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Rand Paul Opposes Arming Syrian Soldiers

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The fight against the Islamic State is a very complicated one. Here in the states, there are strong opinions on every side. President Obama is slowly releasing more details of his strategy to "destroy and degrade" ISIS, and as every new piece of information comes out, more people are forming their opinions. Thursday morning, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel testified before House Representatives to answer questions from Congress about the strategy. Many representatives voiced their strong concerns about putting weapons, training and money in the hands of a militia group that doesn't even have a leader. Before the hearing even got to the Senate, two Congressmen got a little heated. Senator John McCain has long been a staunch advocate of swift military action. And when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called him on it, he got a little upset. Paul hit a sore spot with McCain when he pointed out a picture several news agencies published where the Senator was smiling with severa

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