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Genesis 4

• arclein
It would be as if we terraformed Venus and then prepared a group of colonists to occupy Venus who knew nothing of us. This is the story been told.

It is not creditable that this story was created by a people who confronted every day with a spear in their hands and sleeping in a thorn thicket to avoid predation. It is equally not creditable that this was imagined by a people who grew crops to the cycle of the sun and stars which get no mention in any of this material but is dominant throughout other mythologies.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Of course, speculative interpretations of the Bible may be entirely the WRONG way to go.

Considering all the mistakes scientists have made in their interpretations of physics and the universe, etc., in the past, and considering all the thousands of scientific hypothesises and theories that have failed over the last 300 to 400 years, perhaps we should focus on the other direction: that what the Bible says is entirely accurate as it stands, and if we don't understand it, to keep working at it until we understand how it fits together with all things - just as it is.

After all, we are such weaklings that we can't keep ourselves alive for much more than 100 years, and in the face of catastrophe - like a car accident - maybe not for even 1 minute, perhaps we should start looking at the Creator for what we are not, rather than for what He is.

Bible says emphatically that the Earth is 6000 years old. Our misinterpretation of Scripture suggests a possible, additional 4000 years at the absolute maximum limit. And much in geology can be shown to re-enforce what the Bible says - if you are willing to get past all those unproven theories and hypotheses that many people in the scientific community are constantly throwing out there.

The closest thing to a REAL REALITY working theory is that God is a Being Who is so extremely powerful that He created the whole Universe in 6 days - people included - just like the Bible says. And that people don't have a clue because their minds don't last any longer than their bodies.

All that scientific hypothesizing and theorizing does make for very good science fiction, though - and mass deception thrown in at the same time.

Get it yet? Un-Biblical scientific hypothesizing and theorizing is really political propaganda. And being such, should be spoken about in Freedom's Phoenix.