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Note how nice and concise all the first ten Amendments are. Not like the lawyerly tomes that pass as Amendemnts of the 20th Century. How written in plain English, without exceptions and exclusions. How all encompassing in their prohibitions on Congress enacting laws effecting the areas the Amendments cover.

And I disagree with Howard ... with the exception of the Third Amendment, all others have been successfully and historically ignord to the point where they are meaningless in protecting citizens from government abuse. Heck, you can't even bring them up in court.

I am glad someone wrote about this, as I don't have to update or write another one.

For those fortunate enough to live in the Phoenix area, Alan Korwin is putting on a celebration, but you had better hurry to RSVP. See details here.

For my BOR Day missive last year (and I wish I had thought to include: the ONLY purpose of government is to protect these individual rights - nice one Howard) is to be found here.

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