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Government Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses To Planting Explosives In WTCs Before 9/11


However, while we are in the middle of a massive government psyop on the 20th anniversary of another massive government psyop, I find it incredible that a government special ops demo expert has confessed to planting explosives in the World Trade Center before 9/11.

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Matt Agorist has the story.

In a story that should be on the front page of every newspaper, or at least have any reporter worth their salt digging into it, a man who purports to be a controlled demolitions special operative for the United States, has come forward with a damning confession. According to Manuel Garcia Jr., he was tasked by a team created by Dick Cheney to help carry out a false flag attack on the World Trade Centers, otherwise known as 9/11, in order to "reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control."

According to Garcia, he's kept this secret for the last 20 years and has only recently decided to come clean after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In his confession, Garcia paints a behind the scenes picture of the deep state at work to maintain their control through fear, destruction, and mass murder.