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BitShares - Invictus Innovations - Reimagine Everything‎
Bitshares earn 5% or more on anything. ... There are a lot of similarities between Bitcoin and BitShares. blocks. Transparent Blockchains. Trust is Unnecessary.
Reimagine Everything. BitShares does for business what bitcoin does for money. Watch Now. Find out what you can do with BitShares. Secure. Accounts only ...
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BitShares White Paper - Google Drive - Google Docs
Google Docs
BitShares X is the first implementation of ideas first introduced by Daniel Larimer on May 24th 2013 in a post on The ideas have evolved and ...
BitShares Forum - A New Birth of Freedom‎
BitShares AGS. Holders of BitShares AGS are on a prestegious blockchain- based "promotional mailing list" to receive 10% or more of the shares in all new ...
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Trade BitShares and other digital currencies in a peer to peer network with no counter-party risk.
BitShares - A Peer To Peer Polymorphic Digital Asset Exchange ... › BitcoinBitcoin Discussion
Oct 19, 2013 - 23 posts - ‎11 authors
BitShare will arbitrarily limit the size of the UTxO set? That sounds a crippling limitation to me. How can you know the good size? Just look all ...
We have moved to. Please join us there! Forum · Conference · Contact · Founder · Links. Decentralized Solutions to Centralized Problems ...
BitShares as a DAC Bank — Invictus‎
Stan and I were discussing BitShares one evening and I was trying to describe how BitShares is different from an altcoin. I used an analogy that described ...
Introduction To Bitshares - YouTube
Oct 21, 2013 - Uploaded by Invictus Innovations
Daniel Larimer - CEO, Invictus Innovations Introduces BitShares.
BitShares - Reddit‎
Dan Larimer - Best of BitShares Video from Texas Bitcoin Conference (youtube. com). submitted 2 days ago by unlimited_power · comment; sharecancel. loading  ...

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