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Dead Bodies Are Rising From Their Grave In Revolt

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism
(Publisher: Edwin... You're back :)

    Libertarian websites that foment a revolution on the ground, in papers or in print are their graveyards to stay and rise to attack.

    Let’s clear the air with this editorial eye-opener why intellectually dead zombies are rising from their grave and give non-libertarians a sudden heart attack.

    Halloween is never too early in October. But let me remind all and sundry that zombies are rising from their grave. They threaten to cast damnation on websites and authors if they continue to publish stuff creatures from the crypt don’t like. This libertarian website is not spared from this kind of libertarian revolt from within.    

     What is established by empirical evidence is the fact that when emotionally stirred, intellectually dead zombies go crazy after reading a published opinion they hate; they attack the publisher, the website and the author like how then Imperial Japan, in a treacherous sneak attack, torpedoed the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

      In this following example that the general public must read – and should know – whether readers are making catcalls of approval and clapping their hands in standing ovation, or stumping their feet down grimacing with disapproval because they happen to be revolutionary libertarians – repeat, the general public needs to know especially how and why’s publisher, this libertarian website itself and the author were attacked. Note that the publisher – obviously rightfully cynical – described this spiteful libertarian rebel as “Another Edwin Sumcad ‘Fan’ ”. To see how protest of this kind gets out of control, click on this link and find out for yourself … Zombie.  What you will read is all emotional [hate] attacks … no gray matter is involved at all – brain that could debate or argue the issue raised, i.e., to disagree and disprove the fact that the Fed is a government entity… there is none at all!

       It is a great disservice to the American public and to the Libertarian Movement to hide this revolt from within or to cover this up for fear of hurting the libertarian revolutionary cause. The head can be buried in the sand like an ostrich, but the butt is exposed where the cause can be hurt even more!

       In general, zombies normally turn wild when exposed to the truth of what they read or don’t want to know. They are particularly attracted to the truth this author has written about the Federal Reserve. This writer has published several editorial reports on the Fed that millions have read, unfortunately, zombies are also helplessly attracted to these writings like how moths are, to the lamp. It’s just that they couldn’t stand the truth they don’t want to know, and they just go berserk!

       Take this directly from the zombie’s mouth: “I was highly dismayed at reading (in horror and disbelief) the article by Edwin Sumcad, dealing with the Federal Reserve's (in his mind) "governmental status". Why in the light of Jove this angry protester is “dismayed”, this bucket-kicker is tongue-tied to give an answer, helplessly mute … which means that nothing comes out from a dead brain.

       This libertarian rebel cannot accept the truth that the Federal Reserve is a government entity.  He cannot disprove it either, even though he disagrees. To him and his likes the Fed is a private institution run by banking pirates waving an imagined flag of cross-bones symbolizing an insatiable greed for money they pirate from the gullible. The imagination is fertile, but the ground is barren, spooky dry and too stupidly abiotic.

      To libertarian mutineers who dwell in fantasyland, the Fed is run by “crooks”. But in the real world, the Fed is run by the Board of Governors – a body composed of monetary authorities, the Executive branch of Government, and the U.S. Congress. These are elected to public office by us – the people.  If the Fed is an entity made up of “crooks”, so we the people are these “crooks” because in this Democracy, we are in fact, the Fed. This explains why this ignorant accusation is unacceptable because it is merely a creation of a hostile imagination, an innuendo; it is not real … it is delusional!

       What this author wrote about the Fed as a government entity was only the truth … nothing more but only the truth. The link is here: Fed is a government entity.

       In this linked editorial piece that I am presenting to you for your verification and scrutiny, you will see that this author did not manufacture the truth about the real status of the Federal Reserve as a government entity. Congress saw to it that it is so. It is the United States Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals – the highest courts of the land -- that firmly established this truth about the Fed that it is a government body, not a private enterprise; the Judiciary carved its dicta in stone for posterity.

     Blinded by emotion, libertarian mutineers reject this documented truth and create their own in their dark fogged out world of graveyard reality. 

       In the real world, this journalist of more than 45 years was “compelled” to write the truth about the Fed as a government institution when there was nobody there who would dare court the ire of the Libertarian Movement that wants to get rid of the United States Federal Reserve, more so when this expose was written for this website, which is the mouthpiece of libertarianism.

     My hope is this gets published for the American public to know.  After all, this website serves the private interest of the publisher as well as the interest of the public he also serves.  I can only rely on the publisher’s sense of fairness, which is fundamentally required in the practice of true journalism.  If this is absent because I am mistaken on this reliance on the publisher’s sense of fairness, equity and justice, then it is out of my hand; it is not for me to judge as to the nature and purpose of this online publication.

      But as I have always written down the likes of this editorial for more than a hundred times, let me write it down again here in this site, for the nth time: There is no civic duty more compelling for any concerned citizen to perform than perform and risk life to peril to protect the interest of the public so that the good of the commonweal can be selflessly served.

       Furthermore, in the academe, I once left my signature to my students whose burning ambition was to learn and meet the challenge of this perilous craft as their means of livelihood -- and for the public to know -- that Journalism as a public discipline is not for the faint-hearted. The life of journalists who dare to write and publish the truth is always exposed to the hazards of this dangerously precipitous calling.

        How the truth is written in this particular case is not something more than what ordinary journalists and lawyers do everyday when they prepare to write the truth or prepare a case in court. 

       This author dug deep into the case-records of the high courts. What was found was not something libertarian mutineers liked. The brain-dead came out from their grave to attack the publisher, the website, the author and the excerpts of the court documents which established the fact that the Fed is a government entity, not the private property of greedy bankers which zombies want the American public to believe in a false propaganda campaign aimed at creating their own virtual reality!

       In this case, this particular libertarian insurgent of the libertarian cause wants the public to believe that the published court records were lies … in his own words – a “deception, distortion and outright lies.”  Of course as usual, he does not say why he thinks that the U.S. Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals had committed or were committing a deception, distortion or outright lies.  He could not support [how can he … in the monitor screen, the brain of zombies is a flat line -- dead] or could not back up his denial of the documented truth on record about the government status of the Fed, except to say that “I've been involved in the patriot movement for quite a number of years now so I knew better …”

     It is therefore shown that the subject is involved in a propaganda movement against the Fed for quite a number of years now … no wonder he was allergic to the truth that was published, which was contrary to his “patriot movement”, whatever this movement is all about, maybe an underground movement not just against the Fed but against a failing Government that President Obama heads, that is if he is not directly in cahoots with terror in an underground movement that endangers this country’s national security.

     This probably explains why government agents are currently watching and similar sites 24 hours a day to know what’s going on in the Internet.  Security agents always sing this song while waiting to catch their prey. The song they sing is … I Have Only Eyes For You!

     By far, underground zombies swarm like locusts on the farm of truth the author had cultivated [researched] and published about the Federal Reserve. One of those viciously attacked was on this link: Caretakers of doom.

      The ignorant that are misled down the road to perdition by similar attacks are the real victims, not this undeterred writer or his resourceful authorship of daring editorials published for the benefit of the American public.

      For their protection, the ignorant should surf the Web for helpful information or go to online centers like this GetYourStuff website and once there should Get Educated About The Fed … [click on this link to bring you there]. In that educational website, libertarian counter-revolutionaries and underground satellites would be able to know why this Nation needs the Fed; how the Fed works, and they would have also a chance to learn much more about the fundamentals of Economics of which in-charge, the Federal Reserve is keeping a watchful eye 24 hours a day.  

       For, if you are groping in the dark on the rudiments of economics or understand it the way those who hate the Fed do, you don’t need the Fed.  You need help! #


© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. access October 8, 2009

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 Most people who claim to be libertarians are not.  They are just anti-authoritarian toward others while being extreme authoritarians suffering from low self-esteem issues or impotency emotions themselves.  These are people who are the worst hypocrites, worse than any democrat or republican.  They are worse dictatorial type than any McCainiac or Obamawannabe.