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'Human Sat Nav' guides users with electrodes

•, Joao Lima

erman scientists at the University of Hannover have developed the first human satellite navigation which will guide the elderly home, fire-fighters through burning buildings, help tourists navigate strange cities and people on dates to find their partner.

The solution controls leg muscles via tiny electric currents to stimulate the sartorius two-joint muscle, which runs from the inside of the knee to the top of the outer thigh.

The sensor is able to quickly direct the user to go right or left without the need to stop walking.

The contraction, which happens on the upswing, feels like a gentle tug in one direction and is easy to override.

Max Pfeiffer, one of the developers of the project at the German university, told The Daily Telegraph that he believes the invention will allow tourists to navigate unfamiliar cities without taking their eyes off the sights, because they no longer need to follow directions.