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Ron Paul on 9/11

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Next week, the world will remember the 13th anniversary of the tragic attacks on 9/11. The fallout was huge. Of course the immediate impact claimed the lives of nearly 3 thousand Americans. But the lasting effects are still echoing through the country today. The Patriot Act. The abuse of power by the NSA. Pat downs and metal detectors at the airports. The tragedy was so huge, politicians STILL refer to this new era as a "Post-9/11 World." American freedoms, laws and even military actions all seem to hinge on that one fateful day, more than a decade ago. Even while battles rage overseas, new Islamic militant groups fighting as hard as they can to become public enemy number one, the attack on September 11 is still the one justification President Obama uses to forge new laws and issue new attacks. Longtime Congressman Ron Paul is now retired, no longer under jeopardy of losing an election by sharing his unbridled opinion. Just this week, Paul made a guest appearance on the

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