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America going into the poor house?

 You would think that the entire nation is in trouble because of banks, insurance and health care issues.  From the statements of our leaders to the national news it would seem we are tottering on the lip of financial debt that would and could never be repaid.  From the talk TV and radio shows it would seem the only future we as Americans have is to somehow give up our rights, allow the dollar to be replaced by other currencies and allow our standard of living to be lowered to that of China.

These are all lies.  The O\'man administration is suggesting we are in trouble but they do nothing positive.except to change the failure rates of banks or protect the investors of financial, insurance, health companies wile stating that this will make a better future.

Here are real ways to stop the economy failing;

First allow the banks and insurance companies to fail.  If that is too harsh then cut interest rates by one half and each July first and December 30Th force the banks to show real values on the home loans they hold.  If the value of the homes in an area drop ten percent both the owner and bank show a loss of that ten percent.

Second declare that there is emergency in the economy and freeze the cost of oil, loans, power/utilities, food and all items for two years.

Third open up full pay to anyone who is willing to be retrained.  This means school costs and living expenses for each student.

Forth rebuild our main military with starting wages livable for a family to live on.  America should not need the National Guard  unless a full war is declared.

Fifth open grants to people to start small factories that make the items we have shipped into America from around the world.  There is not one reason we buy from the world when we have millions of Americans needing work!!

Sixth change commuter traffic by demanding fifty mile a gallon cars, (there is one in America today) having three people in the car and start building real public transportation in all mega cities.

Seventh build ten new coal plants to produce electrical power and ten new atomic plants to produce power.  Located in the Wyoming, Montana area to be able to supple both coasts with cheap power.

Eighth make high schools harder.  Yes some will be left behind but we also will have better trained and few people entering college that are not at a college level.

Ninth take on the banks, set rules that have to be followed.  If you want a single family home then get the education to be able to afford one.  Kill Fannie May and Freddie Mack over three years.

Tenth and this is the largest Pull our troops out of every world hot spot or control area.  Demand that the rule of free transport of the sea be maintained but force Europe to shoulder the burden of keeping order.  Determine that the first concern to the United States is Canada and Mexico.  After that is South America and Central America.  Limite the rise in Wall Street and oil to 100 points in WS and three cents in coil costs up or down per day for three years.

Finally set up two ways to pay for the mad credit card spending of the O\'man and Democrats, a one dollar charge on every purchase over twenty dollars and One dollar for each thousand.  Second for Americans only a special Bond where they can buy Federal savings bonds that will double every five years.  To be paid off/limited to twenty years growth.

There is more, however most people will not even read this far, if you do try MiddleAmerican2010.

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Comment by foundZero
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everybody wants their turn as dictator these days

Comment by quasi-political
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Sooooooo? More regulation, more wealth distribution, higher taxes, more market control, and continued artificial interest rates?

I guess you mean well?