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ISIS Group Issues Pair of Assassination Threats to Pope Francis


An ISIS-supporting media group has issued two assassination threats against Pope Francis in the past several days in what could be a revival of last year's holiday push by the terror group for violence against the Vatican and Catholic Church.

The online depictions were released by Al-Abd Al-Faqir, a prolific ISIS media group that this month threatened grenade attacks at music venues.

The first poster, released last week, warned "slaves of the Cross" as a masked gunman in a striped polo shirt and khakis is depicted sneaking up behind the pope, who is facing the "wall of death" at Auschwitz.

The newer image this week uses a photo of Pope Francis' July 2016 visit to Auschwitz, adding an assassin wearing an ISIS wristband pointing a handgun at the pontiff.

"Don't think you are away from our attacks," says the text on the image.

Last November, the ISIS-supporting Wafa' Media Foundation circulated a poster depicting a vehicle moving toward the Vatican with a cache of weapons, vowing "Christmas blood."

"So wait..." were the only other words on the image, an illustration showing the point of view of an unseen driver as his BMW approached St. Peter's Basilica in the evening with an unobstructed view driving down Via della Conciliazione. In the passenger seat: a rifle, a handgun and a backpack. In the rearview mirror, a masked face.

Then the group released a "beheading" image of Pope Francis, with a jihadist standing over the orange-jumpsuited body of a prisoner with his hands behind his back, chest-down on the ground on a dirt street. "Jorge Mario Bergoglio," the pope's name, was written next to the head.

That was followed by Wafa' releases the image of a lone jihadist with a backpack, rocket-propelled grenade and rifle at the jihadist's side as storm clouds gather over a twilight St. Peter's Square.

In a message to fellow jihadists, the group notes that "the crusaders' feast is approaching."

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