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Unexplained Experiences: NDE, Time-Slips, Bi-Location, or Possible 'Mandela Effect?'

• arclein

"I've never read much into the ME (Mandela Effect) although I've agreed with most of the examples. I only just now heard the whole dying theory and it reminded me that my car was totaled back in college. Moments leading up to it I saw a car merging into me, I was hit, the car spun out of control... but my memory ends just before the collision. The next thing I know, my car is totaled but I wasn't hit by another car. I had hit the barrier, which I don't remember, and flung across all 4 lanes, which I don't remember, to end up at the side of the road waking up to people, police, and eventually an ambulance. Everyone saw the car go out of control but the only explanation was that I did it by