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Should Cyber Security Researchers Pay For The Shadow Broker's Exploit Dump?


Cyber Security researchers are today discussing the pros and cons of paying for a dump of exploits currently held by a notorious hacking group called The Shadow Broker's. If these exploits get into the wrong hands they could be used to steal credit card information, login credentials or take control of a computer remotely.

It is unclear how the Shadow Broker's acquired the exploits. It has been speculated that an NSA operator left it on an insecure remote server. An exploit is a piece of code used to abuse a flaw in a system or software. The hacker can then install malicious code known as malware onto the vulnerable system.

The issue produced a lot of debate on Twitter with people offering arguments for and against paying for the exploits.


Kevin Beaumont, a UK based security researcher said that the prospect was a new low for infosec.

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