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Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and Now Iran. We Have Seen This Song and Dance Before

• By Alex Christoforou

With 2018 not even a week old, we have a shiny, brand new western regime change operation unfolding in Iran.

When it comes to western sponsored regime change operations, Iran may very well be the biggest prize of them all. You have to hand it to the Deep State on this one…they are aiming to wreak havoc on regional power Iran, and deal a fatal blow to a rising New World Order.

For all its hubris and ambition, this western fueled regime change operation lacks much creativity, dusting off the same old playbook used in regime change operations of the past decade.

Caitlin Johnstone details how the US Empire is running the same script with Iran that it ran with Libya, Syria, and so many more, now destroyed and dysfunctional nation states.

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