have a dark history with regard to exploiting nations" in pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

Time and again, the US, E3 vassal states and apartheid Israel flagrantly breach international law.

"The fact that hundreds (of) defenders of our security were hurt and more than 50 security personnel slain by rioters using hot and cold weapons" is evidence of their diabolical tactics.

"Our military forces w(ill) continue efforts to achieve maximum national security (according to the UN) Charter and other international law as long as Iran faces" internal and external threats.

Iran's Islamic Revolution leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, slammed the empire of lies and apartheid Israel, saying:

What's been ongoing since mid-Sept. was "planned" and implemented by hegemon USA, "the Zionist regime and their acolytes," adding:

They aim to undermine "a strong and independent Iran, (as well as the country's progress." 

"The Iranian nation proved to be strong during recent events and will bravely come onto the scene wherever necessary in the future."

The Islamic Republic of Iran never attacked another nation preemptively — what US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel have done repeatedly.

Separately on Thursday, Iran's Foreign Ministry condemned a resolution by the UN's imperial tool Human Rights Council — as ordered by the Biden regime, saying:

"(T)he measure adopted by" US vassal state Germany and complicit partners unacceptably called for an international probe into Iran's legitimate response to externally incited violence — what its Foreign Ministry called "a historic mistake" with diabolical political goals in mind.

The Islamic Republic "will not allow foreign meddling in its internal affairs, its Foreign Ministry stressed, adding:

"Despite some protesters' resorting to violence and causing riots based on foreign-organized abuses, provocations, and interventions in the past two months and adoption of terrorist measures by few individuals and armed groups, defending forces of the country's security have dealt with rioters with maximum restraint as tens of police and security forces have been martyred and thousands more sustained injuries."

Iran successfully foiled earlier hegemon USA regime change attempts.

Its latest war on Iran by other means is highly unlikely to fare better.

It'll be foiled like earlier attempts by the empire of lies to transform Iran into a US vassal state.

Germany and other Western regimes are already at war on Russia by hot and other means in cahoots with hegemon USA.

They bit off more than they can chew in going up against the militarily superior Russian Federation.

And they've been making the same mistake against Iran since mid-Sept. — failing twice over.

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