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Repair decayed teeth with "bioactive" glass that remineralizes teeth without fluoride

•, by Frances Bloomfield

Yet a team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London's (QMUL) Institute of Dentistry is working on changing that. According to, the researchers have developed a fast-dissolving "bioactive" glass that they're putting in toothpaste called "BioMinC", a new toothpaste that repairs decayed teeth.

The toothpaste is an offshoot of their earlier product, "BioMinF" toothpaste. The key differences between these toothpastes is that the major component in BioMinF is fluoride-containing glass, while BioMinC has chlorine-containing glass. Compared to BioMinF, BioMinC has a more reactive glass and promotes formation of apatite at a more rapid pace.

BioMinC works by forming a coating of crystalline hydroxyapatite, a chemical that serves as both a major component and important ingredient in normal teeth and bones. Hydroxyapatite normally gives bones and teeth their structure, while the hydroxyapatite in BioMinC imitates bone and teeth mineral to return lost minerals to decayed teeth.

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