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Paul's Personal Security

Ron Paul’s Personal Security                                                      August 19, 2011

Currently there are no federal government funds to provide for the security for presidential primary candidates, excepting President Obama.  The only time funds become available is 120 days prior to the general election and only for major candidates. 

Many have or should have concerns for the safety for presidential candidate Ron Paul.  This concern should be heightened as he is reform candidate who is critical of the status quo policies and aims to make long overdue political and economic changes.  Now is not the time to be naïve. 

Although only a few know the full strength of Paul’s campaign paid for security detail it appears to be deficient.  He appeared to have two men within the immediate area on the Iowa Straw Poll vote day.  This is clearly not enough.

He needs to beef up his entourage now as his life is in jeopardy.  Further, the cause is in jeopardy. Additionally, enhanced security will also make him appear more presidential and ready for the job. 

His time, our time and the nation’s time has come.  He is the one. He needs donation money for security and needs to use it now. 

Editors Reply

Don't sweat it.  Paul packs a .455 Webley under his coat.

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Comment by Harold Westrich
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I agree that Ron Paul needs a strong security force. 

Not necessarily just big guys standing around looking like they don't care.

He needs inteligent security that will be able to detect sniper threats, food poisoning threats, airplane sapatoge threats, and untold other high tec threats that you and I have not heard of.

How can we get the urgency of this message to his camp?  

Comment by Terrence ONeill
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IMHO the only way to protect Paul is M>A>D., and for that he needs: 1. to understand who has the most to lose, and 2. they need to realize that he understands who they are,
Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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Powell, I disagree. If Ron comes close to getting the nomination a few hired guns is not going to be enough.