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Eddy Taylor (Nano Soma) on the 'cure for covid' - Paul Rosenberg (Freeman's Perspective) on predictions for 2021; now what? secession? - Harry Vox (Investigative Journalist comes on to discuss current events, fraud, corruption, etc...

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James Corbett (Corbett Report) comes on the show in this first Corbett podcast of 2021. We all know what the problem is (government - and they are not here to help), and we will focus on solutions, and will touch on fake news, propaganda (to the max)

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Robert Michael on private estate trusts - James Bovard (Libertarian Author; Writer) on what's in store for 2021, Trump/Biden, lockdowns/mandates, etc... - Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers) on second amendment in Biden admin, predictions for 2021, D.C. ri


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