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Is it Finally Time to Say “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”?

Is it Finally Time to Say “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”?

By: Tarrin Lupo

As the U.S.A spirals into a police state I find myself asking if it is time to leave this country. I have been a liberty activist most my adult life, so I guess I think about it more than the average Joe. I have watched the government for the last 20 years strip away my freedoms and ignore my rights. The last five years have been very disturbing because it seems to be happening at light speed. There are so many liberties being trampled that I am out of outrage, I just don’t have the energy to even complain about it anymore.

 I started doing research like many activists do after they start paying attention and realize the Titanic is finally on its way down. It does not take long for one to discover there is no place in the world that is free and you are basically deciding what your tolerable level of government intrusion into your life will be.

It’s an exciting time for freedom and many ideas are bouncing around the liberty community right now. The most prevalent idea is one of moving like-minded folks all to the same state. The movement is called the Free State Project. There are other smaller projects that encourage people to move to one county or even one town such as the Free Town Project. These projects are the most realistic and easiest solution to start with. The Free State Project, in New Hampshire, is already having success at rolling back the size and power of their state government. Even micro movements like the Free Town Project are literally just a few people away from changing their city council to majority liberty activists. I would advocate these options first before completely leaving this country.

I also think it is wise to have a back-up plan to leave the USA if things get too out of control. It is getting considerably harder to leave this country with your money. The laws keep changing to make it more and more difficult to move away. The USA is only a few years away from not allowing its producers to leave permanently. As the mounting debt becomes crushing, the government is holding on to its tax cows as hard as they can.

The sad truth is, if you are American, you can’t really get away from their reach if they really want you. Although you can make it difficult for them to come find you, they can if they really want too. The USA is one of the only countries that make you pay taxes on income you earn in other countries. Because of that, they pass restrictive laws to discourage folks from denouncing their citizenship.

I explored moving to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico and South America. After a few trips, I figured out I was just exchanging one set of problems for another and nothing seemed like an easy choice. I am seeing a little success in living free as activists live, like a tourist in other countries. This allows them to keep much of what they do off the books and gives them many freedoms they don’t have as residents. They just keep moving around making money and staying low key.

That is not to say there is no hope; I am seeing some exciting experiments starting to be tried around the world. Ideas like the Seasteading Project, Erikson Project and the free Honduras cities are really coming together. I think these are worth exploring and keeping an eye on.
Sadly I really do believe a big currency crash is coming to the USA in the next 10 years. It would be a great idea not to be living here when it all goes down. I will keep looking for options but will choose the Free State Project in the meantime.
I just recently wrote a romance novella, which takes place in Nazi Germany as Hitler rises to power. While doing research, I was frightened by all the similarities this country has to pre-Nazi Germany. I kept asking myself why the Jews and the people Hitler deemed undesirable didn’t just leave. What I found out was that many laws were passed to keep them from fleeing so the Nazi government could take all their assets first. The USA is in this stage now; try leaving the country with all your assets and see what happens. It really makes me wonder; just how long can a person wait until it is too late to leave. I feel that tipping point is only a few years away now and the clock is ticking.

Tarrin P. Lupo is the author of "One Nation Under Blood" and is also known for the historical fiction series "Pirates of Savannah". Tarrin has successfully published sixteen eBooks and short stories. He currently resides in Savannah Georgia and is a member of the Free State Project, spending time in New Hampshire promoting the ideas of Freedom and Liberty. Please visit for more information.


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Comments in Response

Comment by: Dennis Treybil (#34261)
   Entered on: 2013-01-07 09:26:40

Maybe Restaurant at the End of the Universe has more appropo imagery.

Doug Adams affecianados will recall that restaurant with the special room that extended into some space anomolies at times when it was most active.  To be there was to see the end of things, or so it would seem.  But then the room would retract to the main body of the restaurant and all would be well.

I think the "fiscal cliff" rhetoric being spewed about is just one more extension of the "special room", the one in which the unsuspecting live, being extended into that cataclysmic-appearing chasm in space described by Adams.

If I recall (it's been almost 30 years since I read those), many people invited their uninitiated friends there just to see the looks of horror on their faces at the height of their experience.   

Soon, the "special room" will retract to the main body of the restaurant (reality?) and all will be well.  Or will it?!

DC Treybil

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