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Calvin Johnson's Touchdown Robbery!

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I am not a big fan of football.  Could be I am not built for it.  I prefer the football where the ball is round and is played with a foot, but I digress.  I was alerted to a play that was made by Calvin Johnson of the Detroit lions which would have been the winning play with only 26 seconds left in the game. 
Apparently the referee's at that particular game are incompetent, blind, on drugs or a combination of all the above.  After Calvin made an utterly amazing play the referees call the play back.  This was a stone cold touchdown!  The officials ruled that he did not complete the catch!   I am simply amazed they could make this kind of bold face absolutely mind blowing bad call.

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Comment by G Cone
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I guess Calvin Johnson needs to learn the rules like the rest of the receivers in the league have done. Bear down, Chicago Bears! I'm sort of a self-loathing Bears fan. I grew up in Illinois watching Walter Payton and just always want the Bears to do well, However Chicago is a communist outpost so I can't stand the politics of the place and don't want the socialists to enjoy a winning team. :(