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Babes of Bitcoin

Written by Subject: Activism
Friday, February 21 • 2:00pm - 3:30pm Amanda Billyrock Amanda began stumping for Ron Paul on YouTube in 2012. She is now a Porc in the Free State Project and continues to write and make videos promoting all things anarchy. She is from Utah, works as a public relations blogger and likes to dance. Brittany Erstad Brittany has spent her career building entrepreneurial businesses in the financial services industry. She served as a Ron Paul delegate at the Minnesota State Convention in 2012, and was later elected to the State Central Committee. Brittany has been a consultant to various non-profits, and is a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation. She enjoys finance, economics, philosophy and theology. The Bitcoin Wife (Pua Pyland) Co-founder of Bitcoin Hawaii, Pua's been a lover of all things crypto since 2011. She advocates for women getting involved with Bitcoin and blogs about related fabulousness at She's a contributing writer for Bitcoin Magazine and has been known to make delicious Bitcoin cookies. Alma Sommer Alma is a full time agorist. She works with the Agorist Marketplace, Jackalope Freedom Festival, The No Statist Project, Outside the City, The Love Police Arizona, Copblock, and Unschooling Arizona. She is the social networking director for and is involved in organizing alternative markets whenever possible. Add to your schedule:

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