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Is Trump Plotting Regime Change in Iran?

Is Trump Plotting Regime Change in Iran?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Protests in a number of cities at the same time don't erupt spontaneously. They're orchestrated, leadership directing them, likely from abroad.

Nearly a week of protests in Iran have the earmarks of a CIA attempted color revolution, perhaps complicit with Israel's Mossad.

Washington and Israel want Iranian sovereignty eliminated, replaced by pro-Western puppet rule - tyranny with an iron-fist.

Trump and Netanyahu are pathologically hostile toward Iran. On New Year's day, Trump warned its leadership, tweeting: "TIME FOR CHANGE."

Political prostitute Nikki Haley blasted Iran's government, along with North Korea's, Venezuela's and Cuba's, saying "especially in Iran (where) people are…finding their voice."

Former US UN envoy neocon John Bolton told Fox News "(o)ur goal should be regime change in Iran." It's been Washington's "goal" since Iranians overthrew the US/UK-installed fascist dictatorship in 1979, the Islamic Republic replacing it.

Numbers of Iranians protesting are small compared to during Washington's failed 2009 color revolution attempt.

Small numbers alone are responsible for violence. Through Monday, 21 deaths were reported, victims of orchestrated lethal shootings - by assassins, hired guns, serving foreign interests, not Iranian ones.

On Tuesday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressed what's going on, saying:

"During the events of the past several days, Iran's enemies, using the various tools at their disposal, including money, weapons, politics, and security apparatus, have allied to create problems for the Islamic establishment," adding:

"(T)he spirit spirit of courage, sacrifice and faith" in Iran confronts them with an indomitable obstacle.

If foreign enemies of Iran established a foothold in the country, they'd have no "mercy on anything, and the situation (would be) much worse than (today) in Libya and Syria."

On Tuesday, Syria's Foreign Ministry condemned Ziofascists in Washington and Israel. It expressed full solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, strongly opposing foreign interference in its internal affairs.

It's confident Iranian security forces will restore order and stability to the country, defeating dark forces abroad wanting disorder and regime change.

On Tuesday, Al Mayadeen TV quoted Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) spokesman Ramezan Sharif, saying police and other security forces "fully control the situation in Tehran and other cities of Iran where street protests took place."

Iran's Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani accused Washington, Israel and Saudi Arabia of instigating the protests, meddling in the country's internal affairs, wanting its government toppled.

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister Hossein Zolfaghari expressed confidence that security forces will "decisively counter the saboteurs" responsible for violence, adding:

"In most parts of the country, the situation is now normal and the unrest that took place in certain areas will soon end with the people's cooperation and the efforts of security forces."

If order is fully restored, will Trump, Netanyahu and the Saudis resort to other hardline tactics? Most likely they will, Iranian security forces prepared to confront whatever happens.

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