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Kissinger Papers reveal Death Squads

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One year after the release of the Kissinger Papers by Wikileaks, the full impact of those documents is becoming clear. According to the documents, Henry Kissinger personally ordered the creation of death squads in South America that were responsible for thousands of deaths. In 1973, the National Security adviser directed the assassination of the president of Chile. Eleven days after the murder of Salvador Allende, Kissinger became Secretary of State. The late leader was the first Marxist elected to head a nation by open elections. One year after the assassination, the Kissinger papers reveal he managed the invasion of Cypress by Turkey. The invaders were supplied by the United States and trained by NATO. Kissinger played the role of unofficial adviser to Dick Cheney in 2003, assisting in planning for the invasion of Iraq. Now 90 years old, the former Secretary of State still manages Kissinger Associates, a secretive group of political and business leaders. Bilderberg me

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