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AI computer chips made of mice neurons that can SMELL explosives could transform...


A technology expert has created a computer chip based on mice neurons that could recognise the smell of explosives.

The device could be implanted into the brain of future robots,  which could be trained to recognise danger via odours, replacing traditional airport security.

The Koniku Kore device is a 'world first' that is able to breath in and smell air, meaning it could detect volatile chemicals and explosives or even illnesses such as cancer. 

This means in the future passengers could skip tedious airport security lines, while the special device sniffs out explosives silently in the background.

While those in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are working furiously to create machines that can mimic the brain, or - like tech entrepreneur Elon Musk - implant computers in our brains, one researcher has found a way to merge lab-grown neurons with electronic circuitry.    

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