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Gary Johnson Excluded from NH Debate

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[This is very surprising for WMUR. A little pressure on the phone lines would go a long way.]

via email:
CNN, WMUR, and the New Hampshire Union Leader will host a presidential debate on Saturday, June 13th in Manchester. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul will participate. In addition, unannounced candidate Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum will also take part.

Gary Johnson, however, will not participate. Why? Because he wasn’t invited.

This morning, we learned along with the rest of world that CNN and the other debate sponsors have decided to exclude Governor Johnson from sharing your voice in the debate.

Apparently, the powers-that-be in the mainstream media do not want Americans to hear from the man who has been called “the most dangerous politician in America.”

In the latest Gallup poll, released one week ago, Governor Johnson’s level of support registered at 3% nationally. This is competitive with candidates like Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum, both of whom have been invited to participate. In fact, I’m not aware of a poll in which Mr. Santorum has out-polled Governor Johnson nationally.

We first heard about this debate from numerous supporters in New Hampshire excited to see Governor Johnson take part. Those supporters assumed that Governor Johnson was invited.

Our campaign office, however, had not received an invitation, so we called this week, thinking we might have misplaced it or simply overlooked it. To our shock, at about 6:30 this morning, we learned that Governor Johnson was not invited, he was not going to be invited, and he would not be allowed to participate.

CNN has claimed they used “objective criteria” to determine debate participants. As to what those criteria are, your guess it as good as mine.

Why are CNN, WMUR, and the Union Leader excluding the one Republican candidate with executive experience and a record of fighting for true fiscal conservatism and limited government? Why are they denying Americans the opportunity to hear from the Republican presidential candidate whose popularity is growing by the day? If only Governor Johnson had supported a statewide health insurance mandate, like other candidates.

We couldn’t get answers to these questions from the representatives. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Please take a moment to contact them below:

(404) 827-1500 or (202) 898-7900
Text: CNN (space) and your news tip to 772937 (don't forget the space after CNN).
Twitter: @CNN or @teamCNN

(603) 669-9999
Twitter: @WMUR9

Union Leader
(603) 668-4321
Twitter: @unionleader

Please take that action. When you’re done, make your most generous donation today. Let it be said that we did everything in our power to win the flight for liberty:

Ron Nielson

Gary Johnson 2012

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Comment by J. Michael Haggard
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 I agree with Dan and felt I should include affirmation that I too have contacted the host sites (courtesy of the included links) with the following message in hopes that as more people see that action is being taken, even more people will participate in taking action: I'm disappointed to learn that Gary Johnson has been excluded from the New Hampshire debate your organization is hosting. I find it particularly offensive considering that he participated in the first debate held in South Carolina which Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich chose to ignore, yet you are including them (along with two other newcomers) and excluding Governor Johnson. Shame on you. I urge you to reconsider and send Governor Johnson an invitation./p>

Comment by Dan Hudgins
Entered on:

 I sent emails to all parties as well as made phone calls asking that Gary Johnson be allowed to participate in the upcoming Republican presidential debate.  I know my lone voice may not make a difference but if a few hundred others will do the same, there remains some hope that they could include him.  Please help if you believe that Republican presidential campaign debates should be open to all nationally recognized potential primary winners or candidates who have played a major roll during the past year in the influence of the Republican party.  Be a thorn in their side and join me in at least causing someone some irritation in their mascarade of an election by the voters.

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