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Technocrat MDs Push Youth Transgender Assignment With Irreversible Hormone Therapy

• By Walt Heyer

According to the wisdom of the day, kids experiencing gender dysphoria need to be treated affirmingly as early—and as radically—as possible. For the time being, surgery and hormone therapy have to wait until age sixteen. But before that, adolescents can be prescribed puberty blockers, and even younger children are encouraged to transition "socially," by adopting the name, dress, and mannerisms of their preferred gender.

All of this is in spite of the fact that gender dysphoria in children sees very low rates of persistence—ranging from 2.2% to 30% in males and from 12% to 50% in females, according to the DSM-5. As Dr. Kristina Olson, a research psychologist at the University of Washington, put it, "We just don't have definitive data one way or another." The truth is that no one can predict whether a gender dysphoric kid will feel the same way years later. That's why Olson is leading a study of 300 trans kids that will track outcomes over twenty years. "To be able to, hopefully, answer which children should or should not transition," she said. In the meantime, many of those children will be encouraged to go ahead and make life-altering medical decisions in light of scientific ignorance.

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