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Despite defeats - 10 reasons Democrats feel the election wasn't a total bust


1. Voters Raise the Wage Floor

Two years of protest by low-wage workers are paying off: even conservatives understand that you can't get by on $7.25. Four states plus San Francisco and Oakland voted to raise the wage on Tuesday.

2. Personhood Fails, Again

Voters in Colorado and North Dakota rejected measures that would have given rights to fertilized eggs and potentially opened the door not only for the criminalization of abortion but also to prosecution of women who have miscarriages or use certain forms of birth control.

3. Weed Legalized in the Capital and in Two More States


4. Workers Win Paid Sick Days

Massachusetts becomes the third state in the nation to guarantee paid sick days to workers after voters approved a ballot measure by a wide margin:

5. There Will Be at least 100 Women in the US House

6. Scott Brown, Feminist Hero

7. A Win for Gun Safety

Washington State now has one of the toughest background-check laws in the country. The initiative that voters approved Tuesday closes a loophole that allows gun buyers to avoid the checks when they make their purchases from private sellers—for example, online or a gun shows—rather than licensed retailers.

8. A Blow to Mass Incarceration

California approved a ballot measure to reduce minor drug crimes and theft from felonies to misdemeanors.

9. Fracking challenged in California

10. Corbett Out in Pennsylvania


11. Anti-Food-Stamp Crusader Out in Florida

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