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Tim Picciott (The Liberty Advisor) comes on to talk about A Pro Trump Libertarian's assessment of the President - John Brakey (AUDITAZ; Election Nightmares) updates on voting/election fraud in U.S; Blockchain Voting

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Robert Anthony Peters (Vice President of FIJA) on the upcoming FIJA and FEE Meet and Greet at the AZ Beer House (Tucson) on Monday April 9th, 7-8:30 pm -- Dr Craig Wilkinson (Surgeon; Author) on the book The Honorable Governor Culbert Levy Olson Hu

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Matt Landman (Frankenskies) left the corporate world to become an organic farmer where he began noticing weather issues; talks about geoengineering - Michael Louis on building natural structures, permaculture, your crypto trading and teaching platfor

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Irene Pi (local anit-vaccine activist) gives an update on vaccines and propaganda - Paige Peterson ( User Education & Community Team Leader at Z Cash) provides an update on Z Cash's decentralized and open-source platform and usability


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