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Ron Paul Phoenix Tea Party

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The Phoenix Crew gets the balloons that were made for the 2008 Ron Paul presidential run and blows them up for the Phoenix Tea Party. Ges what the convention center doesn't allow them in the inside. Switch to plan "B"

Morpheus grabs the balloons and heads to nearby Japanese festival at the heritage square where he meets up with Drew and they give them away to the kids. I am sure the attendees to the festival are quite puzzeled by them. The reaction is priceless.

I love it when a plan comes together!
Phoenix Tea Party Ron Paul the Key note speaker is being interviewed on KFNX by Steve Kates. Ron Paul states that a large majority of the elites in Washington have no idea how bad it is for the the people out there. They just continue to spin their way out of the trouble they cause or print their way of it. Ron Paul is emphatic we have to cut EVERYTHING. Not just a little bit here and a little bit there.

The Phoenix Tea Party and Ron Paul comes in to let them know what we have to do to turn things around. All the other speakers were talking about how to trim the branches of government, while Ron Paul is wanting to chop the whole tree down. Ron Paul was the show and won the straw poll. I find it hard to believe that anyone wold pay $100 to listen to any of the other speakers they had there. The way the ran the straw poll was unethical. First you couldn't vote then you couldn't vote on line. The whole voting thing was a scam. The reason is the have to silence Ron Paul. It will be interesting to see how things go when Ron Paul announces that he will run. Here is the playlist to watch them all