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Was James Foley a Spy?

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Last month, we told you about the United States using Human Rights organizations to plot against other countries. The Obama administration sent several undercover Latin teenagers into Cuba to incite political uprising. The whole plan was a catastrophe. It didn't work. And worse than failing the mission, the US got caught red handed, hiding spies under the guise of humanitarian aid workers. Less than one month later, the Islamic State published a terrifying video, showing the gruesome beheading of American Journalist, James Foley. The inhumane execution buzzed on the internet and televisions around the world. On the surface, these two stories seem disconnected. But now, we know that James Foley was ALSO volunteering with the USAID, the same organization that sent spies into Cuba. He also worked in another organization, Teach for America. In Afghanistan, he wrote for the Stars and Stripes magazine, and in Libya, he was captured by Gaddafi's forces. From all appearances, F

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