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Survival is Attractive


 I am a 26 year old regular girl with no military family or background. I never really liked camping or the outdoors, and I don't even live in an overly remote or homestead-type community.

I grew up just like most every other girl– cheering, having sleep-overs, and generally being as naïve as most girls are, unfortunately. I'm not unusually strong or unique; I'm just a girly girl. I've always shopped and been focused on fashion, Facebook, and flirting, like most girls. I had no idea there was any other type of girl, honestly. It wasn't until the turn of events over the last 5-10 years that I started to question much of what is happening around the world and specifically here in the U.S. I started to read and ask questions and have what I call "an awakening". I started to find that trouble is everywhere and that it would be common sense just to have provisions, even for a weather-related or local emergency. So began my journey, even with the odds perhaps stacked against me, as I had virtually no one agreeing with my new awareness, no family support, and have even occasionally dated guys who thought it was paranoia. Needless to say, I didn't keep these chaps around long!

My intention in writing an article is simply to share what I have learned, the resolve and strength I have gained, and the skills I have developed in hopes that it just may inspire or encourage anyone out there who feels they are in a similar situation with their back against the wall.

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