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The Baby Barista is like a Nespresso machine for baby formula


One of my husband's earliest memories of fatherhood was being up at 4 a.m. trying to soothe a screaming infant while also somehow mixing a bottle with baby formula, then waiting for it to warm up in a bottle-heating machine. This is a common story for new parents. Just when your baby is her hangriest, she has to wait—and wait and wait—for the very thing that will calm her down.

A new product is designed to make it easier to feed fussy babies. Called Baby Barista, it's a formula-making machine, bottle warmer, and subscription service in one.

According to RKS, the California-based industrial design consultancy that has spent the past couple of months rethinking the formula-feeding experience, many parents reported struggling with nailing the ratio of formula to water, then getting the liquid to the right temperature. "Fathers, in particular, didn't feel confident about getting it right," says Ravi Sawhney, founder and CEO of RKS.