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Jefferson Paine 

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Jefferson Paine
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Current Columns and Articles

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Who Gets the Kids, Anyway? 
   An MSNBC host says kids belong to communities, not their parents, and the chorus of "parents do too own them!" thunders through the talkosphere. Tristan Shoubt brings both sides up short in his latest cartoon. To share, link to the source page or ema
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On bringing scissors to a gunfight (cartoon) 
   Another fun political cartoon from Tristan Shoubt pokes fun at the now infamous DHS "Active Shooter Situations" video. To share with friends, link to the host page or email for permission.
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Drone Filibuster (cartoon) 
   Via the SuppleMentally blog at, here's the latest cartoon from Tristan Shoubt with a typically odd slant on Senator Rand's filibuster on drones. To share, link to the blog page or write for permission to
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Magazine Article  •  Surviving the Collapse
Guns and Motivations
by Jefferson Paine
The debate over firearms in America is hotter today than it has been in decades. Unfortunately, passion has eclipsed reason as the driving force therein.
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Magazine Article  •  Surviving the Collapse
What Kind of Free State Needs a Militia?
by Jefferson Paine
In the debate over gun control, we often hear this about the Second Amendment: The phrase “necessary to the security of a free State” is about the need for a militia to protect the United States from its enemies around the world.
Reference Link
Smoking gun stats: Nationwide GOP election fraud 2008, 2012 
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The insanity of our electoral system 
   Let’s start with some basics: which voting system is best? We use almost exclusively the plurality voting system, which voting theorists have considered the worst voting system for satisfying voters. It is notorious for leading to a choice between “t
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Reference Link
Strong evidence of vote fraud in SC GOP Primary 
   A numerical analysis of accumulating vote totals for all candidates in the SC GOP Primary shows almost certain evidence of vote fraud. See the report, link to the data, and check it yourself.
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Magazine Article  •  Future Predictions
Aching for Freedom
by Jefferson Paine
Here's hoping that 2012 brings health, prosperity, happiness, and above all FREEDOM to you ... and all of us. We ache for freedom to return.
Reference Link
Concise "birther" petition to officials in the 50 states 
   This petition is worth sharing widely just for the very concise way it summarizes the concerns about Obama's legitimacy as president.
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Reference Link
The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse 
   A must-read article that begins with this quotation: “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” " Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913
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Maybe she's not dead yet ... 
   ... but she's at least on life support. If you believe, you'll need to do more than clap your hands. (reference probably meaningful only to readers of a certain age)
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Unimpeachable refutation of official 9/11 story! Recording of fire operations in South Tower. 
   This video on YouTube gives dead-obvious proof that there were no fires of significance in the South Tower and no damage to structural steel below the 79th floor within 2 minutes of the final collapse. Great resource for convincing treason-deniers!
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Reference Link
Pinocchio: an allegory for our times. 

This is great! See how the story of Pinocchio tracks the social trends of the last several generations in this country.

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Funny! Barry the Builder: "Yes, we CAN!" 
   Had you noticed that Obama's campaign slogan is right out of the children's video series "Bob the Builder"? It just goes to show the intellectual level at which he aimed his pitch. Here's a funny graphic send-up of Barry the
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Reference Link
Background on International Banking Conspiracy 
   Brief video intro to Carroll Quigley's account of the conspiracy for global domination by international bankers. Links Rhodes Scholarship, CFR and other such "round table" groups, and historic events. [link fixed]
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