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Why not guns?

Why not guns?

By: Jesse Mathewson

Violence exists around the world, and no society currently exists without it. Individuals commit acts of violence daily against other individuals, governments commit acts of mass violence against entire populations of individuals. Many different tools are used, but only one tool sees equal use by civilians, the gun.

There are many organizations bent on ridding the world of the evil that is guns, these organizations use the very cause of most of this evil to assist in their goal. Obviously, government, in its never-ending quest for more power, more control and more of everything will gladly assist in this. Democratic governments mask their assistance by seeming to provide “control” of the government to its people. Socialist governments simply pass the legislation, and ensure that the media supports everything done so that the largest majority of the people under its control simply accept what is done as necessary.

However, this is not an essay about the evils of government; I would hope that most reading articles here understand this simple reality. This is instead an article about retaining, using and promoting the Art of the Gun. A quote from a little known founder says, “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them” George Mason, during Virginia's Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788. I am no constitutionalist; I am instead an individualist, a voluntaryist and an agorist.

We are slaves if we do not understand what it takes to ensure we remain free, or what it may take to gain our liberty. The gun is a tool, it is not a weapon, and alone it can do no harm to any man. It takes our fingers, hands, arms and brain to turn it into a weapon. As I teach the students I am fortunate enough to work with, your brain is the true weapon. It is your decision to use a gun for evil or good, for defense or to initiate violence. And as I tell my students, never allow anyone else to cast doubts on your ability to decide rationally regardless the situation.

Learning the Art of the Gun is not a simple process; it can be compressed, taught and shared in small easily digested segments. However, as with any martial art, one must put in time, effort and energy to become a true master or at the very least progress past the initial stages. I have personally practiced for close to 30 years, and it was not until recent years that I began to truly learn and understand. Over the past 7 years I have taken numerous classes, however, have found that I have learned far more about myself and been able to progress far better by simply practicing the basics over and over again.

The result has been my setting down principles of training that I have found work well. I have begun teaching others as well, and over the past year have taken on close to one hundred students. Some of them have remained and we have continued down the path together, others were interested in learning the basics and most have the ability to easily progress on their own if they continue to practice. So when I am asked, why guns? My response is invariably, why not guns?

After all, I am as well trained, as proficient and able as the average law enforcement officer, military man and in many cases more proficient than both. Why not use a gun to ensure my continuing safety and that of my families? Wouldn’t it be foolhardy to assume that the same government that is intent on enslaving and taking my freedom; would actually protect me as well? I have seen what bullets do to men, women and children. I have seen death up close, and witnessed people shot. I have scars running from my head to my toes from various incidents and surgeries.

It is not easy for a person who has decided to follow the Non-Aggression Principle to consider the thought of using violence. However, it is more difficult for me to think about sitting back and allowing thieves or mafia (legal or illegal) to invade my house and harm my family. So I train and I practice, sure in the knowledge that even though what I do today may have no real effect on tomorrow’s outcome, I am still doing something today.

If you are interested in training, feel free to contact me. For all agorists/voluntaryists the classes are free, certain disclaimers do exist. However, contact me if you are interested, why go another day without truly understanding that the gun is not a weapon, but a tool, and you are the weapon that must be trained.

As a voluntaryist it is Jesse's firm belief that we should all be better students in life. His education is both accredited and auto-didactic and spans American History through Modern Criminal Justice; allowing his philosophy to be fluid, so question, criticize and above all exercise your intellect. You can email Jesse at jesse.mathewson@hotmail.com


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