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Glenn Beck attacks TX liberty candidate Debra Medina today, 2/17/10.

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Here's where he kicks off against Medina and the movement.
Beck tries to tie Medina to 9/11 truth. That's gonna be a theme. The rest of the parts of this 7 part series are on Youtube if you can stand to watch.
Still think Glenn Beck is our friend?

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Comment by Vanda Smith
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Glen Beck Stop attacking Debra Medina!  Your assuptions are completely off! I am not an anarchist, fasist nor am I a Nazi! I am a conservative that is backing Medina all the way! I am a native Texan. Oh, I am Not a birther or a truther. I want what is best for my home state of Texas. Medina fits the bill. The people that are backing Medina are ready to get career polititians out of our state and federal offices.