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Challenge: Which institution would I de-fund 100%?


I would eliminate all funding for education, including all of the military academies.

Most people would probably choose a federal program to eliminate. I wouldn't. I think all government begins with self-government and then extends to three institutions: family, church, and state.

My slogan is "Politics fourth."

Judicial sovereignty lies with the individual. Why? Because the individual is responsible for his own actions. If individuals do not govern themselves, there is not sufficient power anywhere else in society to force all men to do the right thing, or the predictable thing, or the sensible thing. The only reason why any institutional government works is because the vast majority of people under some governmental administration govern themselves on the basis of agreed-upon ethical and practical principles. In other words, if self-government breaks down, we are faced with either tyranny or chaos. Because people will not live in chaos, they will choose to submit to tyranny.

Second, I am a traditional conservative. I am therefore a disciple of Edmund Burke. I think the most government in life is not political. I think the most government has to do with voluntary associations, personal commitments on a face-to-face basis, and local organizations that deal with local problems. 

Third, if I wanted to call myself a liberal, I would call myself a disciple of Alexis de Tocqueville, who took pretty much the same approach that Edmund Burke did when Tocqueville analyzed and described the American commonwealth of 1830.


I am convinced that the American public school system is a humanistic attempt to substitute the state for the church. This has certainly been the case in American history. Massachusetts was the last state to get rid of tax-funded churches, which it did in 1833. Four years later, it created the state Board of Education and began pursuing the tax funding of primary education.

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