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End Social Security, Medicare, and the Welfare-Warfare State!

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There is only one thing that will solve/get rid of the Federal Reserve.  This could be done with the stroke of the pen by congress- either declare the FED unconstitutional (which it is), or, they can 'be nice' and by them out for what I heard years ago, was something like 8 billion.  As long as we print the money, sell it to the FED for pennies a bill (regardless of denomination) and then buy the money back from the fed at face value PLUS interest pray tell, how can we ever get ahead of the game.  The bankers certainly came up with the greatest ponzi scheme, endorsed by the few congressmen who happened to be in attendance over this holiday when it was voted on

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 Mr. Paul, as usual, raises good points. The warfare could end immediately and justly so. Welfare elimination depends upon opportunities for employment being opened up, and government should just get out of the way with its red tape and corporatist monopoly game. While I agree with Paul on the need to reform the approach to Social Security and Medicare, many millions are totally dependent upon these programs as they are no longer able-bodied candidates for the workforce, and what few jobs do open up go to younger people. The elderly and handicapped were sold a program to care for them in old age, a program they paid for over many years as a matter of force. Entitlements? Hell yes! When you make payments for about 50 years, you should be entitled to the service you paid for, with interest accrued! So many are demonizing seniors as parasites who "have a duty to die and not burden society", when it is Congress looting the programs in a fraudulent ponzi scheme who should be removed as parasites upon society! Letting government collect and manage funds for any purpose is the mistake. Yes, we need to make amends to Social Security and Medicare, but with a transition period in which the social contract with those currently depending upon, and having paid for, the programs are cared for.  Obamacare, by the way, is not the answer, unless you really enjoy pain and suffering, high costs,  eugenics, and the extermination of dissidents and "useless eaters". God help us to find justice!