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The Cure For Ron Paul's Issues:<br> A Profound Plan For Freedom

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This message is for all people who support Ron Paul's message of Freedom and want to know what they can do as a "Freedom Keeper."

Listed just below are seven activities of the federal government that are un-constitutional.

With the exception of Ron Paul, all of this year's presidential candidates, past and present, would have us believe these activities are mere matters of public policy.

Ron Paul says "NO!" -- These are not matters of public policy, they are VIOLATIONS of the Constitution.

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The We The People organizations have proposed a practical, and profound plan to peacefully force the Government to Redress the violations of the Constitution that ail our Republic and lie at the heart of Ron Paul's message of Liberty.

Key to this plan for the People is the profound, yet little-known, Constitutional function of the last ten words of the First Amendment.

Those ten words -- the "accountability" clause of the Constitution --  have an 800-year ancestory dating from Magna Carta, and are far more powerful than our Government will admit.  

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Comment by PureTrust
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Not only has the U.S. Government has abandoned
the Rule of Law as defined by the People
via the Constitution, but in so doing it has abandoned itself. Read all of .

If a government official acts outside of his/her written government authority, he/she is not acting as a government official in all such acts. He/she is acting privately, personally, possibly fraudulently and criminally.

Government does no wrong. The wrong is done by government officials acting outside of their governmentally authorized authority while at the same time claiming that they are acting within their governmental authority.

Standard law says that this is fraud, crime, treason. Ask any attorney point blank. This is the problem with government - treasonous officials - not the form of the government itself.

Comment by PureTrust
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If a person will not do what he has promised to do under oath, why would we trust him/her with regulating our whole life? Can we think that he is now doing something better than he what promised, if he won't even do what he promised to do? Will we trust him with the lives of our families and loved ones? How stupid are we - as stupid as they think we are?