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New LPPFusion Paper: Our Peers Confirm We Lead in Results

• arclein

In a newly-accepted paper for the Journal of Fusion Energy, LPPFusion demonstrated in detail our lead in scientific results among all private fusion efforts?"and our peers and competitors agree! The new paper, "Focus Fusion: Overview of Progress Towards p-B11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma Focus", was accepted on Feb. 18 for a special issue of the Journal of Fusion Energy devoted to private fusion projects. Importantly each paper, including our own, was reviewed by scientists from competing private fusion efforts, ensuring a credible review process. We'll circulate a link to all as soon as it is published. Our new paper documents that " among privately-funded fusion efforts, our experiments have achieved the highest ratio of fusion energy generation to device energy input (wall-plug efficiency) and the highest ntT product " The ntT product - density multiplied by confinement time, multiplied by temperature, is a standard rough measure of the quality of our fusion plasma whi