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Sometimes I get the most extraordinary emails. Here's one I received from someone named Nelson on Christmas Eve in response to my WND column The Gift that Keeps on Giving. The concluding line of that column reads, "I wish you all, believers and unbelievers alike, a blessed and gift-filled Christmas. Come and join the celebration."

Nelson writes:

Of course you want a “blessed gift-filled Christmas.” It’s a slap-in-the-face for Jesus because the presents don’t go to him even though it’s his birthday. It’s like going to a friends birthday party with gifts and saying happy birthday and then giving the gifts to each other in the presence of the birthday person.

Shhh..... the reason is because you really hate God inside. You are secretly practicing unknowingly a deep secret resentment of the Lord and you don’t even know it, BUT SHOW IT. But don’t worry that all will change soon, when God takes your heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh, as it is written, and it won’t be soon enough.


Um, what? How on earth did Nelson draw these conclusions from the column? I'm guessing Nelson must not have read the column very closely or he would understand the gifts I'm talking about are the Gifts of forgiveness, grace, salvation, and eternal life... NOT the stuff you buy at the mall.

And I really hate God inside, do I? And I practice a deep secret resentment of the Lord? My my, I never would have guessed. I always find it fascinating when people like Nelson know what's inside me more than I do myself.

Good to know he's omniscient. 

"Twin beacons of faith and freedom..."
Here's an interesting video clip I came across. It shows Ronald Reagan's Christmas (not "holiday," Christmas) address in 1981. Oh my goodness, can you imagine ANY president being able to get away with saying this stuff nowadays? Not that our current president would get anywhere close...

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