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Etherecash Aims to Change the Way We Lend, Send and Spend; Announces ICO


Financial inclusion has been touted as critical to reducing world poverty and achieving inclusive global growth. However, more than 2 billion people remain unbanked despite advances to modern technology. The cause of this problem can be attributed to the complex and often draconic processes involved in securing loans.

A digitized payment system have been touted as the best possible solution. Financial services for both individuals and companies can help reduce income inequality and accelerate economic growth. However, there has yet to be an all encompassing solution to this problem until now.

Etherecash is set to disrupt the financial industry by revolutionizing three core financial services; lending, sending, and spending. Etherecash significantly improves transparency, security and reliability, providing peer-to-peer loans through lawyer-backed Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

The adoption and integration of blockchain technology is bringing about newfound level of trust, transparency and accountability due to its distributed and immutable nature – attributes the financial service sector desperately needs particularly after the financial crisis of 2008. The technology is facilitating innovative peer-to-peer lending and borrowing options accessible from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

By cutting out middlemen, Etherecash offers more competitive terms, greater access and faster approvals to the over $55 billion annual loan industry, which has been projected to reach $490 billion by 2020.

Lending through a peer-to-peer network affords market participants with the unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of borrowers and lenders from different economic backgrounds and financial needs, providing access to a more competitive marketplace.

Built on the ethereum platform, Etherecash utilizes smart contracts to facilitate customed transactions based on agreed terms. Transactions are recorded on a tamper-proof and irreversible decentralized, public ledger in accordance with KYC and AML regulations. The lawyer-backed smart contracts and blockchain technology provide total security, transparency, affordability, and convenience for the users of the multi-currency lending platform.

Using Etherecash, users can lend, send and spend money on a globally decentralized network. The platform brings taSet featured imagengibility and real world use for cryptocurrencies through the implementation of a multi-cryptocurrency debit card that not only let the users store and spend their cryptocurrencies online or it stores, but also withdraw to their local current using ATM.

In order to introduce it services to the community, Etherecash will be running an ICO campaign. 360 million tokens (ECH) have been created of which 144 million tokens will be made available for the crowdsale event.

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