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Unelected functionary changes NH CCW form, drops info, adds questions...without approval

• New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
In addition to the deletion of the info which let applicants know that unless specifically prohibited by law, that they are eligible, the following questions (not approved for the form by the legislature) were added by "somebody"

1.Has any state or federal agency or licensing authority ever claimed that you are prohibited by law or regulation from possessing a firearm?

2.Have you held a resident pistol / revolver license before?

3.Have you ever had a license to carry denied or revoked in this or any other state?

However, those questions catch rather innocuous and harmless situations such as;...Did the TSA ever mistake you for someone on one of the terrorism watch lists? Were you ever denied a pistol license in California or New York because the police chief didn't think you "needed" to carry a gun? Did you forget to write down the details of a Massachusetts pistol license you had back in the 80s? If so, with these changes to the application form, a New Hampshire police department could deny your application ? even though none of these disqualifies you from receiving a license under the law.

So far, there is no answer to the question of  "Who ordered/approved these changes?" The NHFC is looking into it. If/when there is any answer, he will share it with you.

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