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Charles Heller (Executive Director of J.P.F.O. - Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) on J.P.F.O.'s stance on defending the 2nd Amendment amidst recent tragedies and the Obama administration's wish to have us all disarmed.

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Stewart Rhodes (Founder, Oathkeepers) weighs in on gun rights issues in the wake of the Obama administration's gun grab agenda - Dana Cody (Executive Director, Life Legal Defense Foundation), championing the rights of women and the unborn.

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John Bush and Catherine Bleish provide an update on what they will be doing in 2013 and beyond - John's show (Rise Up Radio) is now on LRN.FM; Sovereign Living encourages people to invest in their sovereignty by learning to live self sufficiently...

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Dr. Phranq Tamburri (Naturopathic Physician and r3VOLutionary) in studio to talk about surviving socialized medicine - Dana Cody (Executive Director, Life Legal Defense Foundation) provides a summary on the presentation of socialized medicine and Oba

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Michael W. Deen (FreedomFeens.Com) on Obama's gun grabbing executive orders - Shahid Buttar (Executive Director Bill of Rights Defense Committee) on the "Unconstitutional Surveillance Powers" Made Law While You Where Focusing on "Fiscal Cliff"

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Gregg Tivnan (friend of Ernest and already living in a state of preparedness) talks about headline news - Matt Papke (AZ GOP Party Member) on the recent AZ State and County GOP Conventions held in Phoenix


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