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DJI's New Palm-Sized Drone Responds To a Wave of Your Hand


Isn't DJI's new drone just the cutest little thing?

The new DJI Spark is much smaller than other quadcopters on the market; the body is about the size and weight of a can of La Croix.

It arrives in mid-June for $500. It shoots HD video, has a 2-axis gimbal stabilizer on the camera, and comes with on-board software that mitigates shake and shutter roll. It tops out at 31 mph and stays aloft for 16 minutes. Not crazy-bonkers specs, but it is just so, so tiny.

By far the coolest Spark feature is its gesture-controlled flight mode, allowing you to send the drone overhead to take an aerial photo of you and your buds with just simple hand movements.

When you turn it on and hold it out in front of you, the Spark uses the camera to look for its pilot. The camera spots you, then the Spark springs to life and starts hovering. From there, gestures take over. Hold up a palm and move it side to side, and the Spark follows your hand. Wave at it, and it flies 10 feet away, keeping you centered in the shot. When you walk around, the drone continues to track you. A two-handed "picture frame" gesture snaps a photo. When you're done, wave at the Spark, hold out your hand, and it flies down and lands in your outstretched palm. Your phone stays in your pocket the whole time.

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